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Wife’s Trainer


Summary: My wife’s trainer changed both our lives.


One afternoon my wife Amy came home from work angry and near tears. Without speaking she got a garbage bag out and started to throw all the junk food in the house away. As she worked I noticed the huge tear in the back of her pants.

When she was done she sat down at the table and started to cry some more. I asked her what was wrong.

“I was at work and I dropped my pen and when I bent down to get it my pants ripped, and…” she hesitated, “I farted.” I wanted to laugh but I knew not to. My wife had gained about sixty pounds since we got married five years ago. She tried weight loss programs and they worked for a while but then as soon as she was off of them she gained back most of the weight, and then some.

This time she was serious though. She went back to the diet center and made terrific progress, losing the first fifty pounds in six months, but the last ten pounds would not budge. Rather than give up she asked me if we could afford a personal trainer, I told her how could we not afford one.

Pretty soon she not only made her goal but she was in better shape than when I first met her. One day I went to the park to meet her and I saw she was in a group of women working out. The trainer, Vincent, was helping her do some stretching. His powerful hands were wrapped around her calves as he pushed her knees towards her chest. I don’t know why, but that image stood in my head, it bothered me, maybe it was because another man was touching my sweaty hot wife, or maybe because he was black, I did not know.

I went over to them and shook his hand, he seemed like a nice guy, he even offered me a discount rate if I were to join his group.

To celebrate my wife’s weight loss and new figure we went shopping at the mall for some new outfits for her. As my wife tried on some of the outfits I could not help but notice how sexy she looked. I also treated her to a makeover at the local beauty spa.

She decided to wear one of the outfits she had bought out, a form fitting blue dress, She changed in the spa’s bathroom, When we went out through the mall to our car I noticed a lot of guys giving her looks and staring at her. She noticed that I noticed and I told her to relax that she had earned it.

That night after dinner I thought about my wife, and the trainer, and her sexy new look. I realized more men would be paying attention to her than ever and would have to live with it, men like her trainer. The thought of him touching her would not leave my mind.

The image flashed into my mind of her kissing him. To my shame I found myself both angry and somehow aroused at the same time. I tried to put it all out of my head, but the thoughts came back, and the more I tried to suppress them the stronger they returned. It was like I was daring myself to think of more and more forbidden things.

When she was out one day I was on the computer and one of the porn sites I was looking at had some interracial porn. Based on my disturbing thoughts I clicked on it but found it quite boring. It was the pro stuff, the actresses looked so blasé about it all; almost bored. Before I clicked away from the site I saw one other video and clicked on it. The wife had her hair pulled up in a ponytail and was wearing a black nightgown. Her, husband was standing on the side of the bed while she sucked on a black man’s huge cock. These people looked not like porn stars but like real people.

The scene shifted and the woman was being pounded by this guy with her husband watching and coaching her in what to do. The lighting and camera work while clear were not up to professional standards; clearly this was an actual amateur film. If real people did this, could my wife possibly do the same thing?

The thought of my wife with another man, especially the taboo thought of my wife with a black one began to excite me again. I pictured my wife in the place of the woman in the film, with her trainer banging her. I still felt somewhat ashamed but also excited.

I wondered if she would actually do it. Inside that quiet business woman was there a slut trying to get out? Would my wife lose control while being fucked by a hugely endowed black man? And could or would our marriage survive such a thing? There was clearly a risk that something could happen. But turning back to the video and watching the woman repeatedly say “Oh! Oh! Oh!” as her husband looked at her reaching heights of pleasure that he might never be able to take her to and picturing my own wife the same way, I was willing to take the risk.

But how to broach the subject became the question that needed to be answered.

One morning after a pretty strenuous morning session with my wife, powered by my hidden fantasies, I asked her if there were any men in her work out group. She told me few if any.

“That Vincent has himself a regular harem,” I joked wanting to see her reaction.

“Well I do know that he is seeing one of the girls on the side. And she is married.” I learned two things in that moment. Since I saw nothing but white women in that group Vincent did not mind having interracial sex, and that the woman being married was not a deal killer.

“He did not try anything on you, did he?”

“I think he flirted once but when he saw I was not really interested he moved on. Why are you jealous?”

I told her I wasn’t.

I was wondering how to make this whole thing move forward when an opportunity came my way. My wife was suddenly called in to work one morning by her boss. She asked me to drop off her payment to Vincent.

I realized I had been given a prime opportunity, I had to do it then or it would never happen. Nervous I went out to the park and waited until Vincent was done with the class. There were two women who seemed a bit miffed that I was taking up their time with him but I think he knew I had my wife’s payment.

“I am sorry Amy could not make it down here; you know work and all.” I said handing him the cash.

He told me it was all right that things come up. We walked back towards the parking lot as I summoned up my courage.

“I have to thank you, ever since Amy has been going to your personal training sessions she has had more energy than ever. And our…our sex life has been great…better than it has been in the past.”

He chuckled telling me I was welcome.

“The only thing is sometimes I think she needs a bit more.”

“Like what?”

“Like having another man come over and help out. Help her out.” I said awkwardly.

He chuckled and said that once he had made a pass at her and she had turned it down. “So you want to see a bull take care of your wife? That sort of party could be arranged but I want you to really think it through. Things can change. But if you want that sort of party I can arranged it. But do you think your wife could take it?” I wondered what he was talking about.

He looked left and right really quickly and peeled down his sweats to show me his cock. Even limp it was far bigger than mine. As I stared he pulled up his sweat pants.

“But how do I…”

He laughed and told me what to do. He also told me it would cost me the equivalent of three months the usual training fee. Then we talked for a minute as he told me what to do to drive my wife into his arms and onto his cock. The first thing was that I must be late the next few times that I picked her up from her workout to give them extra time to talk.

“What if she is angry at me?”

“That will only make it better.”

I did as he told me to do arriving anywhere from a few minutes late to an hour. During the time I was an hour late she called to say they were at the local coffee shop as it had started to rain. He later told me that they had talked the whole time and she seemed to really be enjoying herself.

Phase two was to get her to see how sexy she was. I surprised her with another trip to the mall for some more additions to her wardrobe. She looked so sexy I could not believe it. I even took her to shop for new lingerie promising a sexy weekend that was interrupted by a last minute “call” from my boss to come in to work for an emergency.

I made it up to her by taking her to a club a “friend” had recommended. My wife in her new tight sexy blue dress felt a little apprehensive going to the club as it seemed to have a mostly black clientele. But we were already there so we decided to go in.

The minute we went inside I could see all the guys looking her way. She clung to me a bit tighter. I encouraged her to dance with me on the dance floor. She relaxed a bit. Then I slapped my head saying I had to call work real quick My quick call turned into ten minutes. In the meantime I watched as two separate guys came up to her and hit upon her. I came back with drinks and an apology.

We got back on the floor and danced some more. Then came the tricky part, could I get her to dance with someone else? I tipped the DJ to play two of her favorite songs, then midway through the first I claimed my knee was hurting, she wanted to keep dancing and I told her to do so.

Within a minute or so another guy came sauntering up to her and began to dance with her. She gave me a look as if she was requesting my permission. I nodded my consent. I think she was going to sit down but then the other song came on and she continued to dance, a bit more self-assured this time.

When the song was over she came back to me at the table feeling again a bit self-conscious. We went home together she was horny but I summoned up all my will power not to touch her pretending to go to sleep. After she went to sleep frustrated I got up and jerked off in the bathroom, all the while guiltily thinking of her with her black lover to be.

“It must be working,” Vincent said, “I have never seen her work out so hard. She must be really frustrated. Are you still sure about this?”

As I glanced at my wife’s tight ass doing calisthenics I told him I was.

“Well you know I could stop by tonight under some bullshit pretense and fuck her in front of you. Or I could take the time and totally turn her out. You would not be able to watch the first few times, though I could tape it for you to watch later. It is up to you.”

As I watched my wife I wondered what I should do. I was close to my goal. But the thought of her being totally corrupted, to become a thorough slave to her black lover excited me even more. I told him I would do it the second way. He knew from past conversations that I was going out of town on business. He said that would be the time.

Despite our apparent lack of a sex life my wife kissed me goodbye at the airport.

A day or so later I got an email from Vincent telling me he was meeting my wife for dinner. Part of me could not wait to see what was going to happen, while the more rational part thought I should get on the next plane and come home and stop it.

I did not hear anything for the next day or so, then an express package was left at the front desk. I saw Vincent’s name on the box and knew to open it upstairs. In my room with trembling hands I ripped the express envelop open, in the package was a DVD and a black lacy pair of crotchless panties. I recognized it as one of the new sexy ones my wife bought when we were out. They were stiff and then I realized to my horror and delight she had been fucked wearing them.

I had a meeting to go to but my mind kept lapsing back to the DVD in the room. I could not get it out of my mind. Finally late at night I went back to the room and after texting my wife goodnight I placed the DVD in the player.

After some static I saw Vincent, “Hi! Look she is coming over in a few minutes, I am going to cut out some of the boring shit! Just remember this is what you wanted.”

My wife in the next scene was in the living room. She said she felt funny being over at another man’s house by herself. He laughed saying that he was not just another man, he was her trainer. They both laughed. He said that they had to wait a moment as he was expecting an important call and offered her a glass of wine.

The next scene must have been a little bit later as they were both sitting on the couch talking.

My wife said she did not know what was up with me, that all of sudden I was not into being with her.

Vincent said maybe the change had been too much for me. She asked what change and he told her the new body, clothes, the new attitude might have intimidated me. “Some men are like that, they get afraid, sometimes they grow out of it but it takes time.”

“I don’t know how long I can hold out!” my wife blurted out and was immediately embarrassed.

He laughed and said that was okay, then he said maybe he could help out.

She asked him what he meant by that. “Well I could help you bridge the gap,” he said moving closer to her. I could swear I saw her nipples harden. She got nervous and looked like she was going to say something and then Vincent kissed her. She looked surprised for a moment then started to kiss him back.

They making out continued for another minute or so, my wife was pressing against him now. Then she stopped and said that maybe she should not be doing this.

“From what you have told me your husband has not been living up to his part of the bargain. Do you still love him?”

She nodded.

“Then let me make up for what he is not giving you,” he said as he took her hand and put it on top of his enormous bulge. He held it there for a moment then her hand squeezed his cock as a look of lust washed over her face.

He slipped off his shirt and pulled her against him as had her open his pants.

“Oh shit!” she said as she looked at his huge cock. “Its so…”

“Big? Black?”

Shyly she nodded her head. She encircled him with her hand, the hand with the wedding ring on it and started to slide it up and down. I stopped the DVD to undress. I could not believe my wife was doing this. There was still that small urge to stop what was happening but I knew that it was now too late.

I took her panties and wrapped them around my cock as I jerked off watching my wife’s interracial infidelity.

He reached out and squeezed her tits through the t-shirt she was wearing. They kissed again. He reached down and slid it off over her head revealing her tight little body, the body I had paid him to help her gain. He kissed her deeply as his hands reached in back and undid her bra, he removed it letting her tits bounce free. His hands squeezed her tits then the held one up and sucked on her nipple making her shiver.

She spit into her palm and then continued to jerk him off marveling at how big his cock was.

He stood up towering over my wife as he kicked off his sneakers followed by his socks. My wife got up and said “Maybe we…” and he cut her off my kissing her, pulling her in close to him so her tits pressed against his chest. Her hands darted out and undid his pants the rest of the way. He let them drop down to the floor as he stepped out of them.

“Shit! It has been so long since my husband…” she tried to say to rationalize to herself what was happening as his hands unsnapped her jeans helping them join his on the floor.

Now the only thing that separated my wife from that big monster cock of his were the red panties she wore. I watched as he slid those down also and started to finger her pussy making her moan. I could hear the wet sound of her juices as she closed her eyes clinging to him.

The scene jumped forward and she was on her knees in front of him obediently sucking on his massive cock, her lips wrapped around it in nearly an airtight seal. His hands were squeezing her tits as she serviced him. But that was not enough for him, he told her to rub her pussy while she sucked his cock. My wife can sometimes be a bit shy in bed, at least with me, but not obviously for him.

He took her hand, the one full of her juices and held it up to his mouth licked off her fingers, then let it go and told her to keep rubbing.

The scene shifted and they were in the bedroom, he must have had the whole house wired for video; so now I knew where some of those training fees went.

My wife was on the bed as he slipped a rubber onto his cock. “I can’t believe I am doing this.”

“What! Cheating on your husband or about to get fucked by a black man.”


“So until today you never even gave a brother a chance. Huh! Well that is going to change.”

He got on the bed. I thought to myself that this was the moment where our marriage changes forever. He lined up his cock with my wife’s pussy and slowly pushed it in as she made one long slow groan. In the hotel room, days after the event I came watching that massive cock slide into my wife’s cunt.

I paused the DVD and cleaned up. I dropped the soiled panties I had just jerked off in inside the waste basket, then thinking better of it I hung them in the shower to dry out and took a towel and laid it on the floor. I became a bit self-conscious and plugged in a set of headphones into my computer and unpaused the scene.

Amy kissed him deeply as he fucked her. At this point the tape jumped from scene to scene. He had her get on top of him then he plowed her from behind. She must of cum a dozen times as I watched. She moaned pleading for him to fuck her deeper with his black cock.

“I am about to cum!” he yelled as he bucked hard. When my wife got off of him his rubber looked so full it wanted to split. She peeled it off of him and threw it into the wastepaper basket on the side of the bed. He stuck his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. She grabbed his cock, still covered with his cum, and took it into her mouth and started to suck it hard again.

The next scene had her taking it from him from behind again, he fucked her so hard I thought the bed would break as she pleaded for him to fuck her with his big black cock.

I did not see the cum shot, instead Vincent came on camera again as my wife slept in his bed. “Well I hoped you like it. When you get back there is more to come. Now the only thing I have to say to you is to reverse what I said earlier. When you get back fuck her as much as you can. Trust me on this.”

I was a bit puzzled by his advice. Just as I was about to get up to start from the beginning again another image appeared. It was my wife and Vincent talking at the breakfast table. I guess he did have his whole house wired with cameras. Amy and him sat at a table eating breakfast.

“You…can’t tell my husband anything about this.”

“Don’t worry I won’t.”

“This…this was a onetime thing. It cannot happen again.”

“If that is what you want. I won’t let your neighbors know about your naughty affair with some big old black cock.”

“I did not mean it that way.”

“Let me ask you, did you, before ever think of having sex with a black man.”

“I never thought I would cheat on my husband.”

“You are dodging the question.”

My wife hesitated for a moment and then said, “No. Don’t be offended, maybe it was a bit of racism I don’t know,” she said getting up frustrated.

Vincent rose up and said, “It is nothing to be ashamed of you know.”

“I am not. It is just the cheating.”

“And did you enjoy it?” he asked moving closer to her.

“Yes,” she said looking down.

He put his arms around her. She tried to move her face away saying “No!” but he kissed her and after a moment she kissed him back.

“So this is no more, the end.”

“I am afraid so. I might have enjoyed it a bit too much.”

“Well then I am afraid I will have to go back to doing Donna and Erica,” he said naming two girls in his class.

“Donna and Erica? You are…”

“Yeah! And you know what? Donna’s husband pays for me to fuck her and humiliate him. He is what those films call a cuckold.”

My wife gave him a blank look.

“You don’t know? It is the latest thing. And for me I hope it is more than a fad. Anyway these husbands get off watching their wives being fucked by black men. Sometimes the husband joins in or is teased by his wife. Why some of them even want to suck on the black man’s dick before the sex and clean out their wives afterwards. Maybe your old man is into that also.”

Amy laughed saying that was not the case.

“Maybe you ought to tell him about us and see what happens.”

“I don’t think so.”

“So this is a one-time thing right?”

“Yeah, right,” she said with a note of regret in her voice.

“Then you won’t mind one last time. One for the road and all,” he said moving in to kiss her deeply as his hands undid her robe. He pulled his cock out over the top of his boxers letting it dangle there for a second catching her eye, then he applied gentle pressure on her shoulders making her go down onto her knees.

She kissed his big cock head before taking it into her mouth as he ran his fingers through her hair. The light in the kitchen made a her wedding ring sparkle as she jerked his shaft off. Amy held it up to kiss his balls, the top of his shaft towered over the top of her head. Her pink tongue made a spit pathway to nearly the top.

A slight jump forward had him bending her over the kitchen table, his cock wrapped in tight nearly clear rubber as he fucked her slowly and deeply. She cried that she could not give it up. She said she was sorry that she loved her husband (me) but she could not give it up.

He turned away to smile at the camera before going to work on her. When he came he ripped off the rubber and shot a load that landed between her shoulder blades and trailed off by her lower back. Quickly she spun around and sucked the remaining seed out of his cock.

The scene shifted back to him again, alone. He said the best thing to do was pretend that it did not happen and for me to start fucking her now. Then he looked closer into the camera and said if I wanted to continue (at this point I realized I might not even have control of the situation anymore). In truth my wife’s training in erotic betrayal had just begun.

My wife Amy had had a weight problem, eventually she resolved to lose the weight and with the help of her trainer she got her body back into shape. However, things got complicated when I got this fantasy about my wife getting fucked by the trainer. I spoke to him and told me he could make it happen.

While away on a business trip I received a DVD of my wife getting fucked by the trainer’s big black cock. This was something I was not supposed to know as the two worlds of fantasy and reality slowly merged…

My wife met me at the airport, it had been raining out and was cool, even for a November day. She drove home concentrating on the road. I asked her how everything had been and she deflected wishing to talk about my trip. What was she going to do? Tell me how she had been banged repeatedly by her trainer’s huge cock?

When we got home after dinner, my cock throbbing the whole time I got up and kissed her, fully aware those lips had been somewhere else.

She was taken aback by my aggressiveness, to say the least.

I squeezed her tits telling her I was sorry for being so inattentive.

She said she forgave me.

“Maybe your new sexy body intimidated me, I don’t know,” I said reframing from saying that I might have been worried about her being attracted to other guys.

“It’s okay.” She said as I pulled her blouse over her head. My hands soon had her bra removed and flung over the couch.

I sucked on her tits aware fully they had provided pleasure for another man. Knowing what she had done I was far more aggressive than usual. Undoing her skirt I fingered her though her panties then pulled them down so I could feel her wetness first hand. She came within moments with a soft moan.

“Oh shit! You must have really missed me,” she said flattered though somewhat worried about the attention I was paying her.

I lead her to the bedroom and pushed her on the bed taking off my clothes as quick as I could. I went and licked her pussy getting her ready for me, not that should have been much of a problem after handling Vincent’s huge cock.

Then I got on top of her and fucked her all the time restraining myself from thinking about her interracial adventure, least I cum too quickly. Thanks to having whacked off a few times before my flight I had more staying power than usual, but still she felt so wet and hot.

I flipped my wife over onto her stomach and reentered from behind pulling her up by her hips.

“What has gotten into you. Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she said as I pounded her for all I was worth cumming deep inside of her love box.

We kissed passionately then emboldened I asked, no make that I told her to suck my cock. I saw her nose twitch slightly, then she looked at me. “I will, but you know…” she said. She wanted me to clean off my cock, not from my cum but from her juices. For a moment I wanted to protest as I saw her do it for Vincent but knew I could not say anything.

I got up to go to the bathroom to get a towel and she stopped me saying “Okay, just this once.” She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me until I came, then exhausted she fell asleep. All the time sleeping next to her I knew she had been unfaithful to me, which turned me on all the more. I wondered if she would do it again to or not, I got my answer fairly soon as Vincent continued her training.

We met at the park, it was supposedly to pay Vincent for his personal training of my wife.

“So you liked what you saw. Now look this could be a one-time thing if you want it to be. No harm. No foul,” he said smiling.

I hesitated some and told him no that maybe she needed some more training.

He smiled saying that he did not mind and that he could really take my wife into freak territory. I asked him how freaky that would be.

He took out his tablet, tapped a folder, entered a password that protected its contents to unlock it. A woman’s picture appeared, small, blonde. He went to the next one that had her on her knees sucking a huge black cock. “She was really freaky. Look what she did for me.”

The third shot I thought was another woman, heavy make-up, leather dress, and huge tits.”

“She didn’t…”

“Yeah she did. Husband paid for them and all.”

The next photo had her standing naked in a hotel room. She was holding her boobs up to the camera, the nipples were pierced with heavy metal rings. And she had the classic “queen of hearts” tattoo on her left breast, proclaiming to the world that she had a preference for black men.

“She is extreme, but if you wanted to I think I could bring out that inner freak in your wife. But it could go really far.”

He tapped on another photo, it was Donna, one of the girls he was training. She was standing over her husband holding the trainer’s cock as her husband kissed it. “I know this is a bit extreme but some husbands go for this.

I looked away telling him I was not into that. He laughed and shut off the tablet.

“Well the next step is I am going to fuck your wife a few times more, then you are going to come home and catch us.

I told him that I did not think that was possible.

He laughed and said there was always a way, and as a matter of fact he was going to train her a bit more.

I asked him what and he said I’d see.

My formerly overweight wife, Amy finally got back into shape with the help of a personal trainer. Soon, however, I had started having these fantasies of my wife being fucked by her trainer. With his help she was soon secretly enjoying his large cock as I watched the videos he sent me. Now I worked to bring her secret world and my secret fantasy together.

A few weeks after my last meeting with Vincent, my wife’s trainer a package arrived at the post office box I had set up for business mail. In it was a DVD. I was in agony as I had to wait all week to watch it as Amy was at home whenever I was. In the meantime I gave her an extra hard fuck each night in anticipation of what was when I could play the DVD.

Finally on Saturday when she was out and I had a chance to put the movie into the DVD player to watch it.

It started with my wife talking to Vincent.

“I think my husband knows I am up to something,” she said worried.

“Has he said anything, done anything?” Vincent asked back faking a bit of concern, I was paying him a bit extra for this so he had nothing to worry about.

“No! I just don’t know. He just comes home and he is so much into the sex now.”

“Maybe because you have that smoking hot new body of yours,” he said getting up and putting his arm around her waist. Instinctively she drew towards him. He assured her everything would be okay.

At that moment the doorbell rang and my wife jumped. He told her to relax; it was probably Heather dropping off her payment. My wife wanted to hide but he laughed saying that Heather probably would think she was there for the same thing.

He let Heather in, she was a busty dark haired woman. My wife and Heather made an awkward hello to each other. Heather sat down on the couch and opened her purse and began to rummage through it for her checkbook, Vincent sat down next to her and patted the cushion on the other side of him telling my wife to sit down also.

They made some mindless talk about the next workout series, and then Heather put her hand down on Vincent’s crotch. She made a joke about the benefits of working out and then looked at my wife with a knowing smile as she began to undo his belt. My wife started to get up but she urged her to sit back down.

“Relax, I bet we are here for the same thing,” she said echoing his words as her hands freed his cock from his underwear.

My wife stammered that she should real go making Vincent laughed as he took her hand by the wrist and guided it onto his cock. She looked at Heather who smiled and then through some sort of silent consensus they both began to crank his cock. He kissed each of them as he copped a feel. My wife at first still looked like she wanted to get up and bolt from the room; but then she seemed to relax a bit as Vincent smiled.

Heather leaned forwards and kissed Vincent’s massive cockhead then held it still waiting for Amy to do the same. She slowly leaned forward attesting to her slut-hood by submitting to his cock in front of another woman. They took turns licking and sucking him. Soon it was shiny from their mutual spit and gleamed in the light of the room’s sole lamp.

All of a sudden the image changed to that of an old television show, I wondered what happened and then a title card came up saying “Just fucking with you!”

When the image resumed my wife and Heather were both sucking on his cock, their mouths got closer and closer to each other, then it happened; they kissed, right at the top of his head. My wife paused then kissed Heather again.

Heather opened up her blouse then pulled her tits over her bra rubbing them against his long shaft. My wife, not to be pushed to the side pulled up her shirt and undid her bra. They resumed sucking his cock their tits brushing each other, all four nipple were rock hard.

The scene moved forward and both wives were topless sucking his cock and rubbing their tits against each other, even the mighty Vincent could hold back no longer and rewarded both of the women with a volcano of cum that splashed both their faces and tits and the fingers of their hands as they held their boobs up for their master.

Time moved forward again, and he was pounding the shit out of Heather on the bed, my wife on the side was naked and sucked on her own nipples as Heather in turn fingered my wife’s pussy. He pulled out of Heather and repositioned Amy onto her back and slid his cock inside of her.

Heather hovered over my wife’s face and to my shock my wife pulled her down on top of her and started to lick her. The fucking continued for thirty more minutes and ended with him sitting on the bed as they pulled off his rubber and jerked his cum all over their more than willing tits.

I myself had shot several loads watching the video. Knowing Amy would be home soon I hid the video away with the others.

The following week I met Vincent in the park, after handing over his bonus payment he asked me if I was still down with the program. I told him I was. As he pocketed the money he laughed a soft laugh and told me he thought he could take my wife to a whole new level. I asked him how.

“Well first off, I’d like to take her out on a date, heck I’d like to take her on a vacation with me. But I think the first is more doable for now. Second off I’d like to get her into some group action. But I have to tell you my friend is a bit rough. He won’t hurt her or nothing but he likes to give it to them hard and long.”

To my shame I felt my cock get hard at the thought of Amy being used and taken out in public, and of her being fucked at a threesome. I told him yes to both. We bumped fists and I wondered what I had gotten myself into?

Our sex life had never been better, driven a lot by the lust my unfaithful wife incited in me. As she bounced up and down on my cock with her tight new body I thought of her doing the same on Vincent’s substantially bigger cock.

After the sex we cuddled and I decided to make my move to see how much she would say about what she was doing. “You know sometimes I get jealous of you and your new body.”

“Why should you?” she said looking a bit away from me.

“Well I mean you look super sexy now. And I am sure a lot of guys are paying you attention.”

She giggled a bit. I told her it was okay.

“You really are not jealous are you?” she asked.

I told her I was not.

“It is not like I go and seek out other guys,” she lied.

“I know, but they are paying attention to you. And in some way it is sexy.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well it shows how desirable you are and all. And there was that guy who flirted with you at the bar, the black guy.”

My wife stopped to think back a bit. I reminded her also of the time we went dancing, actually the time I set her up as part of Vincent’s master plan.

“Honey, you should relax, I am not into black guys.”

“Well they sure seems to be attracted to you, you are not attracted to them are you?”

“No!” she said then she grasped my cock that was growing hard. “Wait! Then the thought of me with another guy, that’s not turning you on. Is it?” she said stroking my cock.

I told it was, a bit.

She asked me why and I told her I did not know why, but it had since that night at the club.

“You mean me and the black guys? Honey that is so wrong.”

“I know, it just is one of those forbidden thoughts.”

“Me and a black guy? Doing what?”

“I don’t know, kissing you.”

She moved in closer pressing her tits against me, “Well you know I can’t do that. I am married to you.”

“I know…we are just talking fantasy here.”

“And you would want to see me kiss another guy? A black one? Would he force me to do it? Oh!” she said as she felt my cock get harder.

“So you’d like it if I resisted the temptation? Me pleading that I am married. Is it because it is so forbidden?”

I told her yes and that they also had a reputation for having such big cocks.”

“I am happy with your cock,” she said almost too defensively.

“But have you ever thought of how it might be to try it with a man with a larger cock. Even as a fantasy?”

She paused for a moment in pumping my cock and quietly said once or twice, but only of white ones.

“But what if it was a black cock?”

“I don’t find black guys attractive.” I was tempted to bring up about her trainer but decided not to.

“Oh come on now. None of them?” I mentioned some celebrities and she sort of paused when I mentioned one of them.

“What if you had a chance to play with his big cock.”

“I couldn’t.”

“But what if you could? Would you?”

“Maybe not a celebrity.”

“Okay what if you went to a club and met a black guy, like the time we went out.”

“Are you there?”

“No, let’s say I could not make it, I got stuck at work, would you dance with him?”

“I have, and nothing came of it.”

“Well suppose you had a drink or two with him. He tells you how sexy you are.” I said as I started to finger her.

“You talk some more and dance some more, then he offers to give you a lift home. When you get home he comes inside with you. And then after some more talk he kisses you.”

“You think that I’d let another man kiss me?”

“Maybe you were upset over me not being there.”

“Okay so he kisses me. I resist a bit. He tells me how sexy I am. Are you sure you want to go on with this?”

I told her I did, turned on that she was picking up on the story.

“I hesitate and he feels my tits, I tell him not to do that. He challenges me telling me the only reason I am not doing that is because he is black. I tell him that is not the case. He says to me what harm is there in a kiss.”

I could feel my wife getting wetter by the moment as she continued to talk.

“He kisses me harder feeling my tits. He guides my hand down to his crotch and presses it against it. I feel his cock, it is huge.”

Now came the critical moment, the question that had to be asked: “Was it bigger than mine?”

My wife hesitated for a moment, then said “Much bigger than yours. I am sorry dear. He took his cock out and made me wrap my hand around it and the more I stroked it the bigger it got. I told him, ‘no,’ I pleaded with him to stop but he told me it was what I needed.”

At that point I lost it and spread her legs wide pushing into her. I sucked her tits hard as she continued.

“He pulled down my panties and as I pleaded with him not to he pushed that huge black cock into my pussy. I pleaded with him not to do it but he did. It stretched me out like I have never been before. I cried that he would ruin me but he did not care. I asked him to pull out and put on a rubber but he would not.”

“You let him fuck you bareback?”

“Yes!” she cried out. To my knowledge she had always worn a rubber with Vincent, was this something she was thinking of?”

“He made me say how much I loved black dick. He made me call it ‘nigger’ dick. I did not want to but he made me say it.”

“And he was bigger than me?”

“Much bigger than you.”

I came in her bucking until all my cum had been drained off. I kissed her telling her to go on as I fingered her now soiled pussy.

“You loved getting fucked by black cock?”

“Not at first…but he made me. It was so big and hard…”

I was already hard again and took my dick and rammed it into her a second time as she continued to taunt me about her black lovers.

When I came a second time we held each other for a really long time. We talked later and I told her it was just a fantasy. She agreed but we used it again. Reality and fantasy were starting to converge. Did I dare take it further??? More importantly could I really stop it if I wanted to?