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Везунчик (Moms Cuckold по принуждению)


Ну вoт и всё: кoзырныe дeсяткa с кoрoлём лeгли нa стoл. Двe пaртии из трёх зaплaнирoвaнных были зa Ржaвым, a мнe oстaвaлoсь тoлькo гaдaть, кaкoe жeлaниe oн мнe пригoтoвил: тиснуть мaгнитoлу из кaкoй-нибудь мaшины, нaписaть мaркeрoм слoвo «лoх» у сeбя нa лбу, или прoстo в oчeрeднoй рaз сгoнять им с Кoстылём зa пивoм. Oсoбoй фaнтaзиeй этa кoмпaшкa-тo нe oблaдaлa, зaтo aвтoритeт вo двoрe и в шкoлe имeлa нeoспoримый. Пoжaлуй, этo eдинствeннaя причинa, пoчeму я сeйчaс сижу с ними в этoй зaссaнoй бeсeдкe и игрaю в кaрты, вмeстo тoгo, чтoбы дoмa игрaть в пристaвку. Всё дeлo в тoм, чтo мы с Сaнькoм — мoим oднoклaссникoм — зaдумaли нeбoльшую aфeру прoвeрнуть, и пoкрoвитeльствo этих рeбят в случae прoвaлa былo-бы крaйнe нe лишним. A тaк кaк Сaнькa oни дaвнo зaписaли в лoхи и тeрпилы, тo нaлaживaть кoнтaкт пришлoсь мнe. Чтo я и дeлaю всю нeдeлю. Нe скaзaть, чтo мнe этo oбщeствo oсoбeннo прoтивнo… нo вoт шутoчки у них пoрoй дурaцкиe… Дa и в цeлoм чувствo юмoрa спeцифичeскoe… Вoт и сeйчaс oни пeрeглянулись, a знaчит сeйчaс рoдят oчeрeдную гaдoсть, кoтoрую мнe прeдстoит сдeлaть зa прoигрыш в кaрты нa жeлaния. Вoт и Кoстыль чтo-тo шeпнул eму нa ухo:

— Знaчит слушaй мoё жeлaниe… — склoнившись нaд стoлoм нaчaл Ржaвый — Зaвтрa пятницa, a знaчит вся фaбрикa пoслe смeны oпять будeт бухaть. К тoму-жe у тёти Свeты из бухгaлтeрии днюхa… Тaк чтo бухгaлтeрия вдвoйнe бухaть будeт, и твoя мaмкa, кaк тёть-свeтинa пoдругa тoжe, пo-любэ будeт бухaть. Тaк?!

White Sluts’ Club: Bride-to-Be!


Summary: Sweet girl is introduced to the world of big black cock via gangbang. This is dedicated to the real Naomi who requested this chocolate filled fantasy.


«Tonight you can’t say no,» Becka ordered, like the drill sergeant she often is.

«Yes, ma’am,» I saluted sarcastically, already tipsy from three glasses of wine.

Jennie added, «It’s your last night of freedom, so you need to make it epic.»

«I’m just getting married, not going to a convent,» I protested.

«Marriage is worse,» Becka, the group slut, countered.

I shook my head as it was never worth the effort to fight with Becka.

Amy asked, «Are we really going to The Pit?»

«Of course,» Becka said, «where else would you take a goody-goody like Keli?»

«I’m not a goody-goody,» I protested.

«You’re so pure you make Snow White look dirty,» Becka quipped.

«I can be dirty,» I argued, although my fantasies were a lot more sexy and naughty than my real life.

«How many guys have you fucked?» Becka questioned.

Game Night Gets Wild


Summary: Four couples build a homemade gloryhole for their wives.


Every week a group of us, specifically four couples, have game night. Game night basically meant wine night for the women and whiskey night for the men. We are all married and in our late 20’s to early 30’s. Lindsey and Chad are a couple. Lindsey is a flirty brunette with killer eyes and an ass to die for. If her boobs were bigger she could be in playboy. Rachel was married to Erik and she’s my wife’s best friend. She is a tall brunette and is basically all woman. What I mean is she had gigantic breasts and child bearing hips. Let’s just say that when that whenever she is wearing a bikini I make it a point to bring sunglasses with me. Ben and Kristen are the newest couple to the group but we have still known them for years. Kristen is blonde and above average in every category. She is beautiful, has a nice ass, and nice perky size B tits. My wife Andrea is also blonde. She has small D tits, a firm bubble butt, and strong legs to match her ass.

This particular week the Ben and Kristen were hosting and their kids were at a sleepover so the drinking was even heavier than normal. Somehow the topic of swinging came up and was discussed at great length. We were necessarily talking about doing it, rather just talking about it in general. That is until Rachel said something to the effect of, «Honestly, there are so many temptations today for men and women. Bust mostly men…I feel like you should be rewarded for staying loyal and true. I don’t think I would want you to sleep with another woman but I don’t think I would be that upset knowing you got head from someone else.»

I replied «So basically you would give your husband permission to go to a glory hole.»

How Can It Feel This Good?


Summary: A night drinking with a friend turns into something else.


«Hey Steve, you want another beer?»

«Yeah man, of course!»

Dave grabbed a pair of beers from the fridge. It had been a long week at work, and a Friday night downing beers with his mate was exactly what he needed. He’d called up Steve last night and told him to come round, and order to which Steve was all too happy to follow. The fact that Steve was gay meant nothing to Dave; they’d been mates for years, and Dave wasn’t homophobic in the slightest. Wasn’t gay in the slightest either, but he figured that didn’t matter. He’d be called faggot by a lot of people for being friends with a gay man, but their opinions mattered less than nothing.

Dave brought the beers into the lounge and handed one to Steve before sitting on the couch next him. They chatted for a bit before Steve brought up Samantha, Dave’s girlfriend. «How’re things going with her? You said on Monday things were rocky».

«Yeah, we broke up Wednesday.»

«Yeah? Fuck man, that’s shit.»

«Ah, I’m not too fussed. It was only 3 months or so. I just got sick of her always trying to have me be less ‘blokey’, you know what I mean? She was always telling me off for swearing, or not being ‘proper’, and all that shit.»

Fred Pleasures Jessica


Summary: A married couple is introduced to the cuckolding kink.


I awoke in a stupor.

It took me a long moment to remember exactly where I was, looking at my watch I noticed that it was nearly three in the morning. «Jesus» I thought «Jess is gonna kill me.»

I slowly gathered myself and arose from Fred’s couch. I was alone. I guess the party was over, and I couldn’t help but feel a touch of anger over the thought of no one waking me to let me know.

My name is Timothy Grant, I’m 35 and I’m a Regional Sales Rep for a national supplier of high end office goods and furniture. Fred Norris is our Purchasing Manager, and friendly with most everyone in the company. Every few months he hosts a little get together at his home. I typically attend these gatherings with my wife, Jessica — but tonight she was called into work.

I was pretty disoriented and having a hard time as I stumbled through Fred’s house. This was a rare, unfortunate moment. I wasn’t the guy who passed out at a party, nor was I the guy who couldn’t hold his liquor. I began reaching for my car keys on the table when I heard a loud noise from down the hall. I didn’t catch what it was at first, but then it happened again — it was the moaning of woman. I froze in place, unsure of how to react. Standing silently for a moment I soon heard the jostling of bed springs and more moaning. I was intrigued, but realized this was my cue to leave. I slowly began walking towards the door when suddenly, a cry «Oh! Fuck! Fuck me Fred!»

Wife’s Trainer


Summary: My wife’s trainer changed both our lives.


One afternoon my wife Amy came home from work angry and near tears. Without speaking she got a garbage bag out and started to throw all the junk food in the house away. As she worked I noticed the huge tear in the back of her pants.

When she was done she sat down at the table and started to cry some more. I asked her what was wrong.

«I was at work and I dropped my pen and when I bent down to get it my pants ripped, and…» she hesitated, «I farted.» I wanted to laugh but I knew not to. My wife had gained about sixty pounds since we got married five years ago. She tried weight loss programs and they worked for a while but then as soon as she was off of them she gained back most of the weight, and then some.

This time she was serious though. She went back to the diet center and made terrific progress, losing the first fifty pounds in six months, but the last ten pounds would not budge. Rather than give up she asked me if we could afford a personal trainer, I told her how could we not afford one.

Pretty soon she not only made her goal but she was in better shape than when I first met her. One day I went to the park to meet her and I saw she was in a group of women working out. The trainer, Vincent, was helping her do some stretching. His powerful hands were wrapped around her calves as he pushed her knees towards her chest. I don’t know why, but that image stood in my head, it bothered me, maybe it was because another man was touching my sweaty hot wife, or maybe because he was black, I did not know.

Straight Turner: A Philosophy


Summary: Gay stud’s hobby is turning straight guys.


Matt, whose anal cherry I had just taken, said, «I can’t believe we just did that. I thought I was straight.»

«I knew you weren’t,» I replied, as I returned from the washroom. The irony was crazy as he was a really loud-mouthed, in your face linebacker on the field, but now in my arms he was a tame, insecure man wanting to be cuddled and loved.

«What do you mean?» He asked, looking offended.

«I just knew,» I shrugged.

«How?» He questioned, clearly worried others would know he was a cocksucker.

«How did I know you would be an eager cocksucker?» I asked, liking to be crude and put ex-straight boys in their place.

«Please don’t call me that,» he said.

Nosy Dad


Summary: Single father catches his son with another man. Dad hooks up with son’s lover.


No matter how many nights I do it, I’ve never gotten use to sleeping alone. Lonely nights feel even more so in a king sized bed; room for two occupied by one. I look to my reflection on my closet mirror. I even look pathetic to myself. My chest has grown a thick mat of black fur, untrimmed, trailing down my torso, leading to the dark black bush above my penis. It’s not like I have anyone to manscape for. My stomach is beginning to pudge, hiding the six pack I was once extremely proud of. My face has a slight stubble, which will soon disappear in the morning when I shave for work. All things considered, though, I am still a fairly descent looking guy for 45. I’m no underwear model, but I’m not bad to look at.

Sexually and romantically I’ve been alone for years. Ever since the casual girlfriend I knocked up left our son on my front step and ran off 19 years ago. Between raising Harper, my son, and work, I never found much time for dating. I barely could find time to masturbate. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though. I’m close to my son and have a great relationship to him, father and friend, and thanks to all the hard work I’ve put in at the office, I was able to send him to the college of his choosing.

The Neighbour


Summary: Loving wife seduced by older neighbour and friends.


She lay stretched out on the sunbed in the heat of the day, a cool breeze floated across her exposed skin, she wriggled to get herself more comfortable teasing the straps of her bikini top over her shoulders. Her iPod tinkling in her ears as she enjoyed the heat of the afternoon sun, the corner of the garden was secluded so she felt at ease as she spread her legs a little.

Ron looked out of his bedroom window, seeing the scantily clad neighbour stretched out in her quiet corner, his cock stirred as he watched thinking of how she would feel as he touched her, fondling her ample tits. He started to stroke his cock as he looked from the window, his hand feeling his stiffness growing, he gasped as he realised she was shifting her straps off her shoulders.

Ron’s cock was rock hard, belying his 68 years of age, a man half his age would have been proud to have a tool that hard. It was also so hard through lack of action, he had been more used to watching his neighbours in later years. Being a widower for over 10 years the need for a real live woman was becoming overpowering.

All the Tricks were Treats


Summary: Gay for a Day.


Max had just gotten off the phone with Cindy Margolis, who with very little finesse, dumped him. He had been dumped before although it had been a while. The problem was tomorrow was Halloween. The best parties of the year would be all over campus and now he didn’t have a date.

Thankfully finding ladies had never been that difficult given his long blonde hair, blue eyes and washboard stomach. He reached for his little black book when there was a knock at the door.

«Hey Lance!» he smiled, «What’s up? Come on in.»

Lance was his roommate from last year. Six weeks into the semester his original roommate quit school and moved back home. One week later Lance took the room. Now Lance was pretty much the perfect opposite from Max. Where Max had blonde hair and blue eyes, Lance had dark hair and brown eyes. He was from Belize, had that little accent, and was handsome by any measure.

The problem was Lance was gay. And to his credit he announced as much to Max that first day hoping to avoid any issues. Max found it hard to believe that Lance played for the other team. He would have been the perfect wing man.