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The Neighbour


Summary: Loving wife seduced by older neighbour and friends.


She lay stretched out on the sunbed in the heat of the day, a cool breeze floated across her exposed skin, she wriggled to get herself more comfortable teasing the straps of her bikini top over her shoulders. Her iPod tinkling in her ears as she enjoyed the heat of the afternoon sun, the corner of the garden was secluded so she felt at ease as she spread her legs a little.

Ron looked out of his bedroom window, seeing the scantily clad neighbour stretched out in her quiet corner, his cock stirred as he watched thinking of how she would feel as he touched her, fondling her ample tits. He started to stroke his cock as he looked from the window, his hand feeling his stiffness growing, he gasped as he realised she was shifting her straps off her shoulders.

Ron’s cock was rock hard, belying his 68 years of age, a man half his age would have been proud to have a tool that hard. It was also so hard through lack of action, he had been more used to watching his neighbours in later years. Being a widower for over 10 years the need for a real live woman was becoming overpowering.

“If only” he thought, “yes let them fall all the way down, that’s it now let those sexy tits free, go on do it.” The voice in his head imploring the woman to drop her bikini top as he wanked steadily.

He watched as she turned over, unfastening her top now as she squashed those sexy tits, the sight of her naked back so horny, his hand moving faster now. He watched her wiggle her ass, his cock so needy, oozing pre cum now, “Mmmmmm I need to fuck her, got to get my cock in her somehow.”

His old cock exploding at the thought of her soft flesh, the warmth of her pussy causing spurts of cum shooting over his hand and the carpet, he milked his cock as he looked from his vantage point at her.

A few days later Ron was walking past his neighbour’s house when she came out the front door.

“Hello Linda” he chirped “off to work?”

“Hi Ron, oh no not today, I hope to catch up with some sunbathing later if the weather stays this way.”

Ron grinned, the pictures in his mind that would have shocked the young housewife already making his cock twitch.

“Where’s hubby? Working?”

“Yes wont be back till late so I am going to make the most of it.”

“Well be good” he walked on past his mind full of with visions of her ample tits.

“OK bye Ron.”

Later that day he took up his position at the window, he could see clearly the spot where she laid out on her sun bed.

Ron’s cock stiffened as he looked over her bare back, the bikini bottoms pulled high between her cheeks as she took in the rays. He wanked slowly watching her all the time he was making plans to get closer to her, any excuse to get close, even if it took a while his cock was going to bury itself in her pussy and enjoy her completely, the sooner the better he thought.

A few days later he passed Linda in the street, his cock twitched again at the sight of her, his eyes drawn to the seams running up the back of her legs, visions of stockings held in place by suspenders filled his head as he walked behind her.

Catching her up, he again got chatting with the object of his lust.

“Hi Linda how’s things?”

She turned seeing her old neighbour, thinking to herself this was the second time in a few days she had spoken to him prior to this week she had spoken to him maybe once in the last year.

“Hi, just doing some last minute errands, I have my first dance class this evening so I need to pick up a dress from the cleaners.”

“Really? I used to be a bit of a dancer myself, well me and the wife used to go regularly that is.”

“Maybe you could give me a few tips then Ron” she replied cheerily.

“Yes of course anytime, just drop by, I still have some of my wife’s old dance outfits if you would like a look sometime.”

Realising she had backed herself into a corner she took the easy way out and gave in.

“That would be great, I will pop round sometime if that’s OK.”

“Sure I look forward to it, why not drop by later I will be in.”

Feeling the net tightening round her she had little choice.

“OK Ron, I will drop by when I get back from the cleaners.”

She walked away her mind racing, not sure why she had agreed to drop by like that, then again he may have some nice dresses, she remembered his wife was a very smartly dressed woman. She had felt his eyes on her as they chatted, like the last time, it had sent a shiver through her that she could not explain.

When Linda arrived home she pondered Ron’s offer and thought it only good manners to call in and let him show off his late wife’s dresses at least. Mike wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours so she had time to kill anyway.

She kept thinking about the way Ron looked at her, she knew he fancied her and to be truthful she did enjoy the looks she got from men in general but the look he gave her seemed to excite her in a way she didn’t understand.

Opening a bottle of wine and drinking a large glassful she felt ready to go round and see Ron, the wine had a soothing effect as she walked the few doors down the road. She approached the door and was about to knock when Ron opened the door beaming, his eyes lit up as he took in the woman at his door.

“Come in sweetie, where’s Mike?”

“Oh he won’t be back for a while yet he is supposed to be taking me to my dance class later, that’s if he gets here.”

Ron led her through to his lounge; picked up a bottle of wine he had open.


“Oh I shouldn’t really” she half protested.

“Nonsense, have one and relax I am having one and I don’t like drinking alone.”

He filled a large glass and handed it to her, she sat on his large sofa, very deep and plush she almost fell back into it, Ron catching a glimpse of her thighs as her skirt slid up.

Ron was very chatty talking about his wife and their shared love of dancing, he could see he had Linda’s attention and she was drinking as they chatted. His lecherous eyes were drawn to her legs again, Linda feeling his eyes on her, she suddenly felt rather naughty and slowly crossed her legs seeing Ron watching intently. He gulped his drink down and immediately went for a refill; he topped Linda’s glass at the same time. Halfway through her second glass Ron mentioned his wife’s dresses.

“Real creations they are you know, cost her a fortune, well cost me really she had several, shoes to match as well, you can take a look if you like.”

“Thanks that sounds great.”

“I keep them in the spare room upstairs, follow me.”

He got up and moved towards the door, feeling relaxed Linda followed, Ron smiled inwardly.

She followed him to a room that was not like any spare room she had ever seen, it was a large dressing room, with large mirrors on one wall, a large bed in the centre with dressing table still covered with make up and bottles of scent.

He saw the look on her face as she looked round.

“Don’t worry its not meant to be a scary place or a shrine, its just that I haven’t had chance to do anything with all this stuff is all and to be frank I could do with a hand.”

He pulled open one of the mirrored doors that concealed a huge wardrobe filled with clothes, dresses in bags, racks of shoes and accessories of all sorts.

Linda’s eyes were wide as she saw the rail filled with dress bags.

“My word Ron your wife definitely liked her outfits.”

“Oh yes there is some great stuff there, have a look, if there is anything you’d like feel free.”

He passed Linda a bagged dress, “this was a favourite of hers looked great on.”

Linda took the bag and opened it, inside she pulled the hanger out with a slinky black lace dress attached, feeling the material she gasped.

“It’s gorgeous.”

“Yours if you want it” he said, “you would look great dancing in that one”

She held the dress against her and looked in the mirror; she could see it was rather low cut with a flared skirt and petticoat.

“The shoes that match it are in the rack there” he pointed, “try it on if you want, but you look about the same size.”

Gulping her drink down she felt a rush go through her, imagining the dress on her she just knew it would look and feel great.

Ron took her glass “I will leave you to it come down when you are ready.”

In seconds he was gone leaving her to admire the dress, wanting to try it on now, it would be OK she thought to herself the wine loosening her resolve. She peeled off her top and skirt, seeing herself in the mirrors in her sheer black bra and panties and seamed hold ups she looked rather sexy.

“I wonder what Ron would say if he could see me now.”

The thought pushed aside as she slipped into the dress, the top was a little tight so she removed her bra and it seemed to fit a lot better. Slipping the heels on her feet she paraded in front of the mirror.

“Not bad at all.” she mused.

“You OK Linda?” she heard Ron call.

“Yes fine, I will be down in a minute.”

She tried to unzip the dress to get changed again, it was stuck! She tried again it would not budge. After a few minutes trying she had to concede and went downstairs to ask Ron for help. As she entered the lounge, he gasped at the sight of her, drink in hand he indicated for her to turn round. Linda turned as she did she felt Ron’s eyes all over her a tinge of excitement again filled her.

“Have another drink, you look great like it was made for you”

“I can’t get the zip undone.” She looked at him panic in her eyes.

“Mmmmm I think that was always a problem with that dress, please don’t worry yourself, keep it on and finish your drink we can sort that later.”

Linda sat again, the dress riding over her thighs, this time she didn’t move to cover herself, Ron’s eyes feasted on the wife’s sexy legs on display. As they chatted Linda kept sipping her drink, slowly she was becoming more relaxed as the alcohol affected her. Ron wanted to get another look at her and persuaded her to stand and give him a twirl, his cock twitching at the thought. She stood up and twirled quickly round in front of him, he watched the flared dress rise giving him a view of her stockings; he reached out as she turned. Stumbling Linda fell onto his lap her dress round her waist and her stockings on display, Ron held onto her then took his chance leaning in he planted a kiss on her lips, soft yet firm too.

“That’s naughty Ron I am a married woman you know.”

His arms round her waist now holding her on his lap he kissed her again, she still had hold of her glass, this time he pressed a little harder his lips soft on hers. He could feel her resistance so he kissed her again covering her mouth with his, then her lips parted, his tongue probed quickly as his cock started to stiffen.

She broke the kiss, “No Ron you mustn’t.”

She wriggled on his lap succeeding only in making his cock stiffen further and causing her dress to ride up e further exposing her panties to him, she grabbed the hem and pulled it back down. Ron was far too excited by this point to stop, he kissed her again feeling her resolve weakening her body giving signs that she was starting to respond now. His hand sliding along her thigh under the dress, she gasped into his mouth as his hand found her bare skin before her panties. He could feel the heat from her pussy, he quickly covered it with his big hand teasing her pussy as he kissed her he knew she couldn’t stop now. Pulling her panties aside he stroked her wet lips before slipping a finger inside her married slit, her struggles now only a token resistance.

In a few seconds she was moaning softly as he teased her clit, his cock rock hard beneath her now. It had all happened so fast, his mind raced as he fondled the wife. Linda was wriggling in an attempt to protest but the lips covering hers and his tongue in her mouth was starting to turn her on. The fingers on her pussy were insistent as they teased her clit adding to her confusion.

Ron pulled away from her, she looked at him in surprise, gasping as she got her breath back from the assault on her.

“Let’s deal with that zip.”

He reached round as she lay back panting and slid the side zip down with ease, the top of the dress opened and her bare breasts were exposed.

“That zip always was getting stuck, there’s a knack to getting it down.”

Linda gasped and tried to cover up but Ron had his hands on her tits already, he wasn’t wasting any more time, his cock needed to be satisfied. Wriggling her top down even further now he guided her to her feet before sliding the dress completely off, she stood in her stockings and panties before her elderly neighbour, her heart thumping as her pussy tingled.

Ron stood and kissed her again before guiding Linda to her knees before him. She looked up at him as he smiled at her.

“That’s it Linda, you know what I want.”

He freed his cock, her eyes wide as she saw his 9″ thick shaft in front of her.

“Suck it for me.”

She reached out feeling the thick shaft in her hand, working the circumcised cock feeling it so hard he pulled her head towards it. Her mind confused with excitement and guilt as she felt her neighbour’s hard cock in her hand, she knew she had gone too far to stop now but it had happened so fast.

“That’s it open your mouth.”

She did as she was told, and then the cock was in her mouth, his hands on her head holding her firmly, her excitement clearing her head as she started to suck her neighbours cock. Ron moaned as he felt the married woman sucking his cock, so wet and warm, he needed to take it easy, make it last. He pulled at his clothes, he wanted to be naked with this beauty, stripping as she sucked him, then pulling her up he slipped her panties down.

“Ron this is so wrong we mustn’t.”

He pulled her close again kissing her deeply his tongue probing her mouth as he teased her swollen nipples. Easing her back onto the large sofa he slid between her legs, he could feel her wetness, his head lowered to her tits, taking a nipple in his mouth he savoured it as he sucked, her moans urging him onward. Moving to the other nipple he licked and sucked teasing them even further as his fingers played with her clit. His tongue traced a path from her nipple down across her tanned stomach and then into the stripe of pubic hair before down further and across her clit making her shudder.

“Oh my Ron please nooo.”

Ron probed her pussy lips with his tongue tasting her sweet pussy scent then flicking across her swollen clit as she protested her hands never left his head guiding him to her innermost folds. Moaning she held onto him as he sucked and toyed with her lips, fingers working in and out, squelching noises from her wetness filling his ears. He could stand it no longer his cock was ready to burst, he eased himself up, kissing her again as he guided his thick cock head to her pussy. Linda stiffened as she felt the head at her entrance as Ron leaned into her his cock slid easily inside on the sea of her pussy juices, his thickness filling her, stretching her now as he pushed in deeper still. She moaned loudly as his cock forced its way inside, she had never had such a big cock, so much bigger than her hubbies. Ron held still as his balls rested against her ass, kissing the wife again he let her get used to his size. Slowly he withdrew, he could feel her pussy so tight on his shaft, her hands pulling at him trying to stop him moving away, then he slid back inside her warm pussy gripped him, she felt so good.

“You feel so good.”

She moaned as he started to fuck her in and out his cock reaching in so far her legs spread as wide as he strained with each thrust. The wet fucking noises and their moans filled the room, Ron felt her pulling him in then she started to shudder as she orgasmed, the pulses tight on his cock her wetness increasing.

“Oh god!” she moaned.

“That’s it hun you cum for me, bet hubby doesn’t make you cum like that does he?”

Her pussy answered him as he felt her pussy convulsing on his cock again, he heard her moan loudly as her whole body shuddered. The tight pulsing of her pussy on his thick cock was now too much, he had held on for as long as he could now he was going to cum, loads…Ron thrust in hard holding his cock against her cervix as it started to swell, his balls tightened and then the first spurt broke free from his cock. Linda’s eyes opened wide as she felt the powerful jet of spunk inside her, Ron held her tightly as he spurted again and again, flooding her married pussy. He collapsed on top of her as his cock spewed inside her, kissing her deeply. They lay still for a few minutes before his cock started to shrink and slip out of her.

“You are a very sexy woman Linda I would love to do this again”

“Oh my no Ron I am married, it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

“But you did like it didn’t you?”

“Well yes.”

He could feel her pussy still trembling on his softening cock.

“Then it’s just some fun that we both need, so no problem.”

He helped her up, and then poured another drink, handing it to her smiling, seeing the nervous look on her face.

“Don’t worry I wont say a word to Mike, it will be our secret, cheers.”

She gulped the wine, looking at her older neighbour wondering how this had happened and more importantly what was to happen now.

So sissy your wife really is a hottie

I watched as the words appeared on the screen, transfixed by their meaning.

I didn’t think it was ever going to happen but things just worked out I guess rattled across the screen.

My sissy cock stirring at the thought of my internet buddy talking about my wife, it had been a while since we started chatting after joining a chat room on a cuckold site. He had attracted my attention straight away and from the beginning he seemed to be an exact match for our shared fantasy, an older guy with a liking for married women, especially if their hubbies knew too.

My fingers trembled as I typed the question.

Please tell me what happened?

There was a long pause, infuriatingly long as I sat rubbing my sissy cock at the thought that this man was going to tell me what he and my wife had got up to.

Slowly the words started to travel across the screen, Ron kept stopping as if asking if I wanted to know more, teasing me knowing I was so hooked on the cuck fantasy that I would of course answer yes.

My cock was hard as I rubbed it, the wetness of my pre cum soaking my fingers as the words appeared.

Are you cumming yet sissy? he taunted.

I had to keep stopping myself as I was so close, but he knew that after the months of chatting he knew what things turned me on and what would make me cum for him.

I am so glad that gorgeous wife of yours finally got the fucking she deserves sissy aren’t you?

Yes of course you know it’s what I wanted I replied obediently.

Stroke that sissy cock while you think of your wife taking my cock, she was so tight on my cock Mike, her pussy gripped me tight as I fucked her she was so horny for it too

I stroked faster wanting more but trying hard not to cum, my balls aching to unload.

The words flew across the screen again.

It was a real lucky thing we met on here sissy, who would have thought we would be so close almost next door neighbours, and have such a sexy wife to share too

My hand working faster on my swollen shaft, images filling my head of Ron fucking my wife, I still couldn’t believe it then a picture flashed onto the screen. It was one of Linda in a strange dress checking herself out in a long mirror, then again as she seemed to be adjusting stockings, she was in a room I did not recognise.

You see cucky she did call round like I said she would, want to see more?

I typed Yes and quickly resumed wanking my hard cock.

A further set of pics appeared, my mouth dropped open as my eyes took in the sight of Linda standing in stockings and heels as Ron’s hand cupped her breasts, the next showed him obviously on top of her , her legs spread wide. The sight of his naked body between her legs was too much, my sissy cock exploded, spurts of cum spraying everywhere.

Did that do it for you sissy? She is a really good fuck and I will definitely being having more fun with her

You know you want to offer her to me cucky, so we will work on another visit or shall I chat to her? Eh?

Yes of course I agreed obediently knowing I was so hooked on the idea of Ron fucking her that I would do anything.

Linda had always got turned on when we were fucking by the idea of other guys fucking her, it was also a huge charge for me too, always made me cum until it became the main thing that got us both off. We had gotten so into the fantasy that after a while we started to experiment, her dressing sexier when we went out, attracting the looks of other guys, she knew it excited me and that when we got home we would have some fun. Making it real was the problem until she noticed our neighbour taking an interest in her. She had taken to sunbathing in a corner of the garden which she realised was overlooked, she enjoyed the tease it always made her wet and ready for fucking.

Two days later Ron stopped Linda in the street, he noticed her face flushed as he approached her.

“Hello hun how have you been?”

“OK thanks Ron” she replied eyes darting trying to avoid his steady gaze.

“I really enjoyed our afternoon last week, I was thinking maybe we could do it again sometime too.”

“Er I am not sure if that’s a good idea,” she felt herself drawing away from him.

“I am sure Mike wouldn’t mind you popping round occasionally, in fact

I think we both know he would probably encourage it too, don’t you think?”

His eyes held hers, she felt like a deer caught in the headlights as she searched for an answer, her mind slowly realising that he knew, he must know about their fantasies, but how?

“Why don’t you drop by over the weekend I am having a few friends over for a few drinks, sort of fancy dress affair really it could be fun I am sure they would like to meet you both.”

Linda felt herself starting to panic, this was getting out of hand, her mind racing to find a way out of this situation yet her pussy was telling her how eager and excited she was at the thought.

“I will see what I can do” was the best she could muster.

“I have several outfits in mind that I know you would look good in too, they are yours anytime you want.” he grinned wickedly seeing her indecision.

The memory flashed through his mind as he envisaged her dressing again in clothes he had chosen for her, his cock stirring as he spoke.

Her face pink with excitement, she smiled at her neighbour “OK maybe for one drink.”

“Good girl” he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek before she could avoid him, she quickly looked round to see if it had been seen.

“Ron has asked us over for drinks at the weekend, he is having a few friends round for some reason, OK?”

I gasped, he has seen her already I thought, oh my word! A party, this is moving so fast.

Saturday evening soon arrived, Linda had decided on a risqué outfit that most certainly had Ron’s influence, a short dark blue skirt to mid thigh, dark tan stockings with black suspenders and tiny see through panties, matching balcony bra that lifted and showed off her ample 36c tits with a sheer white blouse buttoned down the front. She looked so hot I couldn’t believe she was going out dressed like that. As she walked round the bedroom in her outfit I could see she was extremely excited and kept checking herself in the mirror, seeing if her seams were straight and the length of her skirt. She also bent over seeing how much cleavage was on show I began to wonder what her reaction would be when guys started looking at her openly as no doubt was bound to happen. She certainly seemed far more agreeable to meeting Ron again than I expected.

We arrived fashionably late and were met at the door by Ron.

“Hello you two, thought you weren’t going to make it, glad to see you, do come in.”

He ushered us through the wide doorway to his home which was somewhat larger than ours he had built on the sides and the back to add extra space downstairs and more rooms upstairs. I looked around taking in the open plan ground floor which was filled with people, they seemed to be mostly around Ron’s age we looked to be the youngest of the guests. The men were dressed casually but the women all seemed to be dressed similarly to Linda with short skirts exhibiting plenty of leg and stockings with tight blouses showing off their obvious assets.

As Ron led us into the throng he slipped his arm round my wife’s waist and whisked her away as I was left accepting a drink from a short woman with a large bust that was hardly restrained within her blouse, a deep cleavage was on show and I felt my eyes drawn to it. She smiled as she saw me looking.

“I see Ron has taken quite a shine to your wife it looks like they get along well, she seems a very friendly young woman, does she like older men?”

“Yes she does enjoy the attention of older men, not sure where that has come from really though,” I replied distractedly without thinking, then thought more about the question, maybe she has always liked older guys I reasoned but I have never noticed before.

I looked round the room Ron was walking Linda round, almost parading her as he introduced her to his guests, one arm always round her waist keeping her close. Linda was chatting politely and laughing and enjoying the attention, everyone seemed to be making a lot of fuss over her and Ron.

“He has been excited about her coming, oh and you too of course but he has a soft spot for her, my name is Val by the way, my hubby is over there with Ron now, that’s George.”

I looked across the room to see a thick set man with thin grey hair offering Linda a drink, I saw her take the drink and gulp a large mouthful, immediately George refilled her glass. Val saw my face as I watched.

“They just want her to relax and have fun, don’t worry it will be a fun night I am sure.”

I gulped my drink which was very strong, shaking my head I took another swig, it was getting better.

Val touched my arm “the music is starting, dance with me.”

I realised that until then the room had only been filled with chatter and laughter now the sound system filled the air and couples paired off to dance.

I could feel her tits pressed against my chest, her nipples hard as we moved slowly, looking round I saw Linda in the arms of George, he was holding her close, his hand stroking her back, feeling her bra through her top. Val was rubbing her pussy against me I could feel my cock stirring in response to her gyrations and also at the sight of my wife being held so close by another man. The music went on non-stop, in between dances Linda was fed more drinks before being whisked off by either Ron or George they seemed to be monopolising her. Val was sticking close to me, slowly she was aware of the reaction of my cock to her rubbing against me. She was also pointing out whenever Linda had a change of partner as a couple of George’s friends managed to cut in too. The men used the dances to pull her close to them at the same time stroking her back and over her short skirt that barely covered her rounded ass. Her face was slightly flushed from the mixture of drink and the subtle stroking and fondling she was getting.

Val moved her hand between us I felt her stroking my hard cock openly. I looked at her questioningly.

“It’s OK me and George are OK with each other having fun with others.”

I looked round the room, other dancers were getting to know each other, hands were all over the place, realising what was happening I looked over to see what Linda was doing, George had his back to us but as he turned slowly I could see he was stroking her ass, in fact he had eased her skirt up and exposed her stockings which was appreciated by a couple of the men watching.

“Ron tells me you like the idea of Linda with other men.”

I looked at her my mouth open.

“How did you know that?” I spluttered.

“It seems you like to chat about it to guys like Ron.”

My head started to spin, my face flushing as I tried to find an explanation.

“It’s OK we all have some little foibles,” her hand rubbing the front of my trousers again, “She is a hot wife for sure no wonder Ron is so keen.”

Looking over I could see Linda enjoying the attentions of another guy who was moving her round and taking every opportunity to feel her torso. Val pulled me across the room at a break in the music.

“You look like you are having fun” she said to Linda, handing her another drink.

“Yes seems like these guys here all want to have fun and dance with me too.”

“That’s because they all want to fuck you”

Linda looked at her through alcohol affected eyes slightly stunned. Suddenly feeling hot she waved her hand to her face.

“You are warm hun, why don’t you loosen that blouse?” with that Val reached out and before Linda could answer she had undone 3 of her buttons opening her blouse to the waist, her tiny bra exposed, her nipples already erect clearly visible. Val eased her blouse open so her bra was fully exposed at the front with her nipples on display.

Linda looked at her open mouthed, George eyed her exposed nipples before pulling her away to dance again.

“That will get her some more attention, don’t you think?” she smiled wickedly at me as her hubby gripped my wife tight against him.

“How is that cock now?”

I felt her hand stroking me again, she could feel my hardness.

The lights were dimmed, the music slowed as the drinks kept flowing, and soon a few couples were openly kissing passionately. Looking round Linda was still dancing with George, his big hands resting on her ass, her naked tits pressed against him.

Linda looked up at George as he towered over her, he could feel her hard nipples pressing against him as he leant down and planted a soft kiss on her unsuspecting lips.

In her relaxed state it was over before she realised what had happened, the look of surprise had hardly worked across her face when she felt his hand on her bare breast. As her mouth opened to protest it was covered by George’s, his tongue parting her lips with urgency as he teased her already engorged nipple. Linda was giggling as she struggled to pull herself away from his fingers as he teased her exposed nipples, his mouth clamped over hers stifling any protests, not that there were any as the drink and his attentions were easing her inhibitions rapidly now.

The older man gripping her firmly as he kissed her deeply and with purpose, his fingers teasing her nipple arousing my wife further as her head swam and her pussy started to respond in her panties.

The music broke and George was replaced by another of his friends who pulled her tight against his already hard cock, she felt it pressed against her pussy. The man was quite tall and slim, his shirt open to the waist showing a chest covered with greying hair that matched the hair on his head. Linda’s bare nipples were pressed against his hairy chest adding to the sensation as they moved together to the music. The man leaned in and kissed her, his cock grinding into her pussy as he held her firmly, gasping for air her head swimming as her arousal was building steadily. He prised his leg between hers and started a slow grinding motion working her legs further apart making her pussy accessible for further action.

George moved behind her sandwiching her, his hands moving round her hips forcing her forward onto his friend cock, Linda was wriggling between the two men her tits being assaulted by one pair of hands as she was being kissed hard when she felt George rubbing his hard cock against her from behind. He kissed her neck heightening her arousal as he slid his hands under her short skirt and up to her hips. She could feel the steady progress upwards until he gripped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down her thighs to her ankles in one go!

A small cheer was audible as her panties were removed, Ron licked his lips knowing how her pussy felt, now his friend was going to find out too.

Val squeezed the tip of my cock as she pointed Linda out to me, I kept losing sight of her as she was twirled round by the two men but there was no mistaking her panties in George’s hand.

“See how easily he got your wife’s panties off, she is having a good time don’t you think?”

Val’s hand working my cock expertly now as we watch the action, all round the room women were being kissed and fondled openly I reached out and groped Val’s tits now free from her bra, she moaned softly as I rolled her nipple between my fingers. I had the urge to kiss her hard, my tongue forcing inside her mouth as she wanked me, the scene had got me so aroused. It was incredible to watch Linda being seduced, the overwhelming feeling of sexual excitement tinged with jealousy and embarrassment too as everyone knew she was my wife.

My hands sought Val’s pussy now, sliding up her stockinged thigh I soon found her pussy, no panties! She broke the kiss and smiled at me as her pussy wriggled onto my fingers. Val pulled my head into her breasts guiding my willing mouth to her swollen nipple, she held my head as I sucked and nibbled all the while describing what was happening to my wife.

“They are sucking her tits now Mike, no don’t stop, yes she is loving it, George has his fingers in her pussy too.”

I tried to move my head to see but she held me firm feeding me with her motherly nipples, so thick so hard too, all the time she wanked me expertly making sure I didn’t cum until she wanted it to happen.

“You might want to see this Mike” she let go of my head, I turned to see Linda naked apart from her stockings, suspenders and heels, between three men, all three were taking turns and rotating kissing her and sucking her tits as well as dipping their fingers in her cunt, she was being constantly fondled and aroused, being brought to a fever pitch of excitement. Everyone else in the room was watching her being seduced as they sat or stood with their partners fondling each other as they enjoyed her public seduction. The music adding a surreal soundtrack to the event someone dimmed the lights slightly as the sexual activity around the room became more intense.

“Oh my god” Linda moaned as she felt a mouth fixing to her soaking pussy, a tongue like a snake probing her vagina as her clit was rubbed vigorously.

George and his two accomplices guided their prize to the centre of the floor easing her to her knees on the thick carpet, the three men stood round her their cocks rampant and hard. Linda’s hand snaked out and wrapped round a cock as she was kissed deeply, as the kiss broke the cock was guided into her willing mouth, a pair of hands on her head working her into a rhythm as she sucked eagerly.

Val held my head so I could watch what was happening all the while working my cock and adding a commentary on what I was seeing. Part of me wanted it to stop but a bigger part wanted more, this was what I had dreamt of so many times, this was what I had chatted to Ron about in the chat room. He had fuelled my desire for many weeks with his description of what he had experienced with other women and the scenes he had seen, all this was now unfolding before my eyes as my cock was manipulated in such a way to keep me aroused and wanting more.

Her head bobbed back and forth as one cock was exchanged for another, hands were fondling her tits and pussy maintaining her highly aroused state. Ron looked on satisfied at his work, she was performing better than he could have hoped, and he grinned when he saw my cock in Val’s hand and how she was making sure I saw everything.

As the lights had been dimmed somewhat it led to all manner of sexual activity taking place around the room, I was so engrossed watching my wife with three men that I hardly noticed Val moving onto my lap, she straddled me and lowered herself onto my aching cock.

“You keep watching what your wife is doing, mmm that’s it, oh my you are so hard!”

My cock had slipped inside her soaking pussy so easily, she felt wet and warm as she slowly rose up and down on me, my eyes still locked onto Linda as she sucked and wanked each cock in front of her.

The cock sucking had moved on as one of the guys I didn’t know moved behind her cupping her tits and tweaking her nipples

“Ohhh my!” I sighed as I watched her nipples being rolled and teased by the guy with the hairy chest, who I later found was called Mark, her eyes closed as she revelled in the all over attention she was getting , her senses bombarded by hands, fingers mouths too driving her to a frenzy, I was surprised she had not cum. Then I realised they were keeping her horny as long as possible.

Val’s pussy slid easily up and down my raging hard cock, she gyrated her hips sending shudders of pleasure through my cock as I tried manfully to fuck into her while still maintaining visual on Linda and her group of suitors. The room became filled with moans from the crowd as things got right down to it, a rhythmic slap,slap,slap from behind us indicated someone was getting fucked hard and fast.

“Ohhhh Mike” Val moaned as I rammed hard into her, my pent up sexual tension looking for release inside her soft wet pussy.

The sight of Linda being fondled and responding was driving me close to filling Val with my cum, she recognised this and slowed her movement on my cock before turning to face the action, my hands cupping her ample breasts and toying with her large nipples, my cock once again back inside her wet tube.

As I looked across the room George had lifted Linda’s legs up and wrapped them round his waist, with Mark supporting her by her boobs he was easing his thick cock between her pussy lips!

“Ohhhh my!” I gasped as I watched the thick cock slowly penetrate my wife’s pussy, her eyes closed as she was locked in a deep passionate kiss with George.

“Lucky girl” Val moaned as she watched her husband enter my wife, her pussy tightening on my cock as we watched the final act of the public seduction of my wife.

“She will feel him every inch of the way until she gets used to his size.”

My own cock was ramming harder inside her as I watched as George slid fully inside his latest conquest .I tried my best not to cum as I saw my wife wrap her arms round his neck as they kissed deeply, his hips moving slowly to and fro as he fucked her steadily.

Ron whispered in my ear “Well cucky? You like it in real life now? She is doing so well and I am sure there are many here who will get a crack at her if not tonight then real soon.”

Linda’s moans got louder as George fucked her deep and slow, her pussy stretched round his shaft wet from her juices, audible wet fucking noises could be heard across the room.

“My word she does get really wet Mike, the guys will love that.”

I watched as my wife threw back her head and her body started to shudder as her orgasm took over, George laughed feeling each pulse of her pussy round his cock.

He kept steadily fucking her through the throbbing sensations, Linda’s mind filled with such pleasure she had never known from such a big cock inside her, ignoring the fact she was getting fucked in a room full of people as she squealed and panted for him.

George carried her with his cock still embedded in her to a free sofa, there he lay her down and positioned between her thighs he started to pound my wife’s pussy. She hung on to him moaning with each thrust, legs wrapped round him as he fucked her like never before.

I watched transfixed as he nibbled her neck, his thrusts faster and more urgent as he started to cum. Linda sensing his imminent orgasm tightened round him as her second orgasm washed over her making her body shake as George buried his cock in deep holding it still as he spurted rope after rope of thick cum deep into the willing pussy.

Watching closely Val had speeded up on my cock , now I was ready to burst too, seeing Linda cum so hard for George took me over the edge, my cock rammed in deep and hard as I spurted a stream of cum into Val’s welcoming pussy.

She moaned as we both orgasmed hard. Her large breasts shaking as I pinched and teased her nipples, my cum flooding her pussy as we slowed watching the others.

George was laying on top of Linda, his cock still sliding in and out of her soaked pussy as she held on tightly still shaking.

“She is one hell of a fuck isn’t she Mike?” Ron beamed at me.

After a few minutes George eased from my wife’s tight slit and pulled her to her feet, they walked arm in arm to the bar where a couple of the guys were waiting eager to congratulate them on their performance.

As they stood sipping fresh drinks Val pulled me up and we joined them, Linda flushed and excited by the exertions, looked at me sheepishly but Val smiled at her as she rubbed my cock slowly.

“Don’t worry love I will look after him tonight, you have fun.”

With that Mark’s hand rounded under Linda’s left breast, the thumb rubbing across her nipple.

“Ohhhh” she whimpered.

I got up next morning around 10, my head was pounding after the effects of the drink and the activities of last night, Linda laid in bed looking very bedraggled after her exertions into the early hours.

We had left Ron’s place around 4am, everyone seemed spent by that time so we staggered home, thankfully it wasn’t too far, good job it was a warm night too as Linda had lost most of her outfit and only had a coat over her stockings and suspenders, her panties were I suspected in Ron’s possession and maybe the rest of her clothes would turn up sooner or later.

After George’s initiation of my wife into the group, she had played with several of the other guys there briefly, all promised to make sure she had some future fun with each of them. It was Mark who followed in George’s wake and fucked her, he had whisked her off to one of the bedrooms and wasn’t seen for almost an hour. When she resurfaced she had a glazed look on her face underwritten with a big grin so it was clear she had a good time. For my part Val made sure I met one of her friends, a woman called Claire who enticed me into one of the rooms where we fucked heartily cumming twice more after which I was drained.

I asked her how the guys kept going, she smiled at me and whispered “Viagra or something like it” she winked, that explained how once hard they seemed to keep going and stay hard too, so now I knew.

I poured coffee and sat at the breakfast bar staring out the window lost in my thoughts.

“Was this what we both wanted? Or, was I being selfish in getting Linda to make my fantasy a reality?”

I pondered the question as I sipped the hot black coffee, in the background I heard the unmistakeable ping as my pc registered mail. Automatically I sauntered over to the PC expecting something from work or another spam message.

I clicked my inbox, there were two messages, one was from Ron the other I didn’t recognise the ID.

I opened Ron’s message there was a file attached titled Linda, the message read – “Well sissy, what a night eh? Everyone enjoyed the fun especially the guys who introduced themselves to your wife, yes definitely was fun. We must do it again sometime very soon too, we don’t want the lovely Linda thinking we don’t appreciate her now do we? Anyway you will see a file attached to this message it is a selection of pictures from last night, some of her with the guys and Mark too, I hope you enjoy them I have sent out to all the guys too so she is becoming quite a star already, does that please you cucky? I am sure it does and especially with everyone seeing her pics now too I bet you are hard right now too! Enjoy and see you both soon.”

Ron was right I was hard already rock hard, my hand rubbing myself at the thought of last night. I clicked the file icon, it seemed to take ages to open, and the file was quite big. As I waited I wondered how he had managed to take pictures anyway, then I remembered the first time she had gone over there, he has cameras everywhere or at least in some spots to capture scenes. I then wondered if he had video footage too! A feeling of panic ran through me, who has he sent the pics to? What if he had shown any video too? My cock answered my questions as it stiffened to full length as I saw the first pics open, I hit slideshow and the screen blacked out for a second as it adjusted.

Full screen was a picture of Linda with Ron’s arm round her as he introduced her to George then as the pictures clicked through the show they depicted every moment of her seduction even with shots included of me with Val to prove I was having fun watching her! My balls ached again wanting release as I stroked myself looking at the screen. The scene changed to a quiet bedroom, low lights and the sight of Linda with Mark, another set of intimate photos followed showing the sex acts they enjoyed, the final in the set was of Linda with her face covered in cum and smiling. That was too much, my cock exploded , spraying cum all over myself, spattering the keyboard, as my cock pulsed in my hand I heard a moan behind me , turning I saw Linda with her hand rubbing her clit in the throes of an orgasm, she had watched the show too!

“Oh my, what a night!” she sighed after a few seconds, “I didn’t realise I was such a slut, I am sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry I had a great time too.”

“Maybe we should quit while we can, it was fun but it could get out of control.” She looked concerned.

“We both had fun didn’t we? I am sure there is a lot more fun we can have, they seem a nice group of people don’t you think?”

She looked at me gauging my reaction to what she had done last night and how it had affected our relationship especially after seeing the photos this morning. It was obvious it had turned her on massively, so much that she had an orgasm watching the replay on the screen, she needed reassurance we were OK.

I wrapped my arms round her, kissed her gently and led her back to bed, there we kissed and held each other lovingly as we slowly made love, not the frantic sex of last night but sensual love making.

We lay bathed in the afterglow, we both knew we had crossed a line, there was no going back, we had both changed and in front of each other we had seen each other’s raw passion for sex, and realised we needed more.

“I didn’t realise he was taking pictures.” She sighed, a worried look crossed her face.

I didn’t know whether to tell her about the first time and my knowledge of her session with him.

“Well it is to be expected if they do that regularly I suppose.”

We both sat looking at each other, each with a secret not wanting to spill the beans in case it upset the other.

“What you got planned for today?” I asked her.

“Nothing exciting, I was going to go shopping, maybe later when I feel a little more human.”

“Well I have some work to do, so I need to get showered and dressed.”

“What was in the other e-mail?” she asked out of the blue.

I had forgotten all about that, “I will look in a minute then.”

“I’ll do it” she breezed, “you shower first.”

I got in the shower and stood under the spray as it washed through my mind, cleansing me, well almost except that my cock would not go down!

I finished and dressed casually and strolled downstairs to find Linda at the PC, staring intently at the screen.

“What was it?”

“Well it seems that Mark has invited us to lunch tomorrow to that restaurant down by the Quay, which is very nice of him but I am not sure we should.”

“I have a full day at work tomorrow anyway so that’s out for me, he seemed a nice enough guy, but you can go if you want love.”

“No, it wouldn’t be right” She protested.

“Why not, it’s only lunch” I countered.

“I will think about it, OK, I will message him back now.”

I went to collect some papers from my study, when I came back a few minutes later Linda was still as the PC, I heard her giggling.

“Oh Mike, that Mark is so cheeky, I messaged him and he got back to me on Skype, so we have been IM’ing, he said after what we did last night lunch would be very tame, so I have agreed to go, is that OK?” she smiled at me, a pang of something went through me but was gone as quick as it came, a tingle through my cock made my mind up.

“Sure you go, have fun, I won’t be in till after 8 anyway.”

She turned and tapped at the keys, then clapping her hands together closed down the screen.

I went off to work with an ache in my balls and anticipation filling my head, wondering how this could have happened so quickly. We seemed to have sucked in so fast to a new lifestyle, one that I had only read about in magazines and on the internet before. In the space of just over a week we have both been intimate with others, something we had only fantasised about previously, yet now it was as if we were whisked into a whirlwind of sexual experiences, one that was moving so fast there seemed nothing for it but to allow ourselves to be carried along with it.

After a busy day at work, my mind swallowed up in routine problems and only occasionally would a thought of the weekend flash through my mind, triggering an instant response from my trousered cock, I drove home with visions of sex on replay over and over.

I left the car on the driveway and slipped my key in the door, as I entered the house was quiet, Linda must be out I thought as I poured myself a drink and sat in the lounge. Looking round in the silence of the house I could see nothing unusual or missing except my wife that is. I sipped my drink and saw the post it stuck on the PC screen, I picked it off and read the handwritten note from Linda.

Be back around 7, had to go shopping, L xxx

Shopping? What for this time of day I wondered, I looked at the clock it was only just gone 5, I clicked open the PC it fired into life, as the screen lit up I sat ready for a quick surf session.

I clicked open the mail from Ron and looked through the photos again with the inevitable result I got very hard and horny, seeing my wife the centre of attraction and the sight of so many different guys with her at different times was sooo horny. As my cock was at its hardest I heard the front door click open, her voice called out to me.

“Hi honey I am home”

I stood getting my cock in a more comfortable position and tried to stroll casually towards the kitchen. I noticed the two large bags on the table, obviously from clothes stores, I leant over to peek inside when she whisked them away.

“Naughty, that’s for tomorrow, maybe I will show you then” kissing me on the cheek, “you want me to look my best don’t you?”

“Yes of course” my hand holding my semi hard cock now wondering if the new outfit was for mine or Mark’s benefit.

I watched as she padded up the stairs with her bags disappointed but strangely turned on too.

Next day I woke and dressed as usual, Linda was making coffee when I went downstairs, she was humming to herself, looking gorgeous in a nightshirt, hair tousled but so sexy, my cock twitched at the sight of her ass as she bent over in front of me. My hand stroked the perfect globe of her ass for a few seconds before she shook me off.

“Be good Mike! I have a busy day today and so do you I believe.”

I relented but slapped her ass enjoying the way it wobbled just enough.

“Ok well as long as you let me see what you bought later and tell me all about this date of yours too.”

“It’s not a date! It is lunch is all, I won’t go if you have any reservations about this at all you know.”

I looked at her face she was searching for some kind of reassurance that we were OK or signs of panic which would mean we should stop this going further. What she saw was my semi hard cock showing through my trousers and my eyes pleading with her that things were OK.

“I was teasing but you know what I mean, especially if you have been buying a new outfit to wear too.”

She saw my point but was not about to give in so easily.

“Yes I have bought some new things which you will get to see me in shortly, I just felt sort of excited at what we are doing and wanted to enjoy the fun part of it.”

I smiled at her seeing how excited this whole new experience had made her, I hoped I would be reaping the rewards of that excitement too as it was already having an almost continual effect on me.

“Yes of course sweetie, I want you to have fun, it is what we have been fantasising about for ages now things have happened we should go with it.”

Happy now she got back to preparing dinner, all the while she was thinking of her purchases and her forthcoming date.

The evening passed calmly although so much unsaid added to the inner tension we were both feeling, I couldn’t help thinking this was some kind of watershed moment despite the previous weekends’ events this had the potential to be different, not so much a shared experience this could move towards something else.

Next morning she was up early preparing breakfast and coffee as usual, today she allowed me to fondle her breasts and ass under her nightshirt as I sipped my coffee. It was as if she could not refuse me in some way, a sort of penance for what could happen later in the day.

I kissed her hard as I went to leave, she looked at me, questioningly.

“It is only lunch,” I smiled, reassured she smiled, kissed me again and I left. As I drove my mind churned over our situation, we were both excited and the sex had been better than ever, we were happy, horny, as my semi hard cock was telling me, so maybe we should just go with it. Problem now resolved I carried on and soon got engrossed in work, the morning passing quickly, it was at 12.30 that I saw the clock, I wondered where the hours had gone. My cock reminding me of what was scheduled to be happening in an about an hours’ time, I reached for it and the tingle that flashed through me at the slightest touch, made me acutely aware of how sexually charged I was, I wanted to go to the loo and beat off but decided I would enjoy the mental torture some more before going for that.

Linda had spent the morning getting ready, a long soak in the tub before an all over moisturising session, something she didn’t do after every bath but today was special she told herself. Her skin soft with a sheen of moisturiser looked good as she stood in front of the full length mirror, turning to check herself out from all angles. She blushed as she realised what she was doing, getting ready for a lunch date with another man.

“It is only lunch after all” She told herself.

Who was she kidding? She was about to have lunch with the man who had fucked her for an hour at a party the week before! A man who was obviously charming and wanted more, she knew it, he knew it and Mike knew it too.

She looked at herself in the mirror as she sat doing her nails and make up, she had changed she felt, she looked more assured somehow, the sense of knowing that she was an attractive women had given her that extra confidence and it showed. The men at Ron’s were all very handsome, rather well off too and extremely attentive, in fact a couple had promised they would be in touch, offers of weekend parties and even trips were mentioned. This was a whole new world, one that her and Mike had stumbled into but now were prepared to embrace.

Hair and makeup done she stood in her new lingerie, the royal blue lace half cup bra and matching thong suited her colouring as did the frilly lace suspender belt that supported the dark tan seamed stockings. Looking every inch a very sexy woman as she twisted to get a rear view, satisfied that Mike would love to see this set she also knew Mark would be impressed as well the first.

She slipped the new teal satin blouse over her shoulders and did the buttons up leaving the top one undone which showed her tiny necklace off nicely. Her skirt was rather tight and hugged her hips giving a perfect frame for her ass it was knee length with a slit at the rear, she stood in her heels checking herself out when she noticed the time, it was past 12.30 already!

Finishing her dressing then tripping down the stairs excitedly she sprayed herself with her perfume, neck, ears, and breasts too, puckered her lips at the hall mirror, grabbed her keys and slipped out the door.

Clicking down the path to her car, she slid in the driver’s seat and pulled away towards her adventure.

It was only a short drive to the restaurant she arrived fifteen minutes early, as she entered the bar an excited Mark rose from a bar stool to greet her, he hugged her and kissed her politely on the cheek before guiding her to a seat in an alcove overlooking the marina. A waiter brought a bottle of wine which he showed and then poured two glasses, Linda noticed his cool assured air.

“You look fabulous!” he remarked his eyes taking her curves and smiling appreciatively.

“Thank you, it’s not often I get to have lunch out like this so it’s a treat for me” crossing her legs and seeing his eyes drawn to her skirt sliding a little up her thighs. She smiled to herself, feeling rather naughty now, glad she had chosen this skirt.

“Well yes I like it here and as for treats here’s to many more” as he raised his glass, clinking hers his eyes locked with hers, she hadn’t noticed before how ruggedly good looking he was. Close up she could see that and a lot more that was not displayed at the party.

“I am glad you agreed to come, I wanted to introduce myself properly and maybe answer any questions you might have about our little circle.”

Linda smiled at the handsome man opposite her as she felt more at ease in his company, he was a very confident type, yet he took time to reassure and compliment her as they chatted, playing the chivalrous host to the full. All the while she felt his eyes on her devouring her at times, bringing flash backs of the party into her mind, distracting her as she sipped her second glass of wine.

Lunch was very pleasant and after an hour both were relaxed enough to start to enjoy the occasion, all thoughts of guilt were past and the occasional touching of hands further added to their mutual obvious attraction.

Mark explained that the members of their circle were friends whose lifestyles had been filled with partying as well as some excesses, and over the years had developed into a close knit community really. There were holidays abroad together, not everyone of course but maybe a few couples would travel together, making the break enjoyable for more than just the scenery and warm weather. Parties were a regular occasion for them to get together and play, so it was really a special thing when someone new was encouraged to join in. Mark further explained that Ron was insatiable and was forever on the lookout for new blood so to speak.

“Yes I know what you mean.” she mused sipping her drink as Mark went on to explain that couples had to be in agreement for this set up to work especially when there were times when wives were meeting other husbands and not just at the regular get togethers.

The feeling of excitement was still there and the sexual tension palpable as they chatted animatedly, she was intrigued as to why such an obviously good looking man was involved in something like this. Their flirting continued until he looked at the clock, it was almost 3.30!

“Well it’s time we made a move.” his hand resting on hers as he locked eyes with hers.

He could see there was some disappointment in her face as he said this, smiling inwardly he knew he had her eating out of the palm of his hand.

“Of course you could always come back to my place?” he saw the words work their way through her mind as she pondered for a second, maybe two before nodding.

“OK, I have had too much to drink to be able to drive anyway so I will have to get a cab.”

“Me too, so if we are sharing a cab, come back to mine for another drink and we will see about getting you home later.”

His hand gripping hers firmly as he stood, before leading her from the restaurant, her heels clicking across the tiled floor towards the exit. Waiting outside was a rather smart black car, chauffer at the ready with the door open.

“Thank you Jenkins, my place if you please.”

With that they slid into the comfortable rear seat of the car and it slowly glided from the car park.

The warmth of the car and the effects of the glasses of wine were helping relax Linda as she leant against Mark, he slipped his arm round her shoulders, his fingers rubbing the silkiness of her blouse. The subtle stroking on her shoulder only added to the sexual tension that was building between them, as Linda looked up at her companion, he leaned in and kissed her softly at first then as his lips met with no resistance firmer and more passionate. In a trice they were kissing hard, full on mouths open, tongues entwined as the car slipped through the streets towards Mark’s bed.

Breathing faster as she kissed him back Linda could feel his hand massaging her through her blouse, her nipples were reacting and easily traceable through her sheer bra. Mark located the nubs and teased gently then softly pinching them as he kissed his prize constantly.

“What time is your husband expecting you home?”

“He won’t be in till after 8 tonight.”

“Good, I will show you my place then”

After a few minutes the car pulled up in the front driveway of a large detached house in the suburbs, the door cracked open, breaking the mood as the chauffeur stood impassively as they both got out. He got more than a good look at Linda’s stockinged legs as she climbed out with Mark’s hand planted firmly on her ass.

“I won’t need you till just before 8 Jenkins, thank you.”

The man smiled and took another look at the woman being led into the house.

“Lucky bastard.” he muttered.

The afternoon had worn on slowly, the clock seemed to be in reverse, I kept checking my watch wondering what was happening, anxious yet aroused beyond belief, my cock refusing to lie down, every time I touched it was excruciating but wonderful at the same time.

1.30 came.

“She should be meeting him now, I wonder what she is wearing” the thoughts making my agony ecstasy, painful, yet sublime.

By 3o’clock I was starting to reach a peak of arousal I knew I would burst if I didn’t do something about it. I couldn’t think straight, I was going crazy wondering, and imagining with visions going through my mind constantly on replay was the scenes at the party.

The phone rang.


“Hello sissy, thinking about your wife out with another man?”

It was Ron.

“How do you know about that?”

“We are all friends, we share everything as you will find out, I am sure Mark will take good care of our girl, I bet you want to beat off and cum if I know you, cock hard is it? I am sure it has been hard for ages now, you know you want to cum, you may as well as Linda will not be wanting your cock tonight, she will be getting plenty this afternoon.”


My mind in turmoil, he knew me well, what buttons to press but he was right I needed to cum, maybe that would give me some release. I headed for the toilets my cock raging and ready to burst.

I closed the cubicle door, dropped my trousers and grabbed my cock, it felt so good in my hand now supersensitive and rampant, the feeling of my hand gripping the shaft, sohot and hard was just too much! The mental foreplay had brought me to the point of release! as I started to stroke my cock it erupted in my hand!

“Oh my God, what the fuck!” I felt cheated of my release as I watched spurt after spurt of my cum spray over the floor, my cock jerked and spat uncontrollably.

I pulled frantically at my sodden cock in an effort to get the release and orgasm I needed but it would not play ball, I resolved to leave it a while and try again later. I went back to my station still with the pent up arousal needing to be satisfied inside.

I watched the clock slowly go round my cock was still refusing to co-operate as my mind played sexual acrobatics over and over.

“If only she would call or something”

Mark stroked her back as he kissed her again, the buttons on her blouse were undone now, another drink in her hand as the smooched in the late afternoon. They had been sipping drinks and flirting for several minutes before Mark made his move, his hand sliding along her silky thigh as he kissed her. With no resistance he kept going searching for the edge of the luxurious nylons under her skirt, a soft sigh escaped her lips as he found her smooth skin inches from her lace clad pussy.

He knew he was going to have her, he was not going to rush this like before he wanted her to remember this afternoon and compare all others to him.

His fingers traced her tiny lace covered lips as he kissed her, his other hand busy with her blouse, as if by magic and a few tugs he had it off her, she shook her arms to help rid herself of her top. Her breasts barely covered by the new bra, her nipples exposed and hard, fingers worked on her zipper and she felt her skirt loosen as he coaxed her to lift up, he slid it down her legs and tossed it aside.

“Oh my, you look gorgeous” He looked at her as she laid back on the large sofa in her new lingerie, feeling very sexy and looking every inch a hot sexy wife.

She look at him her face flushed and looking very turned on, his hands sliding up and down her silky legs sending shivers of pleasure through her.

His fingers returned to his target, stroking her through her tiny thong, he could feel the heat and the wetness as she simpered and sighed as he assaulted her nipples and pussy at the same time. Linda could feel herself getting more and more horny, she knew this could happen today, in fact she had invited it in her way, she wanted it ever since the party she had realised there was so much fun to be had and now she was going to sample it.

Mark was peeling out of his clothes as he kissed and sucked her nipples, she moaned as he nibbled and pinched them, her hands pulling him onto her.

Standing, Mark pulled her to her feet, pulling her close she could feel his thick cock hard against her tummy, he pushed her to her knees, obediently she took his cock in her hand, stroking it slowly, feeling the veiny shaft solid in her hand. Mark looked down at her watching this recently converted housewife stroking his cock, although he was at least fifteen years her senior he was in good shape and he knew how to please women like her.

She kissed the dark purple head of his cock, her lips wrapped round the head as she kissed him softly, her tongue snaking out teasing his timy slit before swirling round the dome before she swallowed him inside her mouth.

He moaned as she took him inside, her tongue working wonders on his cock.

“Oh my God she is a great cocksucker, a natural” he thought as he held her head, then slowly fucking her eager mouth.

Linda was trying to impress him as she licked and sucked for all she was worth, his moans pleased her, even more when he started to fuck her mouth, making her gag a little.

Mark dragged his cock from her mouth, in a flash he had ripped her thong from her, marvelling at her smooth pussy.

“Oh yes she has shaved smooth mmmm” he thought.

His fingers working on her pink puffy lips, already soaking wet, her moans filling the room as he rubbed her clit, so sensitive and so exposed.

Entwined and kissing deeply they stagger towards his bedroom, he pulls her onto his huge four poster bed as she fell back her legs splayed apart showing her wetness to him.

Eagerly he dived between her thighs, his mouth kissing and licking across her clit, tongue teasing between her lips tasting her, before tracking from her clit down to her tight hole making her wriggle and moan. Hips gyrating as he licked her freshly shaved pussy, her moans getting louder as he slid a finger inside, probing for her G spot.

Linda moaned as she felt the thick finger probe inside as his mouth worked on her clit, she could feel herself losing all control as the older man used his experience to bring her to orgasm. His tongue and fingers making her wriggle to meet his movements, she held on to him tightly, he could feel her thighs tighten as she tensed before her orgasm, throwing her head back , hips bucking she started to cum and cum hard too. Wave after wave of pulses crashed through her pussy as she panted and moaned, Mark did not stop, he just slowed a little coaxing her though it keeping her on that plane of pleasure.

Mark’s cock was solid and he was eager to get inside this woman again, the first time was rushed and he had been second in line, today was different, he had wanted her since he set eyes on her so he had dropped her a line. They had hit it off straight away, from there it was pleasure all the way, she had a great body and he was going to make sure he had his turn on her and more.

He laid on her, his legs between her thighs, she moaned as she felt the head of his cock press against her wet pussy lips. They moved together as they kissed deeply, manoeuvring his cock between her pussy lips, as he found the slot both looked wide eyed at each other , both seeing in each other’s eyes the moment of penetration. As he slid inside she sighed, feeling him filling her slowly, completely, he rested inside her a while as they kissed, he could feel her squeezing him and adjusting to his size.

“Oh my, he is sooo big!”

His cock slid back and forth, she held on to him as he moved faster and deeper inside her silky tube. Mark knew he couldn’t hold on for long the foreplay had gotten him so worked up, he started to hammer into her pussy, his thick cock ramming in hard and fast making her breasts bounce with each thrust. Linda moaned as she held onto her lover, urging him on as he bucked faster, he could feel her tighten again round his cock, the sensation making his cock feel sooo good.

“Fuck me Mark!” she moaned, “fuck me hard, do me hard.”

He arched his back as he pounded into her willing pussy, faster and harder he rammed in deep, then it happened he felt his cock swell as did she, then spurt after spurt flooded her cervix, his cock spewing streams of thick cum deep into her. Linda felt the orgasm building, she was on the edge holding on as he pounded her faster and harder until she felt the spurts so strong inside her pussy, the throbbing of his thick cock triggered her orgasm, this time was more intense as her body shuddered and her mind filled with fireworks.

They collapsed together, spent after such an intense session, laying in the afterglow, dozing, his cock slipped from her pussy, a river of cum oozed down to her ass.

After a few minutes Mark was stroking her pussy again, his fingers coated with his own cum, as he worked them round he showed her, she giggled so he offered a finger for her to suck. Feeling so slutty, she opened her mouth and sucked his finger, tasting his cum, he smiled at her as he held his cock. She took the hint and knelt between his thighs and licked and sucked his cock, tasting his cum and her own, sucking hard and faster she felt him stiffen again.

Mark pulled her on top of him, lowering her onto his cock, she gasped as she slid down on him his cock filling her pussy again, and she started to ride him, her boobs bouncing as she ground on him. She squealed as he pinched her nipples, massaging her breasts, ramming his cock up into her as she gyrated on him.

The continual arousal meant neither could hold on long, even after cumming so hard previously Mark wanted to fill her again his cock such a tight fit inside her as he pulled her down , kissing her hard as he sprayed her pussy one more time. She rolled off him and he rubbed her clit as he sucked on her nipples causing another hard orgasm to course through her body.

They lay on their backs spread for several minutes before Linda saw the time, it was 6.30! They had been fucking for 3 hours.

I looked at the clock 6.45, not a word yet, my cock was getting back to life but I was determined not to blow it again, I wanted to wait till I got home and find out what happened.

In fifteen minutes I would be on my way home, she should be in by then.

I got in my car, and sped towards home, I was indoors in record time, and seeing her car wasn’t on the drive I knew she wasn’t home yet. Disappointedly I entered the front door.

I poured myself a drink, then another, as I sat waiting, the PC pinged the arrival of new mail.

Opening the PC I saw a message from Ron, clicking it open I sat sipping my drink wondering what he had to message me about.

She home yet sissy? Bet she will be having a great time with Mark, he will definitely fuck her hard.

The words adding to my already tense state.

I am sure she will be home soon filled with his cum too, I look forward to seeing the photos, ha ha

With that a car drew up outside, it was a black car chauffeur driven as I looked out the window, the door opened and Linda stepped out, she looked OK, if a little tousled, but she strode up the path as the car pulled away, a face in the rear window blew her a kiss, she waved and her key turned in the lock.

She saw him sitting there waiting, for a moment there was a silence then they rushed to each other kissing and hugging.

“You OK?”

“Yes I am fine, it was OK, fun in fact, I need to shower though.”

“No, bed first, tell me all about it.”

“Well OK but you need to go easy I am a little tender.”

I grasped her hand and led her to the bedroom, both eager to find out what had happened and to fuck her myself too…

Linda had just returned from her lunch date with Mark.

Entering the bedroom there was no time to lose, my cock was rock solid and bursting to get inside my wife’s pussy which I knew to be soaked with another man’s cum, I wanted to experience that sensation of my cock bathing in another man’s cum. Kissing as we stumbled through the doorway, hands tearing at each other’s clothes, I saw for the first time her new lingerie, her blue half bra barely covering her nipples that still looked flushed and swollen obviously from the activities of earlier in the day. Her matching thong snug against her smooth pussy framed by her suspenders and those gorgeous seamed stockings!

Hands stroking her legs as we kissed, roving across her ample buttocks before slipping upwards to her breasts, as I teased her nipples she winced a little.

“I am a little tender.”

I was too horny to stop or care, I had waited all day for this and I was going to have my way, I fondled her breasts as I rammed my tongue into her mouth tasting her and something else too. Her moans as I pushed her back onto our bed stifled by my kisses, my hands reaching for her wetness, I wanted to feel her soaking wet pussy , I wanted to feel the cum oozing from her!

I pulled and tugged at her thong eventually getting it off, my fingers probing and finding her filled with sticky goo, it wrapped round my finger like a glove, I offered it to her mouth. She looked at me eyes filled with wanton lust as she licked and sucked the gooey cum from my finger. My cock raging hard and almost painful in its stiffness wanted to immerse in her silky pussy, to be soothed by that sexy soft tube. She moaned as I fingered her, rubbing across her clit, her hips bucking as she responded.

“Tell me what happened!” I lowered my head to kiss and suck on her nipples knowing another man had been doing the same a few hours ago too filled my mind as I suckled, her hand holding my head as she whispered about her meeting at the restaurant.

I couldn’t stand the waiting any more I moved down to her sweet pussy, seeing close up the warm cum shining on her pinkness and oozing down her crack. I smelt him there, his cum before my eyes was oozing slowly from my wife as she whispered the details, my hand wrapped round my shaft as I moved closer.

Her hips moving slowly as I found myself extending my tongue, the temptation was overpowering, then I tasted it! Warm clear fluid coating my tongue as I licked some more , then again, it was so erotic, Linda moaned as she felt the soft lapping of my tongue along her lips then across her sensitive clit, then down again , a little firmer , parting her lips a little.

The taste was slightly salty, but mixed with her sweetness, I lapped faster, forgetting my cock and its need for a few minutes. I did what came naturally and licked and dove between her lips as she spread her legs wider giving me free access to her store of cum.

I licked and sucked at her open pussy like a true cuckold, tasting the mix of his cum and her juices, swallowing everything before my cock reminded me it needed to be satisfied too. Kneeling between her spread thighs, I looked down at her face, filled with lust, flushed cheeks and panting as I guided my stiff member inside my wife. I slid forward and very easily inside her, she felt different, softer, wetter, maybe looser too, I didn’t care as I rammed in and out my cock wanting to prove I was the better man as I struggled to stop it exploding before I was sated.

Linda moaned as she wrapped her legs round my waist pulling me in deeper as I took her, my cock reclaiming her pussy after her adventures. Her arms wrapped round my neck as her hips bucked against mine, all the while recounting details of her sex with Mark. Neither of us could maintain this height of passion for very long but while it lasted it was wonderful, we both orgasmed in a rush, my cock spewing more cum into her already well used pussy as she pulsated round me hard, milking me as my balls emptied.

We fell in a heap, kissing deeply before the exertions got the better of us both and we dosed off, exhaustion and the release of so much tension overtaking us both.

I woke next morning to hear the shower running, my mouth dry with the aftertaste of sex, I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom, taking a drink I looked at Linda in the shower naked and looking incredibly sexy.

She looked at me smiling.

“You OK?” she asked sounding a little unsure.

“Yes I am really fine, that was some night!”

“You sure you are Ok with it all? I mean so much has happened so fast it seems. We can stop anytime if you are not happy.” She looked at me searching for any sign of regret.

“I really had a great time last night, the wait was worth it, and you were incredible.”

“You were rather incredible yourself.” She grinned.

I stepped into the shower and we kissed under the running water, as it washed over us both I knew there was no going back for me, Linda looked content and the past week or so had really put the bounce back in her step too. Slowly our washing of each other became more sexual and the inevitable happened, she turned wiggling her ass at me and I just could not resist. I fucked her in the shower, a fast and furious fuck, one that stamped my claim back on her pussy, we eventually finished showering and slowly dressed before going downstairs for coffee.

“So you had a good time yesterday with Mark?”

“Yes of course he was a perfect gentleman, he is really rather nice.”

“Do you think you will see him again?” I asked.

Linda, wary of any response looked at me trying to gauge my reaction.

“Would you be Ok if I said yes?”

Now it was my turn to read her mind.

“OK cards on the table, I love the thought of you seeing other men, but I know you need to like them too, if you like him then that’s fine with me. Of course I will feel the odd bit of jealousy but as long as we are open we will be OK.”

“We can stop any time you want you know but it was fun and we did have a great night, I am sure there will be others too.”

There it was, she as much as said she wanted more, but so did I, the thought of this lifestyle was keeping me aroused 24/7.

“What did Mark have to say about the rest of the crowd?”

“Well, he said they sometimes go off on weekends together, either in groups or as couples but usually it is the parties that are the most fun.”

“You mean they go off with each other’s wives?”

“Yes he said he has seen it done it before several times, just for a weekend though they don’t want to cause any rifts, it seems to work he says.”

“Would you consider that sort of arrangement?”

“I don’t know about that, it would be a very sexy idea though, anyway Mark’s wife is away at the moment so he is at a loose end, and we haven’t met her yet.”

“Where was she when he was at the party?”

“She was abroad on a job in Barcelona, she is some kind of financial hot shot. Mark said when she gets back we must get together for dinner or something.”

“Mmmm and what is on the menu I wonder?”

Linda giggled and I felt we had passed the test of yesterday, we were OK.

A ping from the PC broke the atmosphere.

Linda opened the PC and clicked on the message icon, I watched as she sat at the desk, her eyes reading the message.

“It’s from Mark, thanking me for a lovely day yesterday, he sends his regards to you too, hoped you had fun as well.”

I sat thinking, this is surreal, the man that fucked my wife is openly messaging us both. We had so much to learn about this way of life.

“Oh my!” I heard her gasp.

“What is it?”

She was looking at the earlier mail from Ron, the one with the pictures!

“I know I saw them before but it is like it is someone else, almost like a porn scene.”

“Well it was, I am sure he has loads more too.”

Her face flushed, but seeing the photos had put sex right back at the forefront of her mind again, she closed down the PC.

“I have things to do today, I must get on.”

She got up and busied herself with getting ready to go out.

We were both ready inside thirty minutes, sitting in the car each with our thoughts as we drifted through the morning traffic, I dropped Linda off to pick up her car and we went our separate ways to work. Today was going to be a normal day I thought to myself as I entered my office.

“You have a visitor,” Sammi called as I stepped inside.

“Oh hello,” It was Val.

She sat in an armchair in the corner of my office, smartly dressed, as I would have expected, looking every bit the sexy mature woman she was. Memories of her with nothing on flashed through my mind.

I closed the door and went to greet her, she stood and met my friendly hug with one of her own as well as a kiss full on the lips.

“That’s nice.”

She smiled at me sitting again, crossing her legs, drawing my attention to her shapely legs, again visions of her in her stockings filtered through my mind.

“I hope you don’t mind me dropping by I was passing anyway but wanted to see if you and Linda were OK, it can be a bit daunting getting involved with a group of new people, especially one such as ours and after what happened at the party, well you know. It can be the silence after that causes you to wonder if you made a mistake or not, so I thought I would see how you were.”

“Thanks for that, we are really pretty OK thanks, in fact Linda went to lunch with Mark yesterday.”

“Really? Well that’s a big step forward, did she have a good time? Just as important did you?”

Blushing I looked at her, feeling myself reliving the awesome night we had on her return.

“Yes, we both did actually.”

“That’s great, well if you need a chat or anything call me.” She handed me a card, kissed me on the lips again and turned for the door.

“Of course I am sure you will get plenty of offers to take Linda out but maybe we could all get together sometime soon, I know George would love it too.”

She blew me a kiss as she swung through the door.

The rest of the day passed slowly, my mind replaying flashes from the weekend party and the scenes in the photos, all of which kept me in a sort of sexual trance, with an almost permanent semi hard on.

Linda sat at her desk trying to concentrate on her work, her mind whirling through the events of the past couple of weeks. She blushed at the thought of Ron doing what he did to her, she still could not understand how it had happened, but it had. Somehow he had caught her unawares and feeling in the right mood to respond like that. She and Mike had fantasised together about other men many times, it was such a big part of their sex chat now but for it to now be a reality? She had not seen this coming. It was almost as if Ron knew she got off thinking of other men, and even guessing Mike was turned on by it too! It was such a stroke of luck she thought.

Her mind rolled through the pictures in her mind, the events of the party were incredible, it was like a porno film as if she was watching someone else, but it had been her! She could almost feel each of the men, each different in the way they touched her, George had big hands and thick fingers that teased and tweaked her nipples firmly, Mark was rather hairy chested but his touch was softer, more gentle. Their cocks were different too George was thick, he fucked hard and deep, he was very dominating and that was something she had never had before, almost forcing her to cum for him. Mark’s cock seemed longer yet had a softer sensual feeling as he was a skilled lover taking his time to build to a crescendo, a more shared experience in many ways. The daydream was having the effect of causing a warm sensation between her legs, culminating in a slightly damp feeling too. She blushed and looked around as if she could be seen to be having these thoughts, her friend, Ali caught her eye.

“You OK hun?”

“Yes of course, I was just daydreaming is all?”

“Well by the look on your face it was a good one.”

Linda, blushing, looked away as if Ali could read her mind.

“If only you knew.” She thought to herself.

The phone burst into its high pitched ringing tone, like a fire bell it seemed as loud as it drilled into the fuzziness of the daydream.


“Linda?” a woman’s voice enquired pleasantly.


“It’s me Val, George’s wife, you remember we met at Ron’s party.”

Oh my god she thought as the voice on the telephone became linked with a face she had seen at Ron’s. It was not just any face either it was the woman Mike had fucked! Her face flushing with embarrassment as she recalled watching their coupling.

“Oh, hello, how are you?”

“I am very well thank you, I called by to see Mike earlier, and he seemed in a pretty good mood given what happened at the party. I can say you are a lucky girl to have him he is lovely, anyway I just wanted to see if you were OK too.”

“Yes I am fine thanks for asking.”

“That’s great, did you have a nice lunch with Mark yesterday?”

Caught off guard Linda wasn’t sure what to say.

“How did you know about that?”

“Mike mentioned it in passing is all, it’s great that you are getting into the swing of things though, Mark is quite a guy too, loaded in more ways than one.”

Linda felt her face colour up again as Ali walked by noting her appearance as she chatted.

“Well yes he is rather special I suppose.”

“Yes indeed he is and I bet he was too.” Val giggled.

Relaxing a little more Linda, gave Val a brief run through of the events of her date with Mark, prompted by Val she found herself reliving the experience with the result that she was adding to the arousal from her earlier reveries.

Sensing her opportunity Val pushed at the partly opened door.

“George and I were wondering of you and Mike fancied going out for dinner this weekend, unless you have something arranged already that is.”

“Well, I am sure that would be really nice, I will talk to Mike, and see what he says, OK?”

“Yes love that would be great, we were thinking of going to a cabaret show at a hotel, should be a fun evening, I hope you both decide to come, if you do give me a call Mike has my number. Anyway must run, lovely chatting and glad you are having fun, bye for now.”

The phone clicked in her ear.

She wasn’t sure but somehow she had the feeling that Val and George had just organised a potential repeat performance for this weekend.

Arriving home still slightly bewildered by the call from Val, she poured herself a drink, a large vodka, ice and tonic. She sipped the drink feeling the icy liquid cooling her lips and tongue before adding a warmth to her throat, it was soon empty.

Mike bounded through the door seeing Linda pouring another drink.

“Get me one too love.”

He carried on past her and headed up to get changed for his evening run, a thing he liked to do to unwind from the day. Linda poured the drinks and stood waiting for him to come back sipping her second, he appeared in sweat pants and vest ready for his workout. Grabbing his drink he gulped it down, kissed her on the cheek and disappeared through the back door.

“Bye then!”

She had wanted to talk but he was gone, she settled on the sofa, flicking her heels off, curling her knees under her and sipping her drink slowly while she waited.

By the time Mike returned it was thirty minutes later, he almost fell through the door, his torso shining with sweat breathing heavily. He had pushed himself hard today, he felt the need to cleanse himself in some way, and gritting his teeth as he ran at times trying hard to make sense of what if anything was happening to his marriage. He reasoned that they were OK, having fun too, so what was the problem? He just wasn’t sure that she felt the same, he worried that either she was doing it only for him or that maybe she was doing it because she really wanted to do it. Whichever way it was could mean problems.

Mike chugged on a bottle of cold water as she looked at him, she had almost finished her drink. He could see something was on her mind.

“What’s up love?”

“Val called me today.” She started.

“Yes she dropped by my office too earlier, just wanted to make sure we were OK is all really, I thought that was nice of her.”

“Well yes but did she ask if you wanted to go out this weekend with her and George?”

“No, although she did say we should try to get together sometime soon, did she say something then?”

“Yes, we have been invited to a cabaret evening at a hotel, she said it would be a good evening.”

Sensing her mood, he slid onto the sofa beside her.

“So do you want to go or not? We don’t have to you know.”

She smiled at him, resting her hand on his.

“I was just thinking that so much has happened so fast, I am concerned that we both need to be sure about this is all.”

“If it makes you feel better I am OK with what has happened so far, you are a beautiful, sexy woman and I love seeing you having fun, so don’t worry about me. Are you OK?”

Inside she felt relieved, excited too, she wanted to carry on too. The events had aroused a sexual tide in her that needed to be allowed to flow now she knew there was no going back really.

“Yes I am OK, I do love the excitement and the newness of it all as long as we are open with each other about it all we will be OK, I was just concerned if we were to meet others alone is all, we must tell each other if that happens OK. I mean what happened with Mark was exciting and I loved every minute but because you knew about it made it OK if that makes sense.”

“Yes of course, we have fantasised about this sort of thing and now it is becoming real it is really even more exciting, I don’t want this to stop either.”

“So, about Val’s invitation? Do we go or not?”

“If we say no it could be awkward to carry on don’t you think?”

“So let’s go and have fun, she didn’t give me details other than it will be a fun evening is all.”

“That’s settled, call her later.”

His hand strayed across her breasts feeling the hardness of her nipples, he noticed the shudder as his touch gently rubbed the sensitive nubs. She sighed softly as she felt her body responding, the tingle in her loins, their lips met, pressing urgently together as each lived out their own fantasies… Linda was so wet and ready as he mounted her spread on the sofa, his cock ramrod stiff as it slid easily inside his wife. He groaned as his aching cock sought the warmth of her welcoming pussy, as she wrapped herself around his cock the relief was incredible. Kissing deeply, passionately as he slow fucked her at first before speeding up as they both required release from the sexual tension the invitation had somehow aroused. The mysterious invitation fuelling secret thoughts and framing vivid pictures in their minds, adding to their arousal as they fucked hard and fast.

He felt her cum first, as she bucked against him, her pussy spasming round his shaft, the tight rings of pleasure taking him over the edge as he released his sperm into her soaking tube. They lay joined for some time, slowly he softened and slipped from her, a steady stream of cum oozed from her as she lay legs still spread, her face flushed bathing in the afterglow.

An hour later after a shower Linda rang Val, settling on the sofa she curled her feet up as they chatted, Mike noticed there was a lot of giggling going on as they chatted animatedly. After fifteen minutes she hung up the call.


“Seems this is a special sort of club, by invitation only too, she said her and George have been going on and off for some time.”

My mind already thinking ahead, wondering what sort of cabaret club, live sex?

“I know what you are thinking, Val said it would be fun and she will be over tomorrow to talk about the dress code, nothing for you to worry about dear, just us girls have to be prepared is what she said.”

Next morning I left early for work, as I drove I couldn’t help wondering what lay ahead at this cabaret evening. It sounded like it would be fun but were we taking another step down the road we had begun? Would we want it to stop? Could we stop?

My cock replied for me by reminding me how much I had enjoyed seeing my fantasy of Linda with another man, even knowing it was happening without me there was arousing. Did she feel the same?

Work soon took over my thoughts, my cock had a welcome respite for a few hours that is until my phone rang.


“Hello sissy, I see your sexy wife has been busy with that guy Mark.”

“How did you know?” I asked curious.

“He has just sent me a few pictures he took of the event, she is becoming quite the little star, and he said she was a terrific fuck. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of her too, I will send you some pics I know you will want to wank over them.”

My cock sprang back into life as I listened.

“Err yes Ok that would be great” I tried to mask my voice in case anyone could somehow overhear my conversation or read my mind even.

“Have fun with the pictures, Oh and I hear you are going to the cabaret evening, you will definitely love that, I know Linda will, bye sissy.”


I checked my mail, sure enough there was a new message from Ron, I clicked it open and saw the attachment “L&M”. I opened it, looking around in case someone had sneaked into my office unnoticed, like a naughty schoolboy I hunched over the screen willing it to burst into life. Three icons appeared, I clicked the first one, it was a slide show, I watched as it stepped through photo after photo showing the seduction and stripping of my wife in Mark’s apartment. He must have the same camera set up as Ron I mused as I watched, there appeared to be shots from so many different angles and all of high quality, it crossed my mind that others may have seen them too.

Linda sat at the PC as she waited for Val to call by, she had seen the message from Ron drop in. The title caught her eye so she clicked it open, sitting back watching the pictures roll across the screen seeing herself acting like a porn star. By the time she got to the last set of photos she was most definitely aroused, the memory of Mark and how he had fucked her raising an ache between her legs that only one thing could satisfy.

The doorbell rang shaking her from her thoughts.

“Oh my you look flushed sweetie, what have you been doing?”

“Nothing, was looking at e-mails is all?” She blushed.

“Yeas indeed, I saw it too, naughty girl, looked like you had fun anyway.”

Taken aback, Linda stood open mouthed as she realised Val had seen the pictures, she wondered how many others had too.

“Anyway we best get going, we need to get a new dress for the weekend and one or two other things as well.”

In a couple of minutes Linda was ready and the two women left in Val’s car heading for a pampering session and clothes shopping.

The beauty salon was 30 minutes away so Val chatted excitedly about what she had planned.

“Full massage, facial, nails, pedicure and a waxing as well as getting your hair done too of course, and then we will go get us both a new outfit as we will be in the right mood for it then after all that pampering I am sure.”

The salon was a very smart one with all the beauticians dressed immaculately, unlike any other salon Linda had ever been inside. Val saw her looking round.

“This is an exclusive salon, only the best in here as you will see.”

They were ushered through to the treatment rooms, all laid out with the finest equipment and furnishings, very clean and chic, a yellow light seemed to fill the place giving a surreal effect. They were each given a tall glass of champagne, Linda took a large gulp of hers.

“Mmmmm that’s lovely.”

“This way Ladies” A tall brunette in a white overall, and very high heels led them to the changing rooms. She closed the door and left.

Val stripped naked with Linda following suit, donning the fluffy robes they sat waiting as a side door opened and two black men stepped into the room. Both were stripped to the waist and bodies glistened with oil.

Linda’s heart skipped as she looked at the two men, they were rather young, in their 20s maybe, very good looking too.

Without saying a word they indicated the room they had stepped out of, there were two massage tables set up. The two women stepped inside, Val leading the way.

“You will love this hun.”

Linda followed naked under her robe, nervous, excited and curious too.

Val laid on the first table, Linda copied her lying face down and easing her robe open so it hung over the sides of the table. The two young men stood at the side of each table and in what seemed to be one smooth practiced movement whisked both the women’s robes off leaving them naked. Val giggled, Linda gasped.

Still without a word the two men mirrored each other by oiling their hands and then adding a little to the middle of each woman’s back before starting a slow sensual massage up and down and crossways backwards and forwards, rubbing the women’s neck areas in unison. The sensation was incredibly sexy as each woman felt the dark hands rubbing their pale skin, up and down, giving them a thorough warm up in more ways than one.

The warm oily hands running over her body was soo relaxing that when the hand roamed along her sides from her waist to her shoulders she hardly noticed it, all she knew was it felt good. Drifting into that twilight area not fully awake yet not asleep she dosed as the hands stroked her up and down, then across her buttocks and down her thighs.

As the oiled hands worked on her thighs, regularly going from her feet to her shoulders and everywhere in between, she could feel a slow burn of arousal inside her. The hands sliding between her thighs slowly easing them apart as she relaxed, then slipping up close to her pussy. She could feel the inevitable happening as she got wet, the hands slipping closer and closer to her wet pussy. She was getting horny, almost willing the hands to touch her, but they kept teasing so close!

Still not a word from the two men.

A small moan escaped from Val, Linda could not see anything but she could hear soft moans now as the hands on her were working their magic too. Linda was wet, soaking really as she tried to somehow wriggle herself closer to the hands rubbing her.

All of a sudden the hands stopped.

A tap on her shoulder signalled her to turn over, she looked at the young man she smiled and eyed her body. She did not feel self-conscious, after all this young man had been fondling her for fifteen minutes already, but she felt his eyes on her now and that look of satisfaction that he had aroused this married woman.

She lay there and looked over at Val, she was panting, and her nipples rock hard too. The two men oiled their hands some more and this time poured warm oil over both women’s breasts, Linda’s heart skipped a beat as she knew he was going to be massaging her bare breasts any second. He smiled at her locking eyes as his hands rested on her breasts, slowly he moved across her swollen nipples sending shivers through her. She closed her eyes as he expertly massaged and teased her nipples, ever so slowly he moved his hands down her tummy tracing her sides, across her thighs and then back. Each circuit was slow and sensual, getting a little closer to her honeypot each time, she made an involuntary move with her hips causing his hand to brush so close to her pussy. Val moaned louder this time, Linda looked over at her, she was rolling her hips now in an attempt to get closer to the hands on her.

As she looked over she felt fingers trace across her labia!

“Ohhhh” she sighed.

Then again and again as the hands moved faster left and right in a circular motion each brushing her lips pulling one way then the other. Her hips moved also in time now to meet the hands. Wet noises came from her pussy now, Val was soaking too, her moans louder.

The hands stopped again.

Both women were panting. Confused Linda could not understand why it had stopped, her pussy ached for more and deeper attention now.

A small towel was placed over her eyes, it was warm and damp, it somehow helped to relax her further from the sexual stupor she felt she was in. Then she felt more oil drizzled over her pussy now!

Then the first direct touch on her clit!!

The touch was like electric! Then again the slightest touch as the young fingers started to tease her clit, slow circles around it willing it into further arousal.

The teasing went on, alternating between her clit and her nipples for what seemed like ages, then the oil was seeping down to her tight hole too, a finger slid across there making her shudder.

The assault on her senses as she laid unable to see was heightened, her pussy wanted more, she was starting to pant louder too as was Val.

She heard a creak from next to her, then a grunt followed by a sigh.

Her table shook a little she felt the young man suddenly between her legs! His mouth clamped onto her right nipple! She sighed.

The warm suction on her nipples felt wonderful, then it stopped, moved to her left, again she sighed, the same suction and nibbling keeping her so aroused now, her pussy leaking like a tap. It was as she concentrated on the attention to her nipples that she felt something press against her pussy lips. It happened again, it wasn’t a finger she thought, again she felt the touch although longer this time.

As the young man suckled on her nipples, his hands stroking her breasts and sides, the head of his cock nudged against her wetness. She felt herself spread her legs wider to accommodate him then in one smooth move he was inside her!!

Linda felt the length of the young man’s cock slide fully inside her it was rather thick and stretched her pussy lips tight round his shaft. He remained still inside her for a few seconds, flexing his cock as she got used to his size. Her eyes still covered she was concentrating on the feelings her body was experiencing.

Oh my! He is in me!

She heard the groan from Val as the synchronised fucking began in earnest, wet fucking noises filled the air as both women were fucked hard and fast. They both were so close to cumming they reached up holding on to their lovers as they approached a dual climax, the sounds of their orgasms filled the room, the pulsing of their respective pussies was the signal for the young men to cum too, spurt after spurt of semen flooded two willing women as they lay, eyes covered. Without a word the two men left, the towels served to clean up, they looked at each other both red faced smiling.

“Well how was that for a massage?”

“I have never had anything like that in my life before” Linda blushed.

The tall beautician returned and handed the women their robes.

“I hope everything was to your satisfaction ladies?”

“Yes definitely.”

“Good, now if you would like to follow me we will get you showered and onto the treatment you requested.”

With that she led them through to the shower area where they were left to shower before two attendants arrived to see about their waxing.

The next two hours were spent being pampered and preened by a variety of young women, facials, nails and hair done they left the salon two very satisfied women.

The trip to the store for a new outfit was another new experience, the two women drove to a small outfitters and entered by the rear doors. Linda looked confused as they were met and guided into an Aladdin’s cave of dresses and accessories.

The owner, a woman around Val’s age, met them at the door, welcomed Val like an old friend.

“Hello Val, it’s been so long, kissing her on both cheeks, we should meet up soon. Anyway I got your message and have a few things ready for you to look at, Anita told me you were done at the salon.”

“Yes I thought it would be good for Linda to try what they have to offer, Grace, this is Linda.”

“Pleased to meet you Linda, me and Val go way back, that salon is something else isn’t it? Let’s go see what we have for you shall we?”

Stepping into a large dressing room with mirrors all around, Grace led the two women over to a rack of dresses and accessories.

“I tried to get what you wanted Val, I hope these will do for you?”

Val smiled as she pulled a couple of dresses from the rack, both in black, she held them up to Linda eyeing the length and shape.

“What do you think Linda? Try these first? We have loads to go through.”

Linda looked at the dress, it looked normal enough a black cocktail dress with a lowish front and a flared skirt.

Val selected a couple of others and handed them to her to try on.

Linda slipped into a cubicle, stripped and stepped into the first dress, it looked great, a perfect fit in fact. As she walked out in front of Val and Grace she could feel the skirt swishing nicely against her newly waxed legs, it felt so soft, thrilling in fact. She stood in front of them and as directed twirled slowly.

“Yes I think that one is nice, does it have any special features?”

Linda looked puzzled.

Grace moved to her side and eased a tiny clip open on the front of the dress near her bust line she then peeled the front of the dress away leaving Linda now with both breasts exposed and the thin straps of the dress framing her exposed boobs perfectly. The built in bra was a platform style which pushed her breasts up and outwards, almost offering them to the viewer. Linda gasped at the removal of the front of the dress, her breasts were fully exposed!

“Oh yes I like that look, I will have one like that myself.” Glowed Val.

“That’s much better, definitely something like for me too that please, will be perfect for getting attention as you know.”

“Ok I have your sizes so will be easy enough, just decide on colours, accessories too of course.”

The women tried on several more dresses all with the special features and eventually settled on a matching pair of the first one they saw in black and another similar one in red for Linda and a Blue one for Val.

Accessories included lacy underwear, stockings, suspenders as well as heels to complete the full outfits.

It had been a busy day, Linda was exhausted and excited when she returned home with her bags taking them straight to her bedroom before crashing on the sofa for a long cold drink with Mike.

“How was your day love?” he asked.

“Interesting.” Was all she could say as she took a long pull on her drink.

“I think the cabaret evening is going to be interesting too.”