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Jodi’s Therapy


Summary: Jodi seeks therapy to fix a boring love life.


It all began in my job as a psychotherapist and had numerous women come and see me with complaints of headaches and talk of demanding husbands always wanting sex, that the women did not want to provide. The story was almost always the same, to the same neat pattern.

The women would explain that when they met their husbands, when they were younger, usually in their late twenties, that they had numerous lovers to choose from, and they would either choose the most attractive “hunk” or the best provider. In each case, after marriage of a few years, they would eventually find that their husbands would start to behave selfishly and take them for granted. Then there would be the unwelcome demands for sex which would be inevitably refused. Sexually frustrated husbands would then argue and make further demands, driving the women further away.

Yet, during the intimate talks that intense psychotherapy provides, these same women would admit to quite sexual and even perverse fantasies. These were fantasies of being taken and used, fantasies of sucking cocks of complete strangers in dark clubs and corridors, fantasies of being blindfolded and tied to the bed by their husbands and strange unknown lips kissing and caressing them all over, making them orgasm repeatedly as the stranger/s whispered into their ears how sexy and desirable they looked. Fantasies of anonymous gifts from strangers and of flowers arriving on their work desks from secret admirers; fantasies of being made love to gently by soft, yet dominant men in small groups who would touch them all over stroke their cocks in the girls faces ejaculating all over their breasts while the woman writhed in orgasmic bliss. Yet almost none of these women felt brave enough or game enough to seek out or live out these fantasies.

It began to become such a pattern that I felt further research into the psychology of women was justified. I found numerous online articles and some research into sexual behaviour. I also re-read Sex at Dawn — on the evolution of human sexuality — and it started me thinking.

One of the most pronounced and incredible findings that I made, through my psychotherapy sessions with my patients, was that these women, whose husbands complained were basically frigid, or pre-menopausal, would, once divorced, immediately find satisfying and overwhelmingly sensational sex with the first lover they had. Or they would have several lovers at a time and, in what seemed like a reaction to the fear of being perceived a slut that they would marry again quite quickly with Mr. ‘best provider’, or Mr. ‘soul buddy’.

They would marry a type of man who would definitely NOT allow or encourage these women to continue to seek or enjoy these sexual fantasies. It was as if the girls feared losing control and becoming more wanton and slutty.

So I began to think that there is something primal in many, if not all, women and girls that pushes them towards experiences where they can enjoy multiple partners and multiple orgasms — just like their fantasies. Then they seem to get an attack of moral outrage at their own behaviour and reel themselves back from the brink of carnality.

In further readings of evolution and prehistory I was hugely surprised to find that marriage was actually an invention of men, set in place to control the lascivious nature of women, that civilisations like the ancient Babylonians understood this darker side in women. The city arranged that all wives and girlfriends had to spend some months as prostitutes in the temple to satisfy their wild mating urges, every few years. The husbands, it was rumoured, had not complaints — they could fuck whichever other wife they liked during her “working months” and their own wives would come home glowing and horny — or pregnant.

I read that in primitive societies polygamy was more common that not. Another strange but related fact is that the male penis is of a shape to pump the sperm of competing males out of a vagina. Finally, that the female orgasm only seems to happen after extended or multiple couplings. All these primal facts were consistent only if natural female behaviour was wild and sex-crazed. Or perhaps their were many multiple gang-bang rapes in primitive times. Yet other primate behaviour suggested that female chimps and bonobos do not experience rape — in fact — they actively pursue male partners — as many as possible, during their reproductive time.

Was there a wild female sexual beast, held just under control, beneath the surface of a tissue of fabrications and social conventions? Generally it was mothers and grandmothers (post-reproductive females?) who started girls down this path of guilt and that began them on the path to “insanity”, driven one way by their primal urges and another by familial and societal expectations, creating a huge internal psychological rift, technically known as cognitive dissonance, with two forces pulling in opposite directions; one pulling in the direction of uninhibited sexual abandon and the other in the direction of an artificial morality.

Girls and women control other girls by calling them sluts, whores, jezebels and other derogatory names to keep their natural inclinations in check by social conventions and mores. It was only the strippers and whores who had broken free, exploring their natural tendencies. Somehow I had to prove my theory.

I began to understand that if this was a true primal urge in most women and that society and women themselves are secretly aware that this urge needs to be suppressed, then it may be the cause of great sexual frustration that leads to the fantasies that were so commonly admitted to. Regular relationship sex did not do anything to ‘get the juices flowing’ so to speak or to calm these urges. There is nothing risky or taboo or out of control about “normal vanilla sex”. The very things required to get women excited are simply not available in most relationships.

So I began to formulate a radical form of therapy to save the marriages and families of these women, to prevent the inevitable divorces that happen so often.

At about this time I met Jodi, and she became my patient. The thing about her was that her case was so classic. Firstly, she refused to believe that she had any fantasies. She never allowed herself to think of men other than her husband, yet she was enormously jealous of him, being a high flying barrister, with two young attractive secretaries in their early twenties, that she said ‘looked like strippers in business clothes’. When pressed about this description it became apparent that her husband had a predilection to attend these ‘gentlemen’s clubs’ which she found totally repugnant. So much so, in fact, that she felt unattracted to him, although she said she was still in love. She went on to complain that she felt that, when she did not have sex with him for a number of weeks or months, that he would go out longer and later and sleep more in the spare bedroom, exactly the opposite of the desired effect of her trying to make him want her. I asked her is she tried to entice him with candles and lingerie and she giggled and said “no way, I am not acting like one of those sluts.” She was a perfect case for me to try my new theory.

Jodi was a little over-weight, although not too much, in fact, at 5ft 3in and 140 pounds she had a BMI just in the normal range. However, she openly admitted that she was beginning to loathe her body, since she felt she had ‘gone to fat’ since her newly married weight of 110 lbs, 7 years ago. At 33 years old she had a beautiful, girlish face, heart shaped with pouting lips and perfect teeth. Her breasts obviously still held the firmness of youth, and the fact that she had no children, due to the low sperm count of her husband. This apparently did not bother either of them, since her husband was so work-obsessed, and Jodi was obsessed with her own psychological issues. First-world problems we call them.

Jodi told me that she was enormously bored during the day, but that she was terrified that her husband would leave her and she would be alone, with no children, and be too old to have any. She told me she was willing to try anything to try to save her marriage and to enhance her and her husband’s love life. She was confused that she became so angry quite often and seemed to blame her husband for everything — even though she admitted to me it had little to do with his behaviour. In fact, she admitted during a very tearful session that she acknowledged that her own behaviour was probably driving him away. That he was likely to be going out with one or the other of his secretaries, going to strippers or perhaps, even prostitutes — because she was unwittingly rejecting him.

I took to opportunity to talk to her about some of my theories about sex and dancing, that dancing is a natural aphrodisiac for women and that the women who actually do the stripping are actually in positions of power. That they do not feel exploited and in fact, often feel guilt for exploiting the men who they find it so easy to scam money off simply by dancing in front of them, without any expectation of even the slightest touch, at most clubs. I also explained that the women who are prostitutes often go into the profession because they have found from experience that sex with multiple partners is very arousing. This, I said, is just like in primitive societies when dancing and alcohol, or other drugs that reduce inhibitions, are used as a mechanism to create an orgiastic ritual and that in many of these celebrations that all parties are free to explore sex to the maximum possible extent without guilt. Some societies and social groups are like that now, I said, like swingers clubs.

I could immediately see that Jodi was starting to become flushed and I thought, a little aroused. Then she also started to become angry and raised her voice at me that I was a pervert. However, I calmed her down and simply said that I was a doctor of human behaviour and that much of this can be proven — it was just academic research. The discussion continued and I suggested that she should go to a strip club with her husband and actually ask a stripper what she thought about what I was saying. Jodi simply said she could never do that and looked quite shocked, although I could see I had got her thinking.

We ended the session with some basic agreements about some things that she should begin to put into play to improve he self esteem, in addition to the therapy and meditation sessions she was doing with me. Firstly, I told her she should get a good personal trainer who she could relate to. Secondly, she should improve her diet, for medical reasons, I said. She should also get regular relaxation massages and I recommended the gym that I attended myself, and I mentioned a personal trainer named Troy and a masseur called Ramon.

She was very resistant to these ideas at first and it was not until two weeks later that she agreed to try to take my advice since nothing else she was trying was improving her relationship. Her husband was becoming even more distant. I told her I would make the appropriate arrangements at the gym for her. Luckily, due to her husband’s large bank account, there was no issue with payment. Jodi tried to insist that I choose females in these roles, but I insisted that the natural competition between women would mean that she would feel more jealousy and less motivation if a well-built and attractive girl was training her. She reluctantly agreed.

What Jodi did not know that my notes about her treatment would send her along a path of sexual self-discovery and result in a completely ‘new’ Jodi. What I did not know is how far I would take it or how far she would go. However, unlike many of the erotic stories you might have read, I had no intention of driving her into depravity, just to help her achieve sexual and personal fulfilment without fear or guilt. Needles to say, Jodi and her husband were to be the main beneficiaries. Yet, I could not help but think to myself that I would love to see Jodi with her head between my legs — but that was just my fantasy. Jodi also did not know that I had been, just a couple of years beforehand in exactly the same situation as her husband. My ex-wife Joanne, was still in the fucking around stage and rubbing my nose in her trysts with new lovers at every opportunity, and confusing and disgusting our two kids in the process, something I am sure you will agree is a less than ideal situation for everyone except her.

The first thing I did for Jodi was to arrange her sessions with Troy and Ramon. These would involve troy providing a soft sensual massage and gently stretching to warm her up — then with Ramon, intense physical exercise on bikes, weight repetitions, orbital walkers and uphill walking. I also wanted her to work up to some track running, through a series of sprints. I did not want her doing long-distance or heavy weights, because I wanted her to regain her feminine figure. After her exercise Ramon would give her a relaxation massage. After these sessions she was to come to me for intense meditation — not quite hypnosis.

Both men were in their late twenties and were very well-built and handsome. I instructed them to flatter her at every opportunity, to tell her she was looking incredibly hot and to eventually tell her she was turning them on and looking like the most fuckable woman in the entire gym. This was not true at first, but the result after five weeks was increasingly becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As Jodi got fitter, and thinner, a couple of things started happening that Jodi started to notice and talk about during the meditation and therapy sessions with me. She mentioned that her husband was starting to flatter her more and that the men training her were becoming more sexual in their comments which she thought was becoming slightly inappropriate. She also noticed that she was becoming more full of energy and that her husband seemed to be suddenly more tired and less active than her. She liked this because it was the first time in their relationship that this had happened. She also started to mention to me that Ramon had started some groin massages after her running sessions. I explained that the sexual comments were completely natural for young men with a healthy libido to make when they were so closely involved with a highly sexual and sensual woman, like her. The groin massages were commonly used in track athletes to prevent hamstring strains and groin injuries which could not only be very painful but prevent any further fitness regime. I then asked her whether she was slightly embarrassed because she might be finding the massages slightly arousing. It was then that Jodi made some honest observations.

“Yes, Doctor, I mean he actually oils up my back and massages lower and lower until he is at the top of my hips and then he starts at my feet, working up the back of my thighs with the warm oil until he reaches my buttocks which he kneads and strokes all over. He gently pushes the cloth of my exercise briefs into my crack, so that they do not get oil all over them, so it is like I am wearing a g-string. Then he rubs lower and lower.”

I noticed that Jodi’s breathing was becoming deep and laboured while she paused to take some deep breaths before she went on.

“I wanted to ask you if they are being inappropriate or not. They both talk about my firm breasts and beautiful skin and that I have a very firm and fuckable arse now.”

“It is perfectly natural, you know, it is their job to enhance your self-esteem.” I replied, “You must tell me if they ever make you feel uncomfortable or if they are being sleazy or inappropriately touching you. Would you like me to warn them to stay off you some?”

“No, I don’t think so Doctor, not yet, they are not. But when Ramon started the groin massage, he explained what it was for, like you just did. But he …” She paused.

“What did he do, Jodi” I asked.

“When I was lying on my front he made me lift up my hips and he placed this large cylindrical pillow under my hips me so that my bottom was arched hight in the air. It was like a sexual position, you know, and I had to part my legs more?” She paused again, and I could notice in the dim light as she was reclined on my couch on her back that she was breathing heavily and seemed to be quite aroused. I let her continue at her own pace.

“He softly used one finger and ran it right around between my legs around my pelvic wall, around the opening, with some warm oil. then he started pushing deep into the area beside my anus and my … vagina, getting to the muscles where the legs meet the opening to the pelvis, softly and firmly. It was almost as if … he was pushing … something inside me and I became … I got …. I felt a rush of fluid form between my legs, and I was embarrassed. It was him .. it was me .. I felt that I was responding to his touch, even though it wasn’t sexual, and I hoped he would not notice. I also felt that my clitoris was firm and I hoped he would not see it through the thin cloth of my exercise bikini. He kept pushing hard — and the muscles there were tense and it … it made me moan Doctor, I was mortified, it was almost like a sound I make when I have an orgasm.”

“Yes, I said, groin massages are like that, they hurt and yet they can give deep pleasure. Your reactions were perfectly natural, Jodi. Perfectly natural for a sensual young woman like you, who is just becoming reacquainted with her body. Do you think you did have an orgasm?”

“No, not really but I have not had one for awhile! It was just so — pleasant. And when I got up after Ramon moved the cylinder away, I realised that I did not grab my bikini top and I saw Ramon stare at my breasts — and I did not cover them straight away. Ramon started talking to me, saying that I was the hottest woman in the gym now, and that I have lost 13kg in two months, that my BMI was ideal at 19.5 and that we would now work on my flexibility and make me more supple through yoga, pilates, dancing like jazz ballet and ballroom and …. Pole dancing …” she almost blurted this out.

“Sounds like you will be busy — there goes your boredom anyway, with all those men and girls admiring you and dancing with you.” I laughed.

I noticed that her mouth and moist lips were pink with moisturiser and pouting looking almost swollen with what I took to be part of her arousal cycle. She was breathing quite rapidly and her chest was rising and falling and she was gently caressing around her flat stomach under her gym top towards the band of her track pants.

“That’s when I noticed it.” She said. “His ERECTION. It was sticking straight out and I could clearly see the head against the thin material of his white shorts. And I was staring at it and his flat abs — and it TWITCHED. He said sorry and that he had it because he said ‘you are just so fucking hot’.”

“Perfectly natural, Jodi. For a fit young man to be aroused when he hears a gorgeous young woman like you has become aroused to his touch. You know, it is the most exciting and arousing sound and odour that a young man can experience. It would be very strange for him not to be aroused by a young woman like you. He was probably bursting with the desire to make love to you. I do feel for Ramon he probably spends half his day in pain, massaging beautiful girls like you.” I laughed gently, and smiled.

She was breathing heavily. “And you might need to learn to let go and release some of your own pent up frustrations. But probably not with Ramon — although I think you are showing from your behaviour that you are sexually aroused by him and attracted to him. By the way how is the sex with your husband — is it improving?”

“Yes a little” Jodi said. “He has wanted to make to love me after we go out some weekends. But Doctor I was embarrassed and had a bright neck and face flush with Ramon.”

“That is called a sexual flush, Jodi. You need to know that if you were truly uninhibited, that you would feel free to act on those desires and reach your own sexual peak — to allow yourself to orgasm, either during the massage — with Ramon — or afterwards through masturbation.” I saw her eyes open wide and her mouth gasp in air as she realised what I was saying.

“But my husband? I am married.” She said in some shock. I ignored her comment.

“I do not think he is noticing you much yet.” I said. “We are trying to release that primitive woman within you. This process is for your own personal therapy and I know you agree it is working at enhancing your esteem, so please trust me through the next stage of your development to fulfilment. You should not share any of our treatments with your husband, as he may not understand the purpose of the details.”

I prescribed some birth control pills to her that would help to enhance her libido somewhat. I explained that, due to her sensual nature that was developing that she may lose control one day and allow a man to touch her, perhaps when she was out at a club.

“I would never allow that,” she said. “And anyway, I do not fit into any of my clothes anymore, other than my new track suits and some new jeans and t-shirts.”

“The choice may not end up being yours — you are so hot and gorgeous that a man may almost force himself on you — it does happen sometimes — and sometimes girls do not object and enjoy it — especially if they do not have to even say yes — it stops the guilt you know — as you can have guilt-free sex without any strings.”

“Doctor, Oh! I couldn’t,” she said. But I could see her eyes darting from one side to the other as she processed the thought — and she breathed in gasps. “You are so —- naughty, Doctor, Are you trying to get me to have sex with men other than my husband?”

“No,” I said. “No, I am not. I am trying to allow you to explore and understand yourself as a free and independent person who is able to make whatever choices she feels like. But do not be surprised if you feel that desire — especially if your husband is ignoring you — and of course, he may be doing that because he has a lover himself, or perhaps sees prostitutes. How would you react then? Would you feel more free and open to explore your sexual side? Do you actually understand that if you were a truly open and free sexual creature that your husband would be likely to love and want you more, to feel more jealous and give you more attention? Truly sensual women are able to give themselves in to their sensual desires and to have their needs met whenever they feel like it.”

“Nnn no! I can’t be like that. It isn’t me.” Jodi said.

“Well it is true,” I responded. “Now I think you need to spend a couple of thousand dollars on new clothing — I will help you pick out the clothing that will most boost your self-esteem and ensure that your husband does not ignore you.”

Her therapy continued for three more weeks until I noticed a definite change in her self-awareness, She had been getting many admiring glances when she went shopping and had begun to see herself in shop windows and mirrors. She told me that sometimes she hardly recognised herself and when she saw that the “hot girl” was her.

She also said that she was beginning to have an effect on her husband and that she spent more time at home in her underwear and bikinis when the days were warm, I think she was using her pool as an excuse to show off her body, but I did not mention that to her. She said that she could wiggle her hips a bit, like she was beginning to learn in ballroom dancing and pole dancing.

One day Jodi told me that an actual stripper had come in to fill in for the girl who usually took the pole dancing class in the gym and she said to all the girls that a good pole dancer or lap dancer can make a man cum without touching him and that he will just throw his money at her, that the power they felt they had over the men was such an enormous ego boost. She said the only exploiting that was going on was that it was like taking candy from a baby and that men have almost no self-control. I told Jodi that she should arrange for a lap dancing competition at one of her parties one day, just to seed the idea in her mind. She just giggled and said she did not think her husband would want that sort of party. She also confided in me that she was beginning to see that she was sexy because the men she danced with at her ballroom dancing classes almost always got hard when she rubbed even slightly against them, and that men would almost argue over who would have the next dance with her.

Knowing she was married, a number of the men started asking her to have ‘coffee’ with them and she asked me whether she should and what she could say to her husband. I told her that coffee was harmless, it would make her feel even better about herself being flattered like that and she should definitely not tell her husband anything that would hurt him or make him jealous. I told her that happy people do not use jealousy like a weapon in a relationship war — unless they are trying to break the relationship. She nodded and agreed with me. I could see that she was agreeing now with every suggestion I made — she had complete trust in me by this time and repeatedly thanked me for bringing out “the real me” and she smiled almost continually — with a type of sensual twist to her lips that advertised that she knew the sensual power she now possessed. She also began to walk with a sway to her hips, due to her lessons in deportment and posture from her various classes. Her muscles remained soft and not overly defined and her skin silky and healthy.

In a word she was beginning to appear like perfection itself. I sometimes laughed with her and began to think I might be falling in love. I told myself that this was unprofessional and that I was just experimenting with my new therapy — and it was working in spades.

The following week I went shopping with her and we bought sexy lace lingerie g-strings and lift-up bras, short dresses and skirts, sexy ballroom dancing gowns with splits up the sides, cut off tops and short-shorts. We had her have her hair done in a shoulder length pageboy type cut. She looked absolutely the hottest thing in everything that I made her buy. I told her what to wear and that she should take out her husband that night, since it was a Friday. Suddenly she looked morose and said he had left that morning on a business trip. I saw my chance and told her I would take her home and then we would go out to dinner and a club to celebrate the new Jodi. She beamed at me and I could see that I had her where I wanted. I felt some guilt that I was exploiting the therapist-client relationship and her dependence on me to help her. But I justified this little social excursion by saying to myself that I was just guiding her in her new discovery of herself.

I was also very pleased that she was wearing some of the short-shorts after our purchases. They were thin cotton and light blue and matched perfectly her blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a g-string which you could just make out — it was enough to bring an erection to a drunk monk. Her top was a type of apricot pastel and you could almost see her bra as she bounced along with the biggest smile on her beautiful face in the sunlight of early Melbourne spring. Men passing just turned and stared at her bottom — firm round shapes hanging below the hemline — many gave soft whistles and I got her to start turning around and look at them staring back over their shoulders. I told her to smile and soon she even blew a few of them a couple of little flirtatious kisses and started laughing at them when they turned around. I could tell that she was becoming completely at ease with her new 52 kg body. With her 4 inch heels and arching small of her back, she looked Jessica Alba hot.

I drover her back to her house and we unloaded all of her clothes. A woman who lived opposite was staring at us, probably thinking that I was her lover, I guess. Jodi just smiled and shouted out her name and waved without any sense of guilt or impropriety. The woman was clearly satisfied that nothing must be going on, Jodi was just so open and not trying to hide anything at all. We went inside and she had a quick shower but kept her hair dry. She came out in a small towel that barely covered her, she was beaming a huge mischievous smile.

“So do you think I look better now — than when I first came to you?” She asked. Then she started to undo the knot tenuously holding the towel over her breasts. Then she suddenly turned around with her back to me and opened the towel so I could not see her nudity. She turned her head around to face me and said.

“Will I turn around? I wonder what would happen?”

Then she just gave a little giggle and ran off to the bedroom. I stayed in the lounge just trying to compose myself. She was starting to play me like a fiddle. I knew if I just grabbed her and fucked her, that I would lose what power I had over her and our client-therapist relationship would have to end. I had to keep her in my life, I knew that now and I was too fearful of destroying what we had. I knew the reason she could play with me like this was because she just had complete faith in me. Then she called out to me.

“David, I mean Doctor, please come in here for a minute.” I had said that she should call me David this evening and say that we were just friends.

I went to the main bedroom and she was standing there in the tiniest green g-string we bought with the sexiest push-up bra so that her c-sized breasts were just about hanging over the edge. She came over to me and stood no more than a hands length away looking at our reflection in the mirror. She twirled around and I could see right through the small patch of virtually transparent silk covering her pussy. She smelt like lavender or something so sweet — like an irresistible dessert. She smiled at me and half-whispered.

“Do you think these are sexy?”

I just nodded and realised my tongue was stuck and my throat dry. I wanted to just take her there. I could not get more than a croak out.

“I’ll take that as a yes”, she giggled, and suddenly bent over at the waist to ostensibly tie a buckle on her heels. She wiggled her backside intentionally against my crotch.

Then she jumped up and started into a writhing booty-dance. I immediately felt my cock grow and it stood out from me — I had loose pants on and was free-balling.

“I’ll take that as a yes, too.” She suddenly grabbed my cock and gave it a tug. “Niiiiice!” She said with emphasis. And then bounced away again before I could grab her.

“Don’t be a naughty boy, no sex with therapists” she said. Then she just laughed. She suddenly dropped the bra showing off her perfect breasts with small pink nipples. I think my jaw just dropped open and I recall thinking “of course, she has not had children yet”, from somewhere back in my medical history. And she was just beaming and sparkling. She quickly lifted up a tiny aqua dress and pulled it over her, adjusting her breasts beneath the thin material. Then she said:

“Green won’t do, will it, and she dropped her g-string so that I knew that she was naked under a dress that was only about 2inches below her shaved pussy. She suddenly grabbed a blue thong and turning around, pulled it up her hips, inadvertently giving me a glimpse of her lips at the heart shaped gap between her thighs while she quickly covered them.

“Didn’t see anything did you, you naughty man?” She giggled, obviously enthralled in her own power. She pointed at my cock that was throbbing with my pulse behind a thin veil of material. “Look, you look like Ramon” she said, laughing.

“I think you might be having that effect on a lot of men tonight” I said. “What would your husband say?” And nodded at the g-string on the floor.

“You told me not to tell him,” she said. “I wonder if I will ever do anything about those things,” nodding at my pulsing shaft. “They do seem to be uncomfortable, and I am starting to think that it is my fault when they all go like that. I can see that if I felt truly uninhibited that I should do something to help you men. My husband had better start taking a lot more interest in me, I think, because otherwise I might try to seduce my therapist and masseur.”

I am not sure if Jodi knew she had me there, but I did. She had me hook line and sinker. I did note that she said BOTH therapist and masseur and I began to realise that I had started to set her free. My plan had started to work and I needed to somehow regain my self-control and to control my own possessiveness.

Before long we were at the club. Jodi and I sat at a high table and I saw men looking at her, although it was early, only 10pm or so. She was sober and I bought her a couple of Sauvignon Blancs. She was becoming more attached to me and asked me to dance. I immediately wanted to but I figured that this was my opportunity to have her break the mould slightly, as I had no intention or desire for her to leave her husband for me. Science was more important and I had a theory to prove. I had to unleash her.

“You know, Jodi” I said, “This is not about you and I. This is about you exploring your needs as a woman and being fulfilled. Afterall, what man does not seek to have his desires fulfilled, it should be do different for you?”

“Yes, I see what you mean”, She said.

“So I want you to dance by yourself, let yourself be free. I will be here to see that you are safe and that nothing bad happens to you. Treat me like you would a close friend, or perhaps a brother. Yes, tell any men that ask that you are here to have fun and that you are with your brother. And remember, don’t suppress any feelings you have. I am here to help you become more uninhibited.”

“OK.” She agreed, and ran over to the dance floor with enthusiasm.

She was on the dance floor where there were a number of couples and a couple of groups of girls and I watched as she swayed to the music, still holding her glass. I smiled to myself as I knew that this would act as a signal to the men watching that she was free and getting a little tipsy. A chance! So a few guys quickly gathered around her holding their beers and tried to dance with her. A couple whispered their greeting or pickup line, and after a few songs Jodi was the centre of attention of some young guys.

It was all pretty innocent flirting for a while, and Jodi was happily talking to them and drinking. There was a bit of competition to see who could land the older fox — if not quite cougar — she was too hot for that title. Then they started to buy her a few more drinks and when midnight came around the dance floor was pumping so much I had to stand up to watch her on the packed dance floor.

She was now with only two guys — both friends, so the competition had thinned out. One was in front of her dancing quite close and the other had moved behind her — pushing into her writhing butt with his groin. I could see she was getting quite flushed. The guy in front of her was whispering something — and I saw him drop his hand between them — he brushed her pussy through the thin material. I saw her gasp, and the guy behind her — suddenly grabbed her hips and gave her a couple of dry humps.

She then pushed the guy in front of her away and pulled off the guy behind. She said something to them both and then came back to my table. The guys were watching her and seemed pretty aroused.

One was tallish and had a scruffy look about him, with a short or unshaven beard. He had blond hair and was quite handsome in a Kurt Cobain type of way. The other was shorter and more powerfully built and had black hair. He looked like he might have Italian heritage. They whispered something to each other as they looked at Jodi and went to the bar to get drinks. I estimated that they were in their late twenties, although they could just have easily been early thirties like Jodi. It was then that I realised that Jodi was talking to me.

“They were saying I was hot and both talking to me. I felt so naughty up there but also a bit out of control. Like they keep touching me and there is nothing I can do to stop them. I think we should go.” She said.

“I think you think you should go”, I replied. “I think if you are being honest with yourself you are loving the attention and the flattery. I seems fairly innocent touching to me.”

She laughed and hit me on the arm. “Oh! you do know me Doctor. It was not that innocent though. Bruno kept trying to push his erection up under my dress and was rubbing my bottom. Chris actually just rubbed my pussy for a minute right then. They are two horny men. They both said they want to take me back to their house for a party.”

I immediately thought to myself “this is getting interesting”. I told her that it was fine, that I was here in case she felt uncomfortable and that if she wanted to go with them she could go alone — or take me too.

“Oh, really? You are so sweet.” she said, and reached up and put her hand on my shoulder to kiss me on the cheek. A pretty sloppy little kiss it was too, so I started to realise she was getting drunk.

Bruno and Chris appeared from the bar with another drink for her — some type of cocktail that would be sure to get her even messier, and introduced themselves. I was introduced as an old friend and I explained that I was looking after her and had to get her home, “at some stage”. When they realised that I had no real romantic interest, they both relaxed.

Before long they were laughing and joking and teasing Jodi about her breast size. Bruno said. “They are only A cups” and Jodi replied “no they are C-cups.”

She then squeezed them and you could see that they were good C-cups.

Bruno then pushed her back against the high table we were standing at and pushed his groin against hers, he was talking all the time saying how he would need to feel them to make sure. Jodi was giggling uncontrollably. Finally he just started to squeeze and grope her breasts through her short dress, right in front of us. It was very obvious she was not wearing a bra. Then he kissed her neck and she squealed slightly and wiggled out of his little trap.

“Definitely a C-cup.” He concluded, and raised his glass to her. Jodi looked excited and gave him a “cheers”.

Jodi said that she had to go to the bathroom and turned to grab her handbag which was on the table. Chris was holding it high in the air. She reached up and started to grab at his hands, effectively just writhing up against him. He grabbed her round he waist and said “handbag for a kiss, gorgeous”.

He put his mouth on hers and gave her a massive pash. The funny thing was that we were standing behind her and you could see most of her ass-cheeks as she had on the tiny g-string. It looked for all the world like she had on nothing under the dress. Bruno then immediately took control of her vulnerability and came up behind her and rubbed and squeezed her cheeks while Chris was still kissing her. Then I saw his hand go between her legs and rub her pussy from behind — he looked like he was trying to get under her thong. She pushed away from the boys and looked at me with far-away eyes. She seemed so turned on she could have cum just by thinking one more dirty thought.

“Oh my god,” she said. “They are dirty boys.”

She stared across at them and they were laughing and rasing their glasses. She finished her drink and went to the bathroom. While she was there Bruno asked me if I was one of those pervert husbands who does not wear a ring because he is looking after his wife who he helps to find fuck-buddies.

I explained that, no, I was not the husband and that he was often away on business trips.

“She wants to be fucked and we are going to do her.” He announced. We will get her to come to Chris’s place, so you can come if you want to as a friend, or if you are a pervert. We don’t care, we often do threesomes, we are a team”, he laughed. Then he and Chris high-fived each other. It was on.

Two drinks and half a dozen dances later with each of the guys and Jodi was feeling no pain. Then there was a final song and Jodi was hanging off the two guys and they were squeezing her ass beneath her dress and getting kisses from Chris at the front and Bruno on her neck. She seemed to be in heaven and had no inhibitions in sight. I agreed to drive them all as I was pretty sober. They all piled into the back seat of my Honda, which was pretty squeezy.

“Give me a kiss in front of your pervert husband”, Bruno said and grabbed her face.

Jodi kissed him on the lips and then laughed drunkenly and said, “no he is not my husband, he’s my therapist. He is trying to make me free.”

Chris looked at e in the rear view mirror.

“Oh, you are her sex therapist.” He said.

“Yep that’s it,” Jodi slirred.

I could see that Chris had his left arm around her, pulling her into him and his right hand on her thigh. This made her legs twist towards Bruno and he started rubbing his hands up and down her legs, getting higher and higher. Jodi said nothing but I could see her breathing was heavy. Chris was using his left hand to squeeze her breast and he grabbed her right hand with his other and placed it on his cock. Bruno had found her g-string and was rubbing the front of it. She was trying to wiggle away but Chris had immobilised her left arm and held her right hand on his cock, so she could do nothing but squirm and pant.

“You are gonna cum for hours baby”, Bruno said.

Jodi had almost given up and was mewing under Bruno’s touch. Chris was then French-kissing her. I pulled up at the address Chris had given me and they all piled out of the back of the car. The two guys had an arm around her and swung her through the door and onto the couch before you could shut the door. They were on each side again and kept moving her right and left for kisses, continually caressing her thighs and opening her legs so that they could rub her clit. I walked over to the fridge in the little kitchenette and watched from the counter as they mauled her. I had a huge erection but I did not feel like masturbating in front of these guys, I might lose control and join them in ravishing Jodi. Bruno raised his fingers to his tongue and licked some of her juices of his fingers, then he pushed it into her mouth and I was surprised to see her suck on them.

“Delicious,” He said. Then he knelt down on the floor and quickly pulled down her panties. He smelt them and threw them aside before diving into her muff — licking and sucking loudly. Jodi suddenly pulled herself off Chris’s mouth and called out.

“Oh, fuck.” I could see the rosy sexual flush all over her breasts that Chris had pulled out from the top of her dress. With Bruno licking between her spread thighs her small dress had become like a belt. Chris was alternating between kissing her breast and her neck and lips. She was moaning uncontrollably. Then it happened, she cried out and shook with ecstasy as she had her first orgasm. I felt very proud of her — and even more turned on. Words fail to fully describe just how sensual and erotic the scene was.

Bruno had a huge erection and his cock was quite long and very thick, he immediately pushed his cock into her and she cried out even louder. Her orgasm continued without stopping as he started pounding into her, still being held back against Chris who was rubbing both breasts and licking her ear. I could see the eyes were back in her head and she was having one massive continual climax. Bruno did not come in her but ejaculated all over her stomach and tits. He leaned back to lie on the floor and Chris pushed her down over him so her legs spread around his thighs. This allowed Chris to enter her from behind while Bruno was kissing her. I could see that she was completely overwhelmed by her sensations. Chris’s cock was bigger than Bruno’s and it was about 7 inches long.

Chris lifted up her hips and made her arch her back so that her pussy wish sticking up towards him, he leaned directly over her with his hands on the floor around then both and he just pounded into her like there was no tomorrow. She was grunting each time be bottomed out in her and calling out “fuck, fuck, fuck” and panting and squealing, in bliss.

Bruno then pulled back so that her mouth was over his cock and he put it into her mouth. She started sucking like it was the most natural thing in the world and he was getting hard again. Chris wanted to come so he rolled her over and once again came all over her breasts. He told her to rub it into her breasts “like the little slut she was” .. and she surprised me by doing just that, without comment or complaint. She was on her back and Bruno knelt between her legs again.

Jodi was still flushed and panting and as Bruno came down to her, lying in missionary position, she half-whispered “are you gonna fuck me again”.

“Of course little slut, that’s what we do, I am gonna fuck you until you cum again.”

He banged her like he was a crazy man and this was his way out of jail. She started screaming in–synch with him — orgasming over and over again. I had to admire the talents of these two guys and their teamwork. Just when I was admiring Bruno’s prowess, he lost control and came in her. Oh, well I guess no one is perfect.

Chris then made her suck him off and she was on top of him on all-fours but Bruno had seen another chance to play, he started to push his fingers into her wet pussy, it was stretched and moist with cum. He had a few fingers in her and a couple rubbing her clit, he was seeking her g-spot, he was pushing his had so fast it was a blur. She responded by squeaking in synch with the hand thrusts and her sucking of Chris. Then she lifted her head — and arched her back hard as she shook for about a minute as she had the most mind-blowing orgasm. Chris then ejaculated — and most of it went over her face.

After the three of them had cuddled together for a few minutes, and Bruno looked like he was going to sleep. Chris said,

“Wow, you are one sexy slut. I hope we can get you over again. What’s your number?”

I saw Jodi think about it and I said. “No number, she is married. But you can give us yours and if she wants she can contact you, ok?” He passed me his card.

Jodi kissed Chris goodbye and pulled her dress down — to make her look somewhat respectable, and went to the bathroom to wipe all the cum of her face and breasts.

On the ride home to her place, she went to sleep in the car with her head on my shoulder. He hand also drifted to be placed right over my erection, but she seemed to be asleep. When we got to her place I had to wake her, and she was in a blissful, if drunken, mood. I was about to go when I had put her on the bed, still in her dress.

Suddenly she said “I am such a slut, you are turning me into a slut, no you are bringing out my inner slut. Come here!”

I walked over to her and she knelt down and grabbed my hard cock, pulling me closer. I was shocked by this and tried to pull away, but it is a very hard thing to do when a hot woman has hold of your erection. She had used her other had to open the buttons of my fly and undid my belt, so that now she had by cock out in the open with my pants and boxers around my knees. It seemed that before I could object she had sucked me into her mouth and was giving me a blow job. She had me under her complete control.

“This is not sex,” she said, pulling off for a breath. “The president said so.”

I only lasted a minute or two and came in her mouth. She swallowed and insisted on kissing me good night, which was pretty strange.

I went home but could not sleep, my brain full of the images of her and the men and of the touch of her tongue. I could not wait to see her for her morning therapy.

Jodi had come over for her Monday session and wanted me to help analyse what happened on the night of the club.

“They just took complete control over me, doctor. I felt as if I had absolutely no control … although of course I knew I did.” Jodi said, her neck flushed and her chest heaving. I had tried to get her to lie on my couch but she just sat straight up again to look directly at me as she continued. She was in one of her most ebullient moods. As usual she looked absolutely stunning. “It wasn’t that I did not consent. It was like I was given no opportunity to refuse. When they held me on the couch, I could barely move and it didn’t help that I was completely drunk. I couldn’t do anything.”

I remembered how she had let them use her, Chris had been kissing her and Bruno almost made her cum with his fingers while she just writhed and moaned herself towards orgasm. Then she had gone into sexual orbit when Bruno went down on her. I was pretty sure that resistance was the last thing on her mind. Looking back on it, she had let sense leave her well before they even got back to the house; she was putty in their hands on the dance floor and completely participating in being ravished in the car. When girls are drunk and horny it must be very hard for them to say no, when there is some guy rubbing your breasts and pussy while kissing you.

“Chris was kissing me and ravishing my breasts. It was so hot and I remember I felt so tense, I almost couldn’t breathe and I was being more and more turned on. When Bruno went down on me, like I completely lost it and had one of the most amazing orgasms, one that you only ever dream about. While I was cumming I knew that I was actively involved and that it was me that was arousing these guys. If they had’ve given me the chance I probably would have fucked them both anyway. But they just took over and once I had cum Bruno just started fucking me so forcefully, I had absolutely no chance to object. I also couldn’t even believe how vocal I was. I was crying out and sometimes even begging them to fuck me. I heard a girl’s excited voice crying out in orgasm and I realised that the sounds were coming from me. It was like totally surreal.” Jodi was actually looking aroused as she was recounting the episode in our usual therapy session. She had a kind of wild look in her eye that I had not seen before, like a little sensual spark that had somehow been ignited.

“What do you think it means?” I asked. “Was it just you, feeling uninhibited for the first time?”

“It was more than that.” She continued, shaking her stylishly ratty blonde hair around her beautiful face, her lips pouting into a provocative expression. “Now I can’t stop thinking about it and I look at every man in a sexual way. I think about their cocks – in my mouth. What have I become, Doctor? How have you done this to me?” She put her head in her hands and was shaking slightly. I put my arm around her small shoulders to comfort her.

I could not believe how worked up she was. She was sort of chanting out this stuff, like it was half self-blame and half self-satisfaction. I had to remind myself of the borderline personality disorder she probably suffered from and that she was in a hyper anxious state. Somehow I had to put her behaviour into a context she would understand.

“All I have done is to bring out an aspect of your personality that you were not aware existed. All women have a sensual side that they love to have enlivened. To orgasm, a woman has to completely let go, let go of her own control and let the feelings takeover. Women who are naturally sensual, as you are, are highly sensitive to the feelings of others. You are simply seeing men as they see you, as a highly sensual creature capable of extraordinarily erotic experiences. I feel very proud of you for allowing me to help you explore yourself. Please do not feel guilty, you have done nothing wrong.” There was something else I needed to add, something to draw her away from self-loathing. So I thought for a moment, squeezed her shoulders and then I said, “I let you get drunk and uninhibited and I felt that you liked the attention Chris and Bruno gave, it was my fault more than yours and I was the one in control. Blame me! Let me take you back to where you began, if you like.” This was really a lie. The reality was that I had no idea how to do that, even if I had wanted to.

Jodi actually gasped. “I can’t!” She said, she looked away in thought. “No, I think its me now.”

She had started off the therapy session fairly aggressively but then mellowed slightly and I saw that she felt a little lost and confused. This was our first therapy session after our night out clubbing. Jodi, with my blessings, had got us invited to a small party after the club which turned out to be a threesome between Jody and two guys. As I finally put her to bed at about 5 a.m. she had sucked me off, which she had not mentioned. It was as if, after months of therapy, that the dam wall had broken and that Jodi just let herself go sexually for that one night, in a drunken stupor. It was difficult to see where this was going. Had I triggered something in her that had never existed? Or had I just set something free?

“Have you ever had these sorts of feelings before? Feeling sort of wanton?” I asked.

“Yes, when I was at university at a couple of parties and sometimes guys would get me drunk and feel me up.” Jodi answered. “It always got me like totally hot and turned on; but they try to do that to all the girls don’t they? Some guys even tried to fuck me while I was asleep and once I pretended to stay asleep just to see what it would feel like. After he fucked me for awhile I got so turned on by the whole naughtiness of it, because my eyes were closed and everything, that I orgasmed and then he knew I was awake. He told me that I was a slut and that I loved being used like a whore, then he fucked me again. I couldn’t stop orgasming though. Maybe his dirty words helped, or maybe it was just because I realised he was good looking.” She looked down and I could see that the memory was painful and was hurting.

“It was not your fault, Jodi. He started raping you.” I responded and hugged her again. “Women’s vaginas just react like that, they lubricate, to protect you from harm as a woman. Look at it like rape-protection. The orgasm itself is involuntary, you know, there is nothing you can do if the stimulation is right. It really is not your fault. The guy was an arsehole and he should really have been begging your forgiveness.”

“Thank you, doctor.” She said, planting wet kiss on my cheek, taking me by surprise. She even seemed to be seeking my lips. “You always make me feel better.”

Yet, hearing Jodi speak so candidly of her sexual history had me a little on edge, obviously the alcohol on the night had helped to bring out her natural promiscuity. I wondered if all young women are naturally promiscuous, if given the opportunity to explore their feelings without guilt. I stood and put my hand on her shoulder consolingly and went back to my chair, a metre or so from her couch. In a fashionable attempt to completely disarm me, she was dressed in the shortest silk clubbing shorts and a tiny tank top with long arm holes that didn’t almost nothing towards covering up her perfectly pert 34Cs. She was very animated and kept waving our hands around and crossing and re-crossing her legs, which seemed to draw attention to that natural focal point, the taut material between her thighs, tightly wrapped around her vulva. The perfect camel-toe, I mused to myself when I caught a glimpse. Her flashing blue eyes, perfect teeth and her delicious pink lips were equally distracting. She was only 5 foot 3 but shit, she had personal presence in her new-found sensuality. I almost always got an erection when I saw her, she was unbelievably hot. I remember thinking that this ‘Jodi finds her sensual self’ theme that was developing was like a perverted version of My Fair Lady. A decidedly unprofessional voice in my head was telling me to pounce on her and fuck her. I decided to change tack.

“How is your love life with your husband?” I asked. Jodi had missed the first Monday’s session following the Friday that we went out. So I had not seen her for about 10 days. A lot can happen in that time.

“This is a little embarrassing,” she began, “I think I have been over compensating, for you know, my behaviour; no, my unfaithfulness. Like I have made sure I have been wearing the sexiest lingerie when he comes home from work and I always try to have some cool music on that I can dance to. I read it in Cosmo. So he comes in and sees me dancing in sexy lingerie every night. When he comes up to me I reach for his cock and ask if he wants some relief or a blow job. This is not my usual behaviour but Dan says he loves it. I did it all week and then something weird happened on Friday.”

“Oh, what was that?” I asked, my mind making up scenarios of Jodi being the hot wife, on her knees sucking cock. She was totally distracting.

“Well, I know I have been acting kind of strange, with all this erotic clothing. But what Dan did was even stranger.” She started to get really flushed and her eyes shone again with moisture, or was it erotic recall? “Like what I mean is that he was always sort of really jealous and didn’t want me wearing sexy clothing around other men. Then on Friday he came through the front door unannounced with a friend of his from work. I was wearing my lacy blue g-string set, which is close to transparent, and they bailed me up in the kitchen area talking to me so that I couldn’t get past. They both started complimenting me on my body, on my thin thighs, and firm bum. Then two other guys from work came in after them and I was sort of stuck there in front of them virtually completely naked and again I had no control, I couldn’t escape. I also couldn’t work out why Dan had told his friends I had been working out and to come and check out his hot wife. He actually told them I might be in lingerie hoping for a fuck. One of them even asked me if it was turning me on being almost nude in front of them and if I felt like a fuck he was up for it. Dan, my husband just laughed and told him that it was not his lucky day. His comment kind of made me feel more secure. They kept drinking beer for a few hours and I stayed in the lingerie, afterall they had all seen it all by then. Some of their comments got very sexual and Dan was making inappropriate comments by pointing and laughing at the guy’s erections and telling me they wanted to fuck me.”

“So did anything sexual happen while they were there?” I asked.

“No, they were complete gentleman and full of compliments. Although at one point when one of them was saying how he thought he could make me come in two minutes if I just sat on his lap, I just about came myself right there and I noticed that the crotch of my g-string was soaked. I was so aroused I could smell myself being turned on. Can all girls do that? If anyone had touched me even for a few seconds I was sure I would have had an orgasm. It was terrible. But they didn’t. After they left I fucked Dan like crazy for hours until he was exhausted, I just felt like fucking all night. So I guess it was a major turn-on for me.”

“I am not sure I would use the term terrible,” I said. “It sounds more like it was just a normal reaction from a gorgeous and sensual young woman who was receiving a lot of male attention. Then you made love to your husband, so it was all good.”

“Mmm. I suppose so. Although it was more like fucking, not making love.” she replied. “Oh, Dan actually said he wants to see you too.”

We quickly arranged an appointment for me to see Dan the next morning. Jodi was really loosening up with me. She continued to tell me that she had begun to feel addicted to the knowledge that people stared at her wherever she went. Apparently, this had the effect of making her want to dress fashionably and provocatively. She mentioned that she got a lot of attention even in the local shopping centre. A girl who fitted her for a dress in a changing booth, had run her hands up her behind, lower back and gently squeezed Jodi’s breasts. We laughed about whether the girl was checking her for implants or not because her breasts were so perfect. Then she made something of a revelation.

“On Wednesday, my husband had a work dinner, so I knew he would not be back until midnight. I was feeling a little bit frisky and wondered if I should go down to the pub or maybe just to a restaurant for a meal by myself. When I was getting ready I could not find one of my favourite earrings. Then I remembered that I was wearing them on Friday night, so I rang Chris on the number you gave me. I thought that if you thought it was wrong to ring him that you would not have given me the number.”

This it sounded like perfect self-justification for behaviour that was likely to become sexual.

“So did you go and see him? What did you do?” I asked.

“Yes, of course I did, silly! I had to see if I had left my earring there and I was all ready to go out in my heels and miniskirt. So I went over.” Jodi paused before continuing. “It was like he thought I had gone over there just for him. I mean, where do men get these ideas from? I just wanted my earring – but I found that at home later anyway. He just grabbed me and kissed me straight away at the door. Then he shut it and he just started to feel me up all over. It was amazing, I don’t think I have ever been ravished so immediately and so forcefully. He ripped off my panties and I had to fight him to stop him from tearing them. Then he just started rubbing me there, saying really sexual things to me like that he wants to see me cum again and he thanked me for coming over so that he can bury his cock in my pussy again. It was really disgusting and really hot and he got me so turned on, Doctor. This is so embarrassing.” she put her head in her hands again, obviously feeling guilty.

“Look, Jodi. I can see that you are a little confused.” I responded, trying to mollify her concerns. “Whenever people make love they are drawn back to that person. Once two people have coupled, it is far easier for it to happen again. If you don’t want Chris to fuck you, then you should not go over to his place. If you appear at his door he will see you as a Christmas present to be unwrapped and enjoyed. It really is very natural and nothing to worry about. Just remember it is you who are in control and by going over there you decided that you wanted to make love to him. I think you might have done this subconsciously though.”

She agreed that that was possible. And as it transpired, Chris had provided Jodi with an incredible sexual experience. She came at least three times and Chris twice. Then what she said surprised me.

“He is such a good lover, Doctor. He made me cum so quickly with his fingers and I realised I had wanted him too, I was so wet. Then he just bent me over the couch and just had me all in the first three minutes, I was still cumming when he came inside me. It is like it was when I met my husband for the first time. He gives me that type of excitement, I really don’t want to let that go now, he makes my heart beat faster when I think about it. But I don’t want to hurt my husband. What can I do?”

“If you want to keep married then you definitely should not tell your husband and I certainly will not.” I advised. “If you remain discrete and Chris is aware that you are married and only wanting some sexual satisfaction, then I would imagine you could easily get away with it. The moral question is whether you would mind if your husband was doing the same thing. On the other hand, some couples manage to establish certain rules and boundaries for a more open relationship style. If honesty is important then an open relationship might be your only option. The other question is whether it is the effect of Chris or just your own sexiness around men, like you were at your husband’s drinks night. Sometimes we can find ourselves attached to a person we have sex with; that it was the act and the climax that we really have feelings for, not the person.”

Jodi began to pout and then her expression changed. Something had dawned on her and her eyes narrowed. The expression was one of awareness and her smile was kindly sardonic.

“Did you know it might come to this when we first started on this therapy,” she asked. “Do you think that this sort of therapy might make a woman completely insatiable for sex?”

“Do you mean the attention and flattery?” I responded. “I’m not sure that we have done much more than that. This sensuality, it seems to have just grown out of you like a flower. All I did was to water it. What does it mean? I think it is like a new power that you might have if you tried to tap it. What you do with this is up to you; although I am certainly happy to help you get wherever it is you want to go with it.”

“Well I kind of feel like a rat on an exercise wheel. I have to keep running with it because the rewards are so strong. I love the flattery and attention and I adore men looking at me. I even find it slightly arousing that women see me as attractive now. I don’t want to be a slut, but I do find that it looks like some men can just bring that out in me, especially when I’m drunk.”

I made a special note to try and get the opportunity to observe her when she was drunk again. It occurred to me that this might be slightly unethical. I balanced the two ideas in a cost-benefit way. Was I married? No! Would her husband kill me? I would probably find out tomorrow.

I asked her whether she had given Chris her number. She said she had not because she was worried that would mean she would not have control. We agreed that she should not act on any impulses for the next few days, because she was a little too confused and needed to process what had already happened.

Before she left, I told her that if she was feeling uncertain about something that she could call my mobile at any time. She asked me if I could see her on Friday, since her husband was going away overnight. I said I would consider it and would get back to her after I’d spoken to her husband, Dan.

Dan came into my office at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning. I had had a sleepless night and imagined the worst, that he would come in and abuse me for fucking up his marriage. It sometimes happens. How wrong I was! He marched in with a huge beaming smile. I took his age to be somewhere between 40 and 43, although it later turned out he was actually 45. I noted that he was exactly 12 years older than Jodi, and they were both Geminis. He was roughly 6 foot tall and probably around 12 and a half to 13 stone. Well built and handsome, I noted, which together with his lawyer-patented overconfidence, gave him the appearance of being fond of being himself, pleased with his success and a likely girl magnet. I immediately wondered if this had anything to do with the reason he and his wife’s sex life went south.

In my opinion almost everyone who has been in a relationship of more than a few years goes through a period of sexual torpor where they are suddenly sexually incompatible with their partner. Then the couple usually separate, sometimes they work it out, otherwise they just stay in relationship purgatory. I reminded myself that through my new therapy, I was trying to resolve the marriage and infidelity crises of the world.

“Hello Dr Murphy I am so pleased to meet you at last. I just had to come and have a chat and congratulate you for the work you have been doing with my wife. Perhaps you and I can have a little talk?” Dan looked the epitome of self-confidence, or was it overconfidence?

I noted his tendency towards narcissistic personality disorder immediately. Most patients wait for the therapist to ask them to talk. He had taken complete control and it was like he was going to interview me. I paused, to give us both time to consider the various roles that we were playing here. I also began to mull over the probability that Jodi was exhibiting traits of borderline personality disorder herself. The fact that she was with a narcissist almost positively confirmed my suspicions. I reasoned that the best thing to do with him was to let him roll with it. He would be bound to be asking for some therapeutic advice from me before long, the idea would be irresistible to him, although it would ostensibly never be about him,. Finally, I nodded at him to continue.

“When she came to you to get help with our love life, I was certain that there was no chance that it could work. That’s why I didn’t come in for relationship therapy.” He said.

I knew that the reason he had not come in for relationship therapy was because he was dead against his wife seeing a therapist and that he would never come to see one himself, as a matter of principle, given his perception of himself as perfect. He even made a point of saying that some of us are perfect and some aren’t, clearly indicating which side of the coin he thought he was on. Dan continued without taking a breath.

“It’s like you have injected some sort of sexiness elixir into her doctor. She was really starting to lose it I thought. She was overweight and you know how attractive young women look to you, when you are handsome and successful like me. I had started, you know, to get more close to some of the secretaries at work. I took them on trips, sometimes two of them. This is confidential right, doctor? I know it is, it has to be. I’m one of the best barristers in the State. Jody even hung out with my mates the other day while we were drinking beer wearing only a sexy g-string and see-through bra. It was so hot. Some of my mates almost came in their pants I’m sure. I love it when she is like that, I never thought it would happen again, after she put on weight and stopped wearing bikinis. And the last couple of weeks, our sex life has been amazing – what the hell have you done to her? Maybe I should send you all the boring wives of the other lawyers I know? None of them are getting any at home, especially if the woman is over 40. Do they just lose their libido completely? Is that it? No, what you did to Jodi contradicts that – even though she is younger, because I thought she was going frigid on me. Did you hypnotise her?”

He only had a break because he laughed at one of his own jokes. Dan really didn’t seem like he was going to stop, so I sort of waved my hand at him and asked him if he would like me to respond to some of his questions; that otherwise it would be difficult to answer them, as he was putting them to me too quickly. He nodded quite enthusiastically.

“No, I did not hypnotise her.” I said, with my professionally stern expression. Then I smiled at him. “I’m very pleased that your sex life has improved, because that was one of our major goals that we established early on. There is one thing you should know about Jodi though, she has decided to become a little more uninhibited than what she was and since she is getting so much more attention, she would like that to continue. She told me that she would like to go out and dance more, for example. She thinks you have been a little too jealous and controlling.”

When Dan started to tell me about his infidelities with a string of young women who love the attention of highflying lawyers, I started to think that having two such patients as him and his wife would make it difficult for me to make decisions which would keep both of their best interests in mind. However, out of self-interest I decided to persist with both patients. Somewhere in my mind I overheard one of my ethics professors berating me, reminding me of the psychological standards of practice. Luckily, Dan kept talking, drowning him out.

As it turned out, Dan was a serial cheat, who had slept with at least five women since he had been married to his wife. I let him talk for the next 50 minutes without a break. I certainly did not offer him any advice in that time; he was far too interested in getting it all off his chest. Narcissists are simply the best psychology patients; they will easily fill up an entire hour-long session talking about themselves; be happy for you to say nothing and gladly pay you $150 per hour.

Earlier this year Dan felt that Jodi was no longer as attractive as she was. Since he had such ease at getting women interested in him, he simply felt he could not resist them anymore. He could afford it, they even knew he was married, he only ever spent company money on them and of course they had to come up to the conferences with him to do the work that they were employed to do anyway. Overall, he came up with almost every justification in the book and I could see that he had completely convinced himself that what he was doing was right, just as he might a jury. When you live in a world of lies, like lawyers do, you can justify almost anything. After I pieced it all together, I realised that he had met Jodi when she was around 23 and married her shortly after, when he was 35. She apparently started to put on weight after about four or five years of marriage and Dan felt this was a massive turnoff, although he saw no reason to disrupt his stable family lifestyle. He was quite content to let things continue along until Jodi decided to take action herself. He said he was very proud of her for doing so and thanked me profusely.

“There is something that I want confessed to, Doctor.” He said. “For awhile now I have really wanted to try the swinging scene, you know because all relationships get a bit boring right? Isn’t that what happens to all people in their 40s, when they get a little bit awry with their current squeeze, or whatever? They need to just get it on with someone else. Don’t all men over 40 need pros or strippers or mistresses or some fucking thing.” He stopped suddenly and looked at me with concern. He was obviously seeking some advice or at least some support for his lecherous behaviour.

It occurred to me that most of my own life was spectacularly boring in comparison to my patients like Jodi and Dan and that I was probably living vicariously through them. I think this type of self-analysis could have continued for quite a few minutes had Dan continued talking but he was waiting for a response; instead, I offered him a belated laugh by way of sympathy, then I responded.

“Dan, you may be surprised to hear that I do not think one male patient of mine in the past 10 years who has been married has not mentioned wanting some extra type of sexual satisfaction or stimulation in their relationship. The fact is that every man would like to be able to choose from several women. But the women almost always vehemently object to it. Yet, it is kind of ironic that in those couples that explore the swinging lifestyle that it is almost always the women who come out with more satisfaction and more lovers. You do realise of course, that women generally have a far greater sexual hunger than do men, once this hunger is released. If it happened with your wife I’m not sure that you would like the result. It may be more than you bargained for. Many men find that once they start an open relationship that they end up envying their wives and begging them to come back to the way things were.” There, I had said it. Even though Jodi had already started sleeping around herself, I needed for Dan to see the reality of the situation. If he knew how wild she was becoming it might bring him crashing down. Narcissists are actually over compensating for an extreme internal vulnerability, once this is exposed their overconfident personality can completely collapse.

“Yes,” Dan said, completely ignoring the main gist of my argument, as it apparently did not suit his own agenda. “But I am kind of having an open relationship already. I have two sexy young secretaries who will be sharing a massive suite with me on Friday night, with adjoining bedrooms. Last time I thought I could talk them into a threesome and both said they would think about it. This looks like it. I can’t give up this opportunity, it may never happen again, right? I have tried so many times and never had a threesome. Isn’t that every guys dream? They are 21 and 23 and totally hot. Christ! I am 45 years old. It’s not can happen again. I just have to do this, right? I might need some Viagra. What do you reckon, you give prescriptions?”

I made some notes about his lack of self-control and his obviously excessive narcissistic tendencies. He obviously suffered such a delusional, over the top, sense of self-worth, that he thought nothing could come of his behaviour. Given his level of success as a lawyer, maybe he did not even see the possibility of divorce as something to fear. He simply had enough money to cover everything, including bimbos. Maybe for Dan it was simply all about money and the fulfilment of base desires.

“It is something that few males could resist, given the opportunity.” I agreed. “But I am not thinking that you need my approval. Yes, I could give you a prescription but Cialis is probably what you want. We wouldn’t want your ego to be damaged by poor performance.” This was my attempt at trying to extract from him some admission of insecurity, although it never came.

It was then that I began to recognize that Jodi’s distance from her personal attachment to their relationship, emotionally, was likely to be because Dan was unable to provide her with any sense of emotional security, because he was so “full of himself”. He seemed to work on gut instinct for almost every problem and I wondered if this stemmed from his legal training or completely contradicted it. Since they were emotionally distant from one another and each was engrossed in acts of sexual abandon, I began to realise that their personality types perfectly matched what you might expect from a couple who might swing without fear or jealousy. Yet this seemed to contradict what Jodi had said about her husband’s jealous nature. I got him back on track to talk about his relationship and his desire for Jodi and he to swing.

“Surely, you would be jealous if you walked in on Jodi and saw her with another guy touching her.” I said. “Jealousy is the hardest thing to control in a relationship. It is just so totally unpredictable.”

Dan gave me a strange quirky laugh.

“It’s always been all about me Doc.” He answered, with completely honest candour. “When I was younger I was very jealous of her because I did not want to lose her. I wanted, no I needed, her on my arm at every business conference and at every corporate event. I still do. But it was mostly about me feeling better about myself back then. Once Jodi started to put on a lot of weight and I started looking elsewhere, my jealousy sort of vanished along with whatever lust I still had for her. Then when I had other women I realised that I had no right to be jealous anymore anyway. Now I feel lust for her again but not jealousy. Do you think it’s all the porn I watch, or the other women I can have? Does this cause the fantasies of me wanting to see her being fucked like a porn actress? I always used to love it when guys stared at her, it was only when they would touch her and she would turn and smile at them, or give them a kiss hello that I would get jealous, because I thought I might be losing her. I don’t think I could lose her now and I would be all right. Anyway, Saskia would move in with me in a minute.”

I assumed Saskia was one of the secretaries he had been fucking. From experience I knew that Saskia would be unlikely to stay on with Mr 40 plus, for too many years before she met her own version of Mr Right. She probably already had other boyfriends that Dan did not know about. Then he came out with it.

“There are two things I need to say, Doc. The first is that I would like to ask you over to our house for a barbecue and party next Saturday afternoon after about three, and bring your bathers. Everything else is supplied. The other thing is that I would like your help on Friday. Jodi will be at home alone again, so because I know that she would like to continue with her dancing and get some clubbing, it would be great if you could accompany her there, just to make sure she is safe. I’ll make it more than worth your while, I will pay twice your hourly rate. How’s that?”

This conversation was now getting just completely weird. I had clandestinely taken his wife out to a club 10 days ago where she got her arse fucked off by two guys and sucked me off while kneeling on her marital bed. A few answers rattled through my head. I could say it would be a pleasure to take her myself and that there was no need to pay but that would seem like I wanted to take her out myself. I could decline due to professional reasons, or say I had something else on. Instead, I came up with my own self-justification. It was becoming a habit.

“Okay, Dan. I can do that for you but I have to say a couple of things. Just so you know.” I took a deep breath before continuing, I realised that I wanted Jodi and I was having trouble. It was taking a lot of effort to hide my own feelings behind my professional facade. “Jodi is my patient too and also my first patient, since I saw her before I saw you. So I will not be able to act as your spy, if that’s what you want. However, I would be able to act professionally in the capacity as Jodi’s therapist. If there is anything that happens that you might like to become aware of, you would have to find out from her, not me, as I am bound by professional confidentiality. Similarly, I can not divulge to her, anything you say to me.”

“Okay, okay, cool!” he said. “But I don’t mind if you take her to a place where she might find a guy to fuck her. I would like that, I think. Especially if I didn’t know about it, I wouldn’t feel a thing. Maybe we can both try between us to get her to become like one of those hot wives, you know? One that hangs around at home when my mates are there, with her wearing bikinis or lingerie; that would be a real turn on. Anyway you know I will hopefully be fucking the two secretaries after all. Maybe you could … fill in?”

“Sorry Dan, I’m not able to sleep with a client without breaching my professional ethics but I am sure you already know that. Is that what you meant?”

“Yes, no, I guess so. Hey, can I see you again next week? This has been really great. You made me feel fantastic already. It’s like you don’t judge me or anything. Everyone always judges me, but hey I’m surrounded by judges and lawyers anyway, what do I expect? I really need to talk to someone about this shit. I just realised today I never talk to anyone. So thanks so much for everything.”

So in the end, Dan told me to take his wife to dinner, to buy her some new clothes and to take her out clubbing and to make sure that her glass was full all night. He really was trying to make himself feel better and less guilty, by imagining that he was organising me to get his wife fucked for him, since that’s what he was doing himself. I was amazed at his level of self- rationalisation. Nevertheless, my side of the deal actually had me doing exactly what I would have wanted to have done with his wife. Yet he was paying me $300 an hour, over a 10 hour period from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. I remember thinking ‘that’s three grand like a high-class hooker would charge’. I told him that this was too much and that I would almost certainly not be out that late. But he simply said that if I got home earlier I could either take it out of future appointment fees, or keep it as a bonus if all went well. I did not ask if having his wife royally fucked was what he had in mind when he said ‘went well’. He payed me with a business check that covered his appointment, as well as the agreed amount for Friday night, like it was some sort of official work consultation. I remember thinking that my services were going to be used as a business tax deduction for him, so that I was effectively being paid by the Australian tax office.

Jodi rang me several times that following week, once to inform me of a particularly lustful thought she had about Chris. I managed to convince her not to see him but I wasn’t sure why, I told myself that it was because she really didn’t want him. The real reason might have been because it was me that wanted her, it was a recurring thought that I continually dismissed. I found it slightly strange that Jodi never mentioned Bruno who actually bought her to orgasm with his tongue. Maybe because she was kissing Chris and looking at his face when she came, that she associated it more with him. Another time she rang me breathless, she was in her car and had just picked her car up from the mechanic shop at 5 p.m. on Thursday. Apparently, all of the mechanics had gone home except for the foreman, who had been waiting for her and the office was locked. He had taken her in there and he locked the door again behind her, which she said gave her shivers. She said she was wearing a pair of skin-tight spandex pants for walking and exercising in. I knew the pair she was talking about, they were bright red and showed every crease around her thighs and camel-toe. Her tiny arse looks absolutely delicious in these pants, especially when she was wearing a loose tank top like she was. She told me the mechanic said he had to wash his hands and she followed him into the kitchen. He got some special detergent and got them squeaky clean. He then rubbed his clean hand along her forearm and then he grabbed her upper arm and pulled her towards him.

She said he looked directly into her eyes. He said she had fantastic skin and that she was absolutely gorgeous. She thought he was going to kiss her but instead, his left hand grabbed her around the waist and he began to feel her arse, squeezing it and groaning with lust. Then his right hand started rubbing at her crotch. She said she felt his erection growing and pushing into her thigh. She felt herself writhing and almost giving into his hand. But she managed to whisper ‘please don’t’. The mechanic pulled away but she said he looked really horny and hungry and she could see that he had a huge erection down the leg of his overalls. He finally said that it’s okay, that he was sorry for mauling her, that he found her almost irresistible and had to do everything to stop himself just taking her there on the desk. She said she told him that that would have been rape. Apparently, he responded that it would definitely not have been rape because she would have been coming all over his cock and crying for more. She said she felt that familiar gush between her legs when he said that and she knew it would be true, she was flushed and there was this huge sexual tension in the air. Finally he gave her her car keys and a receipt for her cheque and she left.

Jodie was so breathless and hot when she told me this, she said she felt like masturbating right there in the car on the way home but that she rang me instead. She said she was so wet she could smell her own arousal and was sure the mechanic smelt her too. I laughed and told her that it was perfectly okay to both masturbate and to ring me, although preferably not at the same time. I wondered if she was actually being provocative on purpose, or whether her newfound sensuality was driving her to be more risk-taking. I wondered if she would have got herself alone in the mechanic’s office after hours, before she had seen me the first time a few months earlier.

When we finally got together on the Friday, Jodie met me wearing a pair of white cotton shorts that only covered half her backside and a tight green boob tube that looked like it had been painted on her breasts. She was beginning to love showing half her arse to the world and she always turned and showed me her shorts. She told me they always got her whistled at and I realised that this was part of the borderline personality disorder, that she felt so much better about herself when she was receiving male attention because it drew her focus away from her own insecurities. One of her needs was being met. Her behaviour on our shopping trip to Chadstone was also getting more outrageous. She was openly winking at men who stared at her or poking her tongue out like a cheeky schoolgirl. We found her a short black dress with a halter neck, which didn’t matter since she rarely wore a bra anyway, it came about two thirds the way up her thigh. It is made out as some really thin material like the stuff that negligees are made of. The thing about this dress was that it had slits up the side like it was almost a mini toga or something. Jodie decided that wearing stockings and suspenders with this would be just too slutty, so she decided to spray tan her legs and wear no stockings at all. I took her to one of the beauty salons where she had a wax and spray tan. I found it really provocative and I nearly choked when she said to me that I should feel her waxing because it was so smooth. I felt sure she had a g-string on underneath the dress as well but the silky material just draped over the cheeks of her arse like there was nothing underneath it. You couldn’t even see the top of the g-string through the slits in her dress. Maybe she was completely naked underneath? It certainly gave that impression.

After dinner and shopping, we decided that we would try a different club, actually a pub where there was a good rock band playing some blues. It was the Sandbelt hotel in Moorabbin, it was pretty seedy but a little bit upmarket at the same time. Some of the girls were younger and dressed up to be pretty hot, so Jodie would not look out of place in her new dress. I think it was some sort of under 28s theme night, with some 80s rock. I felt kind of funny going into this pub with her on my arm. It was exactly like I was her husband, taking her to be fucked by a stranger, as part of a secret agreement or a tryst. I tried to tell myself to act professionally, although it is pretty difficult to concentrate when you have a hard-on because the girl with you is so gorgeous she would give hard-ons to a pack of zombies.

Jodie started with a couple of gin and tonics and they almost immediately loosened her up. We were standing at the bar, well actually I was on a stool and she was standing next to me, having decided that too much thigh would be showing if she took the seat. She almost immediately started to become really animated, even sexual towards me. She put her hand gently on the back of my neck and was rubbing it while she whispered into my ear that I might have been her therapist but she felt that I was her greatest confident. She said she knew I would make a fantastic lover and kissed my cheeks sensuously. She whispered that she would really like to show me her waxing. Then she asked me about what her husband had asked me to do and why he had decided to pay me to take her out. This was a hard question to answer, so I mentioned that he said that he wanted her to enjoy herself but also to feel safe. She immediately picked up on this fact pointing out that Dan was able to have fun, without having a chaperone. So why wasn’t she able to go out and have fun by herself? Then, as the jealousy sparked up, she told me that Dan had not fucked her after Tuesday night, even though she had been wearing lingerie when he arrived home on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Maybe you tired him out on Tuesday.” I said, trying to keep things light.

“Maybe he is saving all his cum for his sluts you mean.” She replied, not really understanding how close she was navigating to the truth.

She started rubbing against me and rubbing her breasts on my shoulder. To say I was getting turned on would be an understatement, as I had a raging erection and it was pulsating so much I though I might come with no direct touching. Her hands soon found the top of my thighs and she started rubbing, looking down at my hard-on. She started to pull the material of my pants, so that she was making my penis move around, for her amusement. I felt like I was going to ejaculate any minute. Then she pushed her crotch right onto the point of my left knee and started to writhe around on it and her neck was getting that familiar sexual flush. I vaguely wondered whether she would be able to cum just by rubbing her clit on my knee.

“You don’t mind me doing this do you, Doctor?” She purred. “It isn’t sexual it just makes me feel comfortable. It just feels sooo good. Mmmm.” she arched her back and threw her head back, fuck she was a horny babe. I think I was losing control.

My brain was going into overdrive and my heart was pounding. Somewhere in the back of my mind was a voice saying ‘Oh my God, Oh my God … for fucks sake just grab this woman and fuck the living shit out of her.’ Luckily, a tall guy came to rescue my professional reputation, as he sidled up behind her to get to the bar.

“Scuse me pretty lady.” he said.

Jodi turned around immediately towards him, smiled and said he was welcome. She suddenly pushed her naked buttocks up over my knee and I felt her crotch push down onto my knee. She was stimulating herself by little rubbing motions, under her dress, out of the view of the stranger. He even took her hand and held it gently and introduced himself. Meanwhile she continued wiggling sensuously on my knee.

“No I’m just here with my friend,” she said. In answer to some question or other, probably about her being attached or single.

She still wore her wedding ring though, so I am not sure why this man was curious about, since it was obvious she was married. I guess men just do not care if a woman is married or not, if she seems up for it. Before long we had been invited over to a horseshoe shaped booth in the rear corner of the hotel, furthest away from the bar and the music. Jodie moved in first, ushered in by the stranger, who we found out was called Josh. I moved to her opposite side, so that we were sitting opposite with the two of them together.

Josh turned out to be a local school teacher and he was quite interesting and funny. Jodie was at first sitting quite close to him and crossing and uncrossing her legs. I occasionally saw the top of his hand which had been resting on one knee or the other, no doubt trying to work his way up the legs to feel her up. After about an hour or so Jodie was getting pretty high, she had had a cocktail, two wines and two gin and tonics. When she went to the toilet the first time to freshen up, she got entangled on the dance floor with some guy I couldn’t quite see and she ended up having some sort of sympathy dance or two with him. Finally, she came back and sat between Josh and myself. Josh had been grilling me.

“So just what kind of relationship do you have with Jodi?” He asked. “Are you one of those perverted husband types?”

Oh my God, not this again, I said to myself. I was getting a bad case of déjà vu, different club, same story. Has everyone read or heard about those perverted stories on the Internet about guys giving out their wives for other brothers to fuck? Does everyone automatically think it happens everywhere? Much to my surprise and bemusement, this time Jodie went along with this cover.

“Yeah, that’s right!” She giggled. “This is my perverted husband. He likes to watch.” Then she went into fits of laughter. Josh was still confused asking:

“What? True? What, is it true?”

“Yeah. Scouts honour, dib dib.” Jodie said, then she started cracking up again.

Neither of us could get any more sense out of her and Josh simply did not believe me, that I could be a friend or brother and let him start to feel her up in front of me. So that’s exactly what he started to do. He pushed her around between him and me at the back of the booth. First he started pashing her, really strongly and then he just pushed his hand up between her legs, so that she opened them with only a little resistance. Before long he was directly rubbing her clitoris through her thin black g-string. So she did have one on! She was clearly loving it. Her mouth was pursed open and she was moaning loudly. Her hand reached up to cup her breast but she stopped herself at the last minute, obviously aware that someone might see, if movements were above the table. I’m not so sure that she was aware of the highly erotic orgasmic expression she was showing on her face. She was starting to go rigid between us, pushing back on my chest with her back while Josh continued rubbing her into orgasmic bliss. Her legs were wide apart and she was moaning and biting her lip. Josh had placed her left-hand on his erect tool which he had managed to extract from his jeans. She pushed back against me hard and with her right-hand pushed down, grabbing onto my groin where my own erection was pulsating. She came suddenly with a series of groans and I saw some girls look back at her and giggle. She was amazing. I had never seen anything like it. Here was a beautiful girl lying back on me and having a massive orgasm, her body jerking with each pulsation. Soon she was sated, and relaxed into my arms for a few minutes.

“Fuck!” Josh explained, “You are fucking amazing. Man how I need to fuck you. I have a room here you know.”

“Maybe later, baby, maybe later.” Jodie said quietly, giving his cock a rapid up-and-down pull. “But I’m sorry I will have to leave you waiting for now. And I want to dance first. I’ll be back in a minute, I have to cleanup.”

I looked at her and thought it probably wouldn’t hurt, her lipstick was smudged and her hair was quite a mess. I can only imagine how wet she was down there although we could all smell it. She smelt delicious. It was a scent that could rouse a dying man.

“Look at this,” Josh said to me, holding up four incredibly wet and sticky fingers. “I bet you don’t see this every day. Are you enjoying this or what? Are you her husband or not?”

I decided to just go along with it at this stage. So I nodded my agreement and even agreed to smell his fingers. The odour was sweet and triggered some immediate primal response from deep within my hind brain. I immediately looked around to see where she was and I felt an almost irresistible magnetic attraction to just follow her around. I figured that if I was masquerading as her husband at least I could make out that I was ensuring that Jodi was safe. I have to admit that more than a small part of me wanted to continue to see first-hand what would happen to her for the rest of the night. It was almost like a switch had been turned on. When she left the booth she immediately swung onto the dance floor twirling around and showing the bottom of her arse cheeks with every move. I was pretty astounded at her bravado, considering that she was pretty demure only about four months ago. I guess I was marvelling at my own abilities at this stage and the scientist in me wanted to find out just how far she would let herself go.

Josh distracted me by talking about how hot it was for me to be married to a hot wife who would get turned on and have pornographic sex with another guy whenever we wanted to. He asked me if I like to take photos of videos and put them on the Internet. I said that I wouldn’t do this because it might put her at risk. He told me how he couldn’t wait to get us back to his room or our place and bang the living fuck out of her, as he put it. I couldn’t quite work out where he was coming from since his quiet demeanour had changed and he was totally fired up. I guess for a school teacher he was pretty sexually aware, he taught psychology or something. He mentioned that he was married and he had just separated from his wife who was overweight and a pain in the arse. This was why he was staying in a hotel. I wondered if he had separated from her that day because you don’t just stay in a hotel for weeks. He said that Jodi was the hottest married woman he had ever seen and would I mind if he fucked her. After I had finished my response about how it was all Jodi’s decision and that whatever she wanted was fine. I was just along for the ride. Then I realised that she had been gone for some time and I had lost sight of her. So I excused myself and went over to the dance floor, to look for her. She was in nowhere to be found.

There were people everywhere but the corridor to the toilets was empty. About halfway along when the music started to fade a little, I heard it, a distinct moaning. I immediately thought it was Jodi as I had experienced these sounds before. They told of another impending orgasm. She was becoming ecstatic again. I rushed towards the sound, which was coming from the men’s toilets. I opened the door and the moaning was much louder. There seemed to be no one in there, no one at the urinals, but the third toilet door was slightly open – and I heard her cry out.

“You can’t do this, you can’t just take me like this!” This was followed by more moaning and crying out. I peeked around the corner of the door and saw a huge man about 6ft 4 with a scruffy beard leaning down and feeling Jodi’s breasts and lifting up her skirt, rubbing her pussy gently and then he was French-kissing her passionately. She was definitely not resisting his kissing. Jody was calling out, “Oh, fuck!” She was leaning against the toilet wall, opposite the roll dispenser, while this huge dominant male was feeling her up, rubbing her towards climax.

“Mason, stop! You can’t just grab me and take me like this.” She said, verbally objecting to the attentions she was receiving, although she had both her hands around his neck and shoulders. She looked highly aroused. Her lips were open and her eyes were wide, staring into his face. If you looked at her body language she was not saying ‘don’t take me’ but exactly the opposite.

“Admit it,” Mason said. “You are dying to be taken, just look at you pant like a little bitch on heat. You even wanted to be taken in the machine shop. I could smell how turned on you were. I should have just had your on the bosses desk. You would have loved it.”

Mason was busily squeezing each breast in turn and licking them, while he was rubbing her clit and getting her pussy wet. He certainly had no trouble there as she was still as wet as October, after orgasming at the table with us. He quickly began to slip his large fingers into her, alternating between two of them and one, while she hung on to his shoulders. With her head flung back and back arched she let him have his way with her. She either did not know or did not care that the door to the cubicle was wide open and anyone could see inside.

Jodi soon started bucking again wildly, as her orgasm took grip. Mason pushed her hands up onto the door frame so that she was facing me directly and he fucked her from behind like a huge minotaur, like from a Picasso painting or something, while she gripped the frame for dear life, her blonde hair hanging down. Occasionally, she would gaze up at me with her bright blue eyes and I felt drilled to the spot as I watched. Mason obviously gave me no care whatsoever as he continued to powerfully fuck her from behind doggie style, while she was standing holding on to the toilet door frame.

“Oh man, you’re a gorgeous fuck. Look at your prefect arse.” He called out. “Oh I am gonna cum in you and I am gonna come around to your house every day and give it to you like this, you gorgeous little married slut.” He grunted as he rammed her harder and harder. Jodi was absolutely screaming in ecstasy, wordless cries, calls of depravity. Somewhere, I remembered reading about how an orgasming female baboon can be heard for 2 km away to call in another virile male who can takeover when the first one has completed his job. I wondered if I could be the second male baboon. It also occurred to me that the band might be having a break soon and that we would not be alone; especially if anyone had heard the noise that Jodi was making. Then I realised I should really leave, I had no idea what attitude Mason would have once he came in her and he thrust heavily into her holding her up off the ground balanced on his cock as he ejaculated in her, roaring like a Trojan bull.

She certainly didn’t look like a demure housewife anymore. She really could have just been a $20 Hooker, hanging in that doorway of the toilets, with her tits hanging out, nipples erect, crying out in orgasm and shuddering as her minotaur came inside her. She had not cried out for help or even acted as though she recognized me at all. I faded away from the scene quickly and went back to the table.

I didn’t mention any of this to Josh and we resumed our conversation about education, life and taxes and how many times I have shared my ‘hot wife’, Jodi, in the past. I just said that it was always like a first-time. The irony did not escape me that the roles that Jodi had assigned to us, were exactly those that her husband wanted to pursue with her. Perhaps, after a while, he might find that she was more than happy to play along with this, she certainly did not look like she was feeling any pain in the toilet. I felt exactly like an insecure husband while I was sitting there waiting for her to return and I was still kind of wondering whether it was rape. Yet she certainly knew his name was Mason and didn’t call out for any help. It was probably just luck that no one else had walked in, otherwise she might have found herself in the middle of a gang bang.

A few minutes later she came out with her face remade and wearing the cutest and most lovable and glowing smile, still wearing the hot little black dress. She wiggled back in between Josh and I and Josh grabbed her and tickled her on the way through. I thought I caught a glimpse that she was not wearing any panties. I assumed that Mason probably had them. Josh immediately renewed his assault and started to try to get his hand up between her legs, but she resisted. I wondered vaguely whether Mason had used a condom.

“I want to dance” she said. It seemed that nothing had happened at all. “The weirdest thing just happened,” she whispered to me, as she pushed past me to get away from Josh and out onto the dance floor. “Come on David, your dance.”

It was a pretty slow number so we just did a sort of slow daggy dance around the dance floor together. She told me that Mason was the mechanic who had bailed her up in his office earlier. He had followed her and pushed her into the male toilet. She said she sort of saw me but she felt kind of blissed out. I reminded her that he was still here and asked her if she wanted to leave. She said that he would not do her again in the club but that she might have dance with him later. I told myself ‘Yeah, I know what that means’. I wondered if I might be feeling a little jealousy, myself, just as her husband might. I reminded myself that this was all for a scientific cause and that I was testing my theory that women, once set free, are far more lascivious than men and they enjoy themselves far more.

For a moment I imagined that I might be her husband, as per the fantasy she was playing out, what would that be like? From my point of view it was like hanging around some kind of erotic Princess, someone so sensually aware of herself and the magnetism men feel around her, that it was an absolute pleasure to experience. I recalled that I was on duty and needed to see where she was at. After a while Josh took over on the dance floor and I returned to the booth with recharged drinks.

I felt certain that husbands would struggle living with such women, unless they have their own avenue of sexual gratification. Suddenly I felt a degree of empathy towards Dan, yeah the guy that was employing me to look after his wife, who was probably right now having a threesome with two gorgeous young secretaries. I imagined there would be worse things in the world. Yet here I was acting out his position as if I was a cuckold. It was truly bizarre. I started to analyse myself and understood and I must be some kind of voyeur. Yes, well I have been a therapist for 20 years, so I guess it comes with the territory, like narcissistic lawyers, models, sportsman and politicians. You simply have to have a fairly perverse and very personal interest in your patients’ sexual stories. So what would happen with her if I really let her go and encouraged guys to come on to her, like I would if I was a perverted cuckold husband? I thought I was probably getting too much into the role.

Josh was standing on the edge of the dance floor while Mason had appeared and was now dancing with Jodi in a kind of rock and roll way, spinning her occasionally, which invariably just showed her entire arse to anyone who cared to look. I was pretty sure I could not see the black g-string. However, I did get occasional glimpses of her smooth, hairless slit. She had almost certainly lost her g-string in the toilet with Mason.

Soon they all came back to the table with a carafe of wine. Jody found herself manoeuvred between Josh and Mason in a slide around the seat, so they could have the darker end of the booth further from the dance floor. I was thinking like the voyeur I am and that I wanted to watch something happen between them. Before long, Mason had lifted up her dress to show off her shaved pussy and boast that he had her knickers. Jodi much to my surprise showed no embarrassment at all and simply giggled and looked at me as I stared at her snatch. She obviously wanted me to look. Then Mason pulled her g-string out of his pocket and put it under my nose. Josh must have had a word with him, I assumed.

“So this is what I did to her panties, husband. Do you get her this wet?” He tried to hand me the g-string.

I breathed in the odour but I did not take them. She smelled wonderful. I thought that at that moment we must all be very hard. I knew I was. Mason just grabbed Jodi’s hand and put it directly on his cock, which he had got out of his pants. Josh was obviously very adaptable and mimicked Mason’s work so that soon she had the cock of each guy in her hands under the table and she was pinned to the by the group of the guy’s hands. She was clearly aroused and her chest was heaving with desire. Mason was making sure that he started the assault on her pussy, rubbing her with his other hand and getting his fingers wet. He put them in her mouth so that she tasted the scent of her own juices. She moaned as she tasted her own flavour. I knew she was losing it.

“Is this perverse, husband?” she asked me, looking at me with those piercing blue eyes. “Is this what a good wife does, husband? Do I need more help or am I cured? Am I cured of you fucking your secretaries?” I realised that she was seeing me simultaneously in two guises, mixing up the conversation so it could have been directed at her husband, Dan, so I realised that she wasn’t completely smashed. Then she turned and gave Mason a French kiss while Josh started rubbing between her legs. Josh was mumbling into her ear in French or something – something soft and inane. Maybe he taught French as well, or was just well educated. Whatever it was it was working and she started to breathe even heavier. She was so much in the moment.

Somehow Josh got it together and soon we were all headed for his room which was out the back of the Sandbelt hotel. The people on the dance floor gave some quizzical looks as Josh and Mason carried Jodi between them out the back exit, while I walked slightly behind. Jody was half singing and bullshitting about stuff, so she was definitely in a very good mood. Before long we found ourselves in the car park going to Josh’s room. This time it was Josh who pushed Jodi against the rear door of nearby Ford station wagon, French kissing her and pushing her legs apart with his. But instead of getting her boobs out and mauling them, he knelt down in front of her and gripping her arse, he just buried his tongue in her snatch. She immediately reacted and arched back in ecstasy. Jodi had become one sexually enlivened woman. A couple walked past and mumbled to each other, they didn’t stop, although they glanced several times at Jodi writhing in ecstasy.

I was actually surprised at Josh’s forwardness in the car park. When he got Jodi inside his room he asked her if she wanted a drink and then he just ripped the top of her dress down so that she was virtually naked. Then he just buried his head in her boobs and started muzzling and sucking. Jody was almost out of control and started pushing his hand between her legs. I wasn’t immediately sure where he got the idea that Jody would be into overt fucking in the gang bang situation. Then I realised that we had both admitted that I was a perverse husband, so I suppose he was imagining that he was participating in our twisted fantasy and that this somehow normalised the situation.

The amount of psychological stimulus my brain was receiving had exceeded anything I’d encountered before. For a start I found myself feeling like a dog waiting in line to fuck the nearest bitch that was on heat. Then I started to realise that I felt sorry for Jodi because I was almost certain that she was trying to compensate for her husband’s infidelities. I assessed that Josh, possibly just being lonely, was trying to impress Jodi with his sexual prowess, knowing that he was unlikely to see her again. Mason was prowling around with a beer, waiting his turn.

Jodi had turned around and Josh was fucking her with her face against the wall. And she was orgasming again and calling out for all of us to fuck her. I couldn’t believe how loud she was. I also couldn’t believe that Josh, who was only 5 ft 10 was fucking her with her legs off the ground. She had her hands on the wall and her legs were riding his thighs like a jockey and she was pushing back at him, fucking herself on his cock. It was incredibly arousing and I felt like I was being the director of some wild porno movie. Jodi was panting and groaning and crying out for him to fuck her. She was often looking at me with this sardonic little smile, acknowledging what she knew she had become. That she was a truly wanton woman.

In my heart I knew it was close to true that I her made her into this, or was that my paranoiac subconscious getting to me? Yet I also knew that what I had done had nothing to do with the obvious revenge fucking that Jodi was doing. I guess I was suddenly beginning to doubt myself, that I had done anything at all for Jodi. After all, perhaps it was just the fact that she had convinced herself that her husband had strayed himself and she was just getting back for what he had done. Perhaps, she just needed some justification from me. Perhaps it was me who had been manipulated?

I felt like the third wheel all evening after that. Firstly, Josh banged her against the wall and then Mason with her back over the couch while Josh made her suck him off at the same time. But the two guys were very attentive to Jodi and made sure that she was cumming almost all the time. At no time did she seem as though she was anything but just totally into it. She often cried out that she was loving it and to do her more. They both did her doggy style and got her suck off the other guy. Then Josh did a 69 with her on the bed and finally they both fucked her in missionary position on the bed. They actually fucked her for 3 1/2 solid hours. It was like watching a porno that just never seemed to end. I couldn’t work out how the guys got hard again so quickly. Then again, they were both younger men than me and Jodi was probably the hottest girl they had ever been with. My own erection was still so hard it was becoming painful. I really needed to cum.

Eventually it all seemed over and the three of them were on the couch sort of lying on each other. Mason was the first to reach for his beer.

“Hey, David.” He said, actually smiling at me. “Did it turn you on? You haven’t fucked her yet man. I am sure she wants you too.”

I did not have the slightest idea of where this was coming from but Jodi lazily moved her head up, took a sip from her sauvignon blanc and looked at me through those bright blue eyes with a devilish look.

“Yes, husband.” she smiled, with the sort of knowing glint of conspiracy, in her eyes that we were knowingly playing a game together. “Isn’t it time you took me home to bed now?”

I actually gulped, I took another swig of the beer I was drinking and remembered about how I had agreed to be looking after her. I think I had completely forgotten while she was being fucked senseless.

“Yeah, Babe.” I said, rising, taking her hand in mine. “Come on. We can go now.”

She got straight up and slipped her dress over her head and we headed for the car. Josh and Mason toasted their beers together, offering each other congratulations and thanking us profusely for the ‘entertainment’. Josh gave Jodi his card though he did not even ask for her phone number.

“Thanks for that.” She smiled at me conspiratorially and lowered her voice so the others could not hear, “You would make a great husband.”

When we got to our car she looked back and waved at the two guys in the doorway,

“See you next time.” She laughed gaily, sounding like a little girl who had just won her first game of snakes and ladders; she filled the air with a sense that was like roses blooming in the morning spring air. She laughed aloud as if she had not a worry in the world. It made me wonder if my therapy was working in terms of generating more happiness. She chatted about nothing much on the ride home, although she did seem pleased with herself. When we got to her place she insisted that I park in the driveway. Then she gave me the bombshell.

“David, It is only 1:30 a.m. We have employed you until 4 a.m. so please come inside, husband, the last word being articulated with great emphasis. You are my surrogate husband tonight aren’t you?” Jodi gave that contagious giggle again and I joined in.

Really, I did not know what to say, so I think I said nothing and just held her hand.

“Come inside then.” she said.

I followed her into her house where she opened a bottle of wine and started chatting totally candidly about how the two men had fucked her senseless earlier that night, emphasising how much she enjoyed it, how many times she came and thanking me for providing her with the opportunity to engage with her natural desires.

She was still wearing the black dress, which was kind of crumpled because it had been up around her waist so much that night, although she still looked gorgeous. I sat on a stool near the breakfast bar and she sidled up to me and started to hump on my leg. I immediately got an erection, or maybe it had never gone down. She put my hands around her and I could feel her lithe waist, and the small of her back as she ground her groin onto my thigh. I knew I wanted her then and I could not resist. I needed her. I rubbed my hand around her arse and let my hand to slide down towards her pussy. She seemed so wet and yet I knew that Mason and Josh had used condoms. She was so hot for it and after I rubbed her clit a few times she started bucking around on my hand. I jumped off the stool and grabbed her and pulled her over to the stairway so that she was gripping the banister of the stairs at about head height. I positioned her there in front of me and finally, I just lost all control. My cock was almost exploding. I pushed the head into the folds of her wet pussy and she arched back towards my face and we French kissed passionately. I fucked her while we kissed and she gripped the banister of the stairs while she came like a train on my cock, it was so sensational I felt like something had popped inside my brain and I called out to her, telling her how fucking hot she was and how I had always wanted to fuck her. Her body felt simply amazing, she was arched back with her beautiful breasts pertly pointing skyward, her small sexy arse was tilted upwards on her high heels, as I thrust into her with my hands mauling her breasts and tight stomach. I could almost make my fingers meet around her thin waist. I pushed my fingers down around her wet clit and she bucked and pulsated with orgiastic bliss. Finally, I ejaculated inside her and I felt her writhing around on my cock, spreading my sperm in her pussy. Fuck, she had fucked three guys in the one night and she just seemed to be completely into it. There was no sense of guilt to be found. It was simply unbelievable. It is one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

I immediately remembered my professional duties and apologised. Jodi just laughed at me and said she had wondered when she would finally get to feel my cock in her pussy. At this stage I was beginning to wonder who was manipulating whom; I thought I was manipulating Jodi but now Jodi’s husband had clearly manipulated me into being Jodi’s gigolo. I reminded myself that one has to be extremely careful when dealing with narcissists. Then I realised that if Jodi has borderline personality disorder that she would be very likely to find addictions to satisfy her own needs and desire for security, these feelings are often sublimated into gambling, sex, drugs or drinking. Perhaps she has a drinking problem, one that leads to sex. Now, maybe, she has a sex problem as well. My treatment seemed to be fuelling her disorder, not curing it. It also seemed to have the effect of increasing her sense of self-worth and confidence. She just seemed happier being herself. Maybe this is the answer to everything in therapy, I thought. We just need to act out who we are and be who we really are, no matter where that might take us. It immediately occurred to me that this couldn’t happen in all cases, what about rapists and murderers? Nevertheless, if is only about sex, it is true that sex can potentially bring great happiness – except where love intervenes.

Once I had started fucking her that night, I simply could not stop. I had wanted her for so long my cock found a way to keep hard all night. Maybe Jodi was a possible solution to men’s erection malfunctions, she had kept three men hard for most of the night? I decided once and for all that her husband was completely crazy to not want her exclusively. I know I would.

I finally left her at about 6 a.m. after fucking her every way I could think of. I think I was pretending to be the perfect husband for her. Then I left. I realised on the way home that I could not just keep fucking Jodi. I would simply fall in love with her. So I made a resolution to make no effort to contact her again personally, as much as I wanted to.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten about Dan’s BBQ party the following day.