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All the Tricks were Treats


Summary: Gay for a Day.


Max had just gotten off the phone with Cindy Margolis, who with very little finesse, dumped him. He had been dumped before although it had been a while. The problem was tomorrow was Halloween. The best parties of the year would be all over campus and now he didn’t have a date.

Thankfully finding ladies had never been that difficult given his long blonde hair, blue eyes and washboard stomach. He reached for his little black book when there was a knock at the door.

“Hey Lance!” he smiled, “What’s up? Come on in.”

Lance was his roommate from last year. Six weeks into the semester his original roommate quit school and moved back home. One week later Lance took the room. Now Lance was pretty much the perfect opposite from Max. Where Max had blonde hair and blue eyes, Lance had dark hair and brown eyes. He was from Belize, had that little accent, and was handsome by any measure.

The problem was Lance was gay. And to his credit he announced as much to Max that first day hoping to avoid any issues. Max found it hard to believe that Lance played for the other team. He would have been the perfect wing man.

But none the less they had a long discussion and set down all the rules. And they had lived by those rules for the rest of the year without incident. They both saw plenty of action. Lance had his ‘dates’ over. They would go inside his room and have their fun. There was no PDA outside his room as set by the rules. And that same rule applied to Max and his girlfriends. Of course that didn’t stop the moans and groans coming through the thin walls of the dorm. And there had been plenty of those.

The one thing they had in common was the gym. Once they discovered that, that worked out together all the time. And that bridge helped them become the best of friends. Lance moved to an apartment at the end of the year, but they had stayed in touch.

“How’s it going man?” Max asked.

“Not too bad,” Lance smiled. “Just six more months and I graduate. Do you believe it?”

“It just goes to show the failures of higher education,” Max teased. “You got plans for tomorrow night? I love Halloween.”

“Well a friend of mine throws this kick ass party every year. Everyone goes all out for this thing. The costumes are outrageous. It is by far the wildest event of the year.”

“Sounds cool,” Max said. He tried to picture a bunch of gay guys dressed in outrageous costumes, but who was he to judge.

“Actually…that’s why I dropped by,” Lance said. “I know you won’t believe this, but I have been seeing this guy for a while.”

Max was stunned. Lance had more lovers than anyone he had ever known. He couldn’t imagine him trimming down to just one guy.

“Hell must be pretty chilly right about now…” Max teased.

“Yeah, I know. Go figure,” Lance smiled. “I was going to go with Rusty, but that asshole dumped me this morning.” Max could see there was more to it than Lance was letting on. “So now the biggest party of the year is tomorrow and I don’t have a date.”

Max could remember a time when talking about relationships with Lance would have been unheard of. But somewhere along the line that had changed.

“Bummer dude.”

“Do you have plans for the big night?” Lance asked.

“No, not really. I’m pretty much in the same boat.” Max grinned, “As impossible as this sounds, I got dumped too. I’m pretty sure this is a sign that the end of the world is near,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, no shit,” Lance laughed pulling out a joint, “but not before we get high.” He lit it and passed it to Max. “So I have a favor to ask of you. I know it sounds petty, and I guess it is really, but what the fuck. I want to make Rusty jealous, as in really jealous. I want you to go to that party with me.”

Max coughed up the hit he had just taken.

“Let’s face it,” Lance said, “you’re a fucking hunk in both worlds.” They bumped fists as Lance took a hit. He passed it back to Max and let the smoke out slowly. “Rusty will absolutely freak when he sees me showing up with you.”

“Dude, the gay scene just doesn’t do it for me. You know that. Partying with a bunch of guys…I can’t see it,” Max said taking a hit.

“Oh they’ll be plenty of chicks there…hot chicks,” Lance said taking a hit. “Your team doesn’t like to dance…mine does. Chicks dig it.” He let the smoke out slowly, “And since all the guys are gay…they really cut loose.”

Max liked what he was hearing.

“A man could have a field day at this party…a straight man that is. He would have all those chicks to himself,” Lance said taking another hit. “Chicks love a challenge. And showing a ‘gay’ man the error of his ways…it’s like fucking catnip. They can’t resist.” He knew Max would like that part. “But here’s the deal. You have to be gay for a day. Rusty has to see you with me. Now if you just happen to get a few numbers while he is not looking…”

“Fuck man…I don’t know about this,” Max said going back and forth in his mind. “What about costumes?”

“Dude…got it covered. All you got to do is show up. It would mean a lot to me,” Lance said honestly. “And hey…to show you how much it means to me…I’ll throw in the best blowjob you ever had.”

Max thought back to all those moans and groans coming through that dorm wall. This party really meant something for Lance to offer sex.

“Dude…you know I don’t play that way,” Max said. “But if it means that much to you…I’ll do it.”

The next afternoon Max knocked on the door. “Hey brother, ready to be gay for a day?” Lance teased letting him in.

“Yeah, right,” Max grinned a little uncomfortable. He followed Lance into his bedroom.

“Here’s your costume dude,” Lance said handing him some clothes on his bed.

“Dude, what’s this?” Max asked holding a thick silver bracelet.

“It’s a cock ring. Models wear it to enhance the bulge.”

Max wasn’t sure how to take that. “You don’t think I have the goods?” he asked cupping his boys.

“Oh no…you got the goods all right,” Lance smiled. “But who doesn’t want to be Johnny Holmes for a night?”

Max smiled, “Yeah, ok. How do I put this thing on?”

“Want me to show you?” Lance teased. Max gave him a look. “Bathroom is over there.”

Max went into the bathroom and closed the door. He took off his clothes and picked up the cock ring. It looked simple enough, just a solid piece of silver about an inch thick. Clearly he needed to stuff his junk through it.

He slipped it over his cock and tried to push his balls through what was left. Clearly that was not going to work. Then he tried another approach. He pulled it free and slipped his balls through first and was able to squeeze his flaccid cock underneath the remaining space. He pulled his cock and balls out as he pushed the ring up flush to his body.

One thing was for sure. You couldn’t get that thing on if you were hard. That would be impossible. Consequently, the reverse would be true too. If you were hard, it wasn’t coming off.

Max looked at himself in the mirror. The ring applied a constant pressure against his cock and balls. It didn’t hurt, but he was definitely aware of its presence. All that fumbling around had him half hard.

He looked down and saw the silk thong. Shit! Lance didn’t expect him to wear that, did he? He picked it up. It was very light, soft and almost see-through. If he hadn’t seen the little seam in the crotch he would have said they were for women. What the fuck. He stepped through them and pulled them in place. He ran his hand over his crotch and winced from the cool feel of silk against his cock. He wasn’t so sure about the strap going up his ass. He was not used to wearing a thong.

The cock ring pushed everything against that silk making him look twice as big. That brought a smile to his face. He wiggled his hips doing an Elvis roll, “You ain’t nothing but a burning hunk of love…” he said into the mirror. Yeah, it looked gay as hell, but it felt pretty damn good.

He picked up the pants. They were red and made of satin. “No fucking way!” Max protested checking them out. They had a double row of buttons going down the crotch, but they were just for looks. Hidden on each side were zippers.

Yeah, he agreed to be gay, but this…this was ridiculous. Who the fuck wore pants like these? He stepped into them and pulled them up quickly realizing they were bell bottom hip huggers, really low cut hip huggers. He let out all his air and pulled the zippers up.

It was like wearing a vice. Those fuckers were so tight he was afraid to move. He turned towards the mirror to check them out. He was not ready for what he saw. Gay didn’t begin to cover it. He was wearing skin tight hip huggers made of satin. They barely came up enough to cover his cock, which at that moment, was hard as hell.

The silk thong, cock ring and now tight pants had him raring to go and you could see the bulge a mile away. He turned to look at the back. His thong was peeking out the back. Great! He did his best to stuff it back down into the hip huggers. He grabbed the tie-dyed tank top and pulled it over his head. The damn thing was too short. There had to be a good five inches of skin between it and those fucking hip huggers.

He walked out of the bathroom, “Dude, this is so gay.”

“Exactly,” Lance said quite pleased. Max’s six-pack was easily seen. And that fucking bulge was perfect! “Here…put these on,” he said handing him platform shoes.

“Fuck man…this cock ring is going to be a problem,” Max said staring at his crotch.

“No man…everything is cool. Here…this will take the edge off,” he said handing Max a blue pill.

“What’s this?” he asked noticing Lance had changed into his costume. He was wearing sailor whites and they looked like they had been sprayed on. “Is that spandex?” He figured Lance must have been wearing a cock ring too. You couldn’t miss that massive bulge.

“It’s a little piece of heaven,” Lance smiled taking one himself. “Come on man, let’s go.”

Max couldn’t believe he was walking out in public dressed the way he was. But if Lance could do it, so could he.

They didn’t say much riding in the car. Max’s mouth was really dry, his tongue felt thick. He had a decent buzz going, but that wasn’t what he was thinking about. He was thinking about his cock.

It was hard as hell since the moment he put that cock ring on. Normally that wouldn’t have bugged him, but wearing the skin tight hip huggers pretty much announced it to the world. He glanced at Lance’s lap. He was just as hard.

He nudged his bulge with hand. He wasn’t just hard, he was steel hard. That nudge felt so fucking good. He glanced at Lance to see if he noticed. He hadn’t, so he snuck in another.

They got to the party and Lanced parked the car. He actually opened Max’s door.

“You’re shitting me!” Max said shocked.

“Gay for a day, remember?”

Not only was he on a date, he was the date. His eyes were level with Lance’s bulge. It looked like it had actually gotten bigger.

“Just go with it,” Lance said offering his hand. Max looked around nervously as he took Lance’s hand and got out of the car. Lance slipped his arm around his waist and they headed for the house. Max’s platform shoes made all kinds of noise as they went up the sidewalk.

Lance gave him a playful slap on the ass, “Man that’s tight. You need to swing that thing a little…you know, show it off.”

They had never talked ‘gay’ before. Lance was always ‘straight’ around him. He realized it would be different tonight. He put one hand on his hip, exaggerated his walk horribly, “You mean like this big boy?” He was just playing around, but he could see that Lance liked it. He stopped immediately.

Music pouring out of the house as Lance opened the door. The place was packed. Max scanned the room looking at all the wild costumes. It was mostly guys, but there were a few chicks too. The music was blaring, people dancing. Well it was guys dancing. And Max quickly learned that gay guys dance way different than straight guys. They were all over each other. And they were grinding against each other too. He immediately thought of his erection, the cock ring. Grinding was out of the picture, not going to happen. There was no way.

“Let’s get a drink,” he said to Lance.

Lance shot him a smile, “Yeah…through here,” he said leading him by the hand to the kitchen.

Max couldn’t believe what he was seeing on the way to the kitchen. Not only were the guys grinding each other on the dance floor, but some had already started pairing up. He caught two guys kissing against the wall from the corner of his eye. Yeah, this was going to be different.

He held on to Lance’s hand as they made their way through the crowd. He noticed that he was getting his fair share of looks. These guys must know Lance. Hell, Lance probably fucked half of them.

The closer they got to the kitchen he realized they weren’t looking at him so much as they were looking at the bulge in his hip huggers. They wanted to get their hands on that bulge. He smiled at the thought. Yeah, it was a little twisted, but he actually put a little swing in his ass just for good measure.

He noticed two chicks standing beside the dance floor. One was dressed as Zorro with black eye mask, black top, black satin hot pants, thigh high leather boots and a whip. Her friend was dressed as a cop in a spandex crop top with hat and badge, extremely short spandex skirt with garter straps coming down holding her stockings with a pair of handcuffs hanging off her belt. They were both smoking hot. He shot them a grin as Lance pulled him into the kitchen.

“Whiskey or beer?” the guy asked behind the make shift bar.

“Whiskey,” Max said. He watched the guy pour half a plastic cup full of whiskey followed by a dash of water. Then he picked up a penis straw, plunked in and handed it to Max.

“Thanks,” Max said staring at the penis straw. It was pink of course with a wildly exaggerated head with a slit just where it was suppose to be with two balls underneath. Lance got a kick out of the look on Max’s face.

“Whiskey,” Lance ordered. Of course he got a penis straw too. Max glanced around the kitchen. There were penis straws everywhere. How did he miss that before?

Lance took the penis straw between his lips, took a nice, long pull. Max took a deep breath, slipped his lips around that bulbous head and sucked a stream through the slit. It was almost pure whiskey. Yes, it felt just like it looked. He imagined this had to be very much like having a cock in your mouth. Every guy in the room knew exactly what that was like…except him.

“Hello Lance.” Max turned to see a surfer dude standing next to Lance. He had blonde hair, blue eyes. He was wearing a pair of jeans, low on the hips, open vest, no shirt. He had a magnificent body, ripped and defined.

“Hello Rusty,” Lance said. Now Max understood why it had to be him. The guy could have been his twin.

“That didn’t take long,” Rusty said in a nasty tone as he eyeballed Max.

Lance smiled, “Not long at all…” He turned to Max and gave him a quick peck on the lips. It was so quick that Max didn’t see it coming. He felt his face flush. It was over before it actually started, which he was grateful for. “See you around,” Lance said easing his hand around Max’s waist and leading him out of the kitchen.

“Holy shit dude!” Max said under his breath. “You got to warn me about these things.”

“Don’t worry, you did fine. That asshole is really pissed. I love it.”

They walked back into the main room. Max scanned the room for the bandit and cop. They were dancing together across the room. Man they looked hot together. He felt his cock throb. All these chicks were off the chart just like Lance said.

Lance noticed Rusty followed them into the room. He grabbed Max’s hand and led him to the dance floor. Max wanted to dance by the cop and bandit, but the floor was too crowded. Lance twirled him around and started moving to the music. Max started dancing too.

His cock was so hard. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been so horny. He could see the other guys checking him out. Lance moved in, grabbed his hips. Max realized he was getting ready to grind on him. He wasn’t ready for that, but he couldn’t very well put his hands out to stop him. Maybe if he gave him a look, something. But it was too late, Lance moved right in, mashed his amazingly hard cock right against his.

Warning sirens went off in his head. His face flushed. He did a nervous glance from side to side, but no one paid any attention to them. Lance was rubbing his cock against his in time with the music. It was sexual, very sexual.

Those sirens began to fade, slowly being replaced with the incredibly erotic feel of Lance’s cock rubbing against his. He found himself falling into his rhythm, undulating his hips in perfect time with Lance.

Lance saw Rusty watching them. He turned back to Max, who for a second, worried Lance was going to kiss him again. Max turned his head so he couldn’t.

That’s when he noticed Lara Croft dancing right next to them. She was wearing a skin tight spandex top, no bra, her boobs rolling sensuously with the music. She was wearing short shorts with a black holster around her hips, tied to her legs, sporting two massive guns. And hanging right there in the middle was a huge black cock!

Max did a double take. Holy shit! It was so big it needed several straps to hold it in place. He couldn’t believe this chick was dancing with a strapon! She was having a blast swinging it around as she rolled her hips.

She saw him looking, gave him a sexy grin, ran her tongue along her lip. Max grinned back thinking she was a total knockout.

She danced her way behind him, reached around and grabbed Lance’s waist, pinning Max between them. Max felt that big black cock pushed up against his ass. He was way too horny for this kind of stuff. Max pushed his cock against Lance’s, let Lance push him back, right into Lara’s. He was in a cock sandwich!

He felt her hands come up, search for his nipples as she drove that cock into his ass. She ran her tongue up his neck as she pinched making his cock throb and strain.

Suddenly Max was the star of this homoerotic scene, being dominated by lover’s front and back. He throbbed and pulsed against that cock ring. His pants were so tight, the slightest movement echoed throughout his body. He was beyond horny.

She slid one hand down to cup his balls, obviously felt the cock ring. Lance backed off a little and let Lara have her way. He watched as she masterfully took control of Max, turning him into her submissive little gay boy. Max pushed back against her, rolling his hips, massaging that big black cock with his ass.

She gave him a playful swat on the ass, turned and found another boy to molest. Lance moved back in, thrust his cock against that massive bulge in Max’s hip huggers, picking up where she left off, dominating Max with the feel of his cock. Once again Max fell into his rhythm, feeling his hardness, enjoying it way more than he should. Lance was surprised with how well Max fell into his role as submissive little gay boy.

The song ended and they made their way off the dance floor. Reality settled back in and Max suddenly felt very uncomfortable. What was he doing? He had crossed the line out there. He was so revved up. He slipped his lips around that penis straw and took a huge pull off his drink trying to calm down.

He couldn’t believe how horny he was. His cock felt like it was made of steel. He avoided looking at Lance, didn’t want him to see the excitement in his eyes. Rubbing cocks together definitely put thoughts in his head, thoughts he knew were dangerous.

Lance had seen it so many times before. If it were anyone but Max, he would have moved in, gone for the kill, chalked up another straight boy. But it was Max, so he gave him some space to cool off. “I’m going for a refill,” he said holding up his cup. “Be back in a minute.”

“Yeah…ok,” Max said taking another sip. So many thoughts were going through his head. His cock pulsed with a life of its own. That cock ring was ever present. And that silk, that cool, easy silk. There were two guys kissing just a few feet from him. They were fondling each other right out in the open, no one paid any attention, couldn’t care less. He couldn’t imagine kissing a guy. Well ok, Lance had kissed him, but not really. It was just a peck. He wondered what it would be like to really kiss Lance, tongue and all. He cringed. He just couldn’t see it.

He noticed the leers as guys passed by. He was so fucking hard. He knew they could see him a mile away. There was no way to hide it in his hip huggers. Then he saw two familiar faces heading his way. It was the bandit and her friend the cop.

“I know what I want to steal…” the bandit said running her hand over his bulge. Max moaned under his breath. Her hand felt really good. It was just what he needed with all those guys around.

The cop stepped in closer, took her turn running her hand over him, “Maybe I should arrest you for indecent exposure.” Max gave a crooked little smile staring at her luscious red lips. She leaned in, kissed him softly. Her lips were so soft. “We might have to take this gay boy into a back room, teach him a lesson.”

Max wanted to blurt out that he wasn’t a gay boy, nothing could be further from the truth. But he remembered what Lance said. Girls loved a challenge.

“Hey…I want some of that,” the bandit said nudging the cop out of the way. She slowly lowered her lips to his. Max easily accepted her tongue as it pushed into his mouth. He felt her hand cup his balls, or maybe it was the cop, he wasn’t sure.

“Hey Gina…I think we found a use for those handcuffs,” the bandit said peering into Max’s eyes. Max watched as she raised her cup, eased her lips around her penis straw and sucked.

Man she looked hot.

The cop grinned watching Max watch her friend, “You like that …don’t you.” She offered her cup to Max holding her penis straw for him. Max looked at her, slid his lips around her straw and took a pull. “You can do better than that…can’t you gay boy? Show us what you got.”

Max took the challenge, traced his tongue around the head of that straw several times before curling it up the little slit. He couldn’t believe he was doing it, but she was definitely getting off to it. Then he took it between his lips and sucked.

“Oh yeah…that’s hot. We might have to cuff him to protect these gay boys from that talented tongue of his,” she said leaning in for another kiss.

The cop was a really good kisser. She had her tongue halfway down his throat. Someone was playing with his crotch, feeling him up. The cop pulled back and the bandit leaned in for another kiss too.

He moved his hand up for her breast, but she stopped him. “Oh no you don’t,” she said playfully pushing his hands behind his back. The cop was waiting there with her handcuffs. “Little gay boys do what their told. We need to teach you a lesson…show you the error of your ways, right Gina?”

“That’s right Brenda. I’m afraid it’s up to us to straighten this little gay boy out.”

Max just smiled.

“Did you see the pretty panties he is wearing?” the cop said noticing his silk thong peeking out the back. Max’s face flushed with embarrassment.

“No…I didn’t,” the bandit said checking it out. “Oooh…they are pretty.” She looked Max in the eye, “I bet you would like the panties I’m wearing right now.”

Max smiled, “I bet I would too.”

The bandit cupped his balls again, “So you are into guys…and panties.”

“Well…uh,” he stumbled. He could see where she got that impression, but nothing could have been further from the truth. “It’s a kind of a long story,” he said embarrassed.

“Look how hard his nipples are…” the cop smiled. She reached over and pinched one.

The bandit felt his cock jerk in her hand, “He likes that. Our little gay boy has sensitive nipples…” The cop pulled his tank top up exposing one. She leaned down and took it between her lips. “You were certainly into that guy on the dance floor,” she said feeling his cock jerk from her friends tongue. “Is he wearing panties too?”

“No…it’s not…well, maybe…” Max said confused. He wasn’t sure what Lance was wearing. Each lick the cop took made his cock jerk in the bandit’s hand. He was so horny he couldn’t think straight. “We used to be roommates…” he said stifling a moan.

“Now I would have liked to seen that,” the bandit smiled. “I think we better take him to one of the bedrooms, interrogate him, find out more about his little gay boy ways.”

The cop sucked hard on his nipple causing Max to groan, then pulled his tank top down, “Yeah, I think you’re right.”

They each grabbed an arm and headed for the hallway to the bedrooms. Max looked around for Lance. He couldn’t just leave him, but there was not a lot he could do being handcuffed. He saw him over in the corner. He was kissing Rusty.

The bandit opened the first bedroom door to check it out. Four guys stood around a bed with a naked guy on it. One guy had his cock buried in his mouth, another with his cock buried in his ass. The third guy was pinching his nipple waiting for his turn at the guy’s mouth. The forth guy was stroking the naked guy’s cock waiting for his turn at his ass.

Max’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“Sorry boys,” the bandit smiled. The boys didn’t even look up. She saw the look on Max’s face. “You want some of that don’t you?” she teased. She looked at the cop, “We have our work cut out for us.”

She opened the second bedroom door and it was empty. “Here we go,” she said steering Max towards the bed. They pushed him so that he fell onto his back with his hands handcuffed underneath him.

They stared down at his bulge. Even his tight pants couldn’t keep it from jerking around.

“He is so ready,” the bandit smiled. “He sure is,” the cop agreed. “You really know how to pick them,” the bandit said to the cop. They fell into each other’s arms and kissed. Max could see their tongues moving in and out of each other’s mouth. The cop said, “Shall we unwrap our little gay boy?” The bandit smiled, “Yes…I believe we should.”

They fell to each side of the bed staring at Max’s crotch. “He is soooo hard,” the bandit said. “I want to see his cute little panties,” the cop said. They smiled at each other, each grabbing a zipper and eased them down. Having nothing more than the silk thong to hold him, his cock pulsed freely.

“Now that is precious,” the cop smiled.

“Why… yes it is,” the bandit agreed.

“Oh my…is that a cock ring I see?” the cop teased.

“I believe it is,” the bandit said in mock surprise.

“Let’s get these pants off him,” the cop said. They both grabbed a leg and pulled his pants off. They moved back hovering over his crotch. That cock ring had him straining against that cool silk. There was a big wet spot at the top were he had been leaking.

“Mmm…I really like those, don’t you?” the bandit said running her fingernail along his silk covered balls.

His cock jerked with each beat of his heart.

“Oh yes…I love a boy in panties.”

“I’d love to see him in a pair of stockings…”

“I bet he would love that,” the cop said walking her fingers up Max’s six-pack stopping at his nipple. “Would you like that gay boy?” Max was beside himself. She pinched his nipple, “Well…would you?”

“Yes,” Max blurted out knowing it was the only answer.

“Mmm…he’s got it bad,” the cop said walking her fingers up to his mouth. She slipped her finger past his lips, waited to feel his tongue caress it. “Panties, stockings…and that marvelous cock ring. We have our work cut out for us with this one,” she said working her finger back and forth across his lips.

“Yeah…I think you’re right,” the bandit said grabbing the thong and slowly peeling it down. Max groaned. She eased her fingers around the base of his cock. “Oh look…” she said noticing a big dollop drooling from the tip. “Will you do the honors?”

“Why thank you,” the cop smiled leaning in and curling her tongue around it and swallowing. “Mmm…he’s yummy.” Then she parted her nice red lips, eased them over the head of his cock, slid down about an inch.

Max’s hands instinctively jerked against the handcuffs as he hummed and groaned.

“Be careful,” the bandit warned, “We don’t want our little gay boy having an accident.”

The cop pulled off, “We certainly don’t want that. He has a nice one. Try it,” she said offering Max’s cock to her friend.

“Don’t mind if I do,” she grinned bending down, running her tongue around the head of his cock. “It’s so soft…and yet so hard. Is he sucking your finger?”

“Mmm hmm,” the cop said.

“Here,” she smiled, “let me see.” The bandit squeezed her fingers tight around the base of Max’s cock, slowly pulled up coaxing a nice, big wad from the tip. She got it on her fingertip and moved to Max’s face. The cop pulled her finger free and the bandit pushed hers in its place.

There was no use fighting it. There was nothing he could do. Max sucked his juice off her fingertip and swallowed. She started poking around waiting for his caress. She didn’t have to wait long.

“I bet he sucks a mean cock.”

“I’m sure he does,” the cop agreed. She moved over Max’s cock, teased it with her tongue, making it dance. The bandit joined in. They took turns torturing him unmercifully.

“Here…you take over his mouth,” the bandit said pulling her finger free. “I want to fuck him.”

“Now you’re talking,” the cop said climbing on top of Max’s chest. She reached down and pulled her short little skirt up revealing the cutest pair of pink panties trimmed in lace. “You like them don’t you?” she teased. Max watched her reach down, pull those panties to the side, reached a little deeper.

His eyes lit up when she came back with a big hard cock. “Open up little gay boy,” she said dragging it across his lips, “Nurse on mommies cock.” He began to protest and she pushed it right in. His senses were overloaded. It was warm, and hard, and jerked just like his. He was too horny to think. “That’s it…now suck!”

She started rolling her hips back and forth working her cock over his lips. Something just clicked inside, he started sucking on it. He ran his tongue all over it, exploring, teasing, tasting.

“Oooh yeah Brenda…he does suck a mean cock,” the cop said watching Max feast.

“I bet he has a really tight ass,” Brenda said working her satin hot pants down. She reached into her panties and pulled out her nine inch cock. She spit in her hand and worked it over the tip. She grabbed Max’s legs, propped them up on her shoulders and aimed her cock.

“Here we go baby love…just what you’ve been waiting for,” she said holding his legs tight and thrusting the tip of her cock into his ass.

Max groaned around that cock filling his mouth. Brenda’s cock was so big. He felt like he was being ripped in two.

“Oh yeah…that’s fucking tight!” she moaned. Slowly, but surely, she worked more cock into him. “Oh yeah…he’s digging it,” Brenda bragged. “You should see his cock…drooling like crazy.”

Gina looked down at Max’s lips stretched around her cock, “You like that baby, huh? Doesn’t that nine inch cock feel good in your ass?” she grinned. “I get it all the time.”

She pulled her cock from his lips. She took it in her fingers, squeezed a big blob out the end and painted his lips with it. She moved up a little further, “Lick my balls.” She lowered her balls to his lips and he licked. “Oh fuck yeah…” she cooed.

Brenda started in with small little thrusts. Max couldn’t believe it, but he was actually adjusting to her size. The more she did it, the more he seemed to relax. She felt the difference and gave him a little more cock. “Mmm yeah…I’m going to fuck your cute little ass real good.” She whipped some pre-cum off his cock and swallowed it.

Gina sat back down on his chest, held her cock right at his lips. She squeezed a nice big wad out the tip, watched him lick it off. “Kiss it.” Max planted one right on the tip. “That’s a good little gay boy,” she smiled easing it back into his mouth. He welcomed it with his tongue.

Brenda worked that nine inch cock masterfully in his ass. “God baby…he is so tight. Next time you can have the booty.”

“Make him cum,” Gina commanded. “Show him how you can make him cum…using just your cock.”

Suddenly Max felt her bump up against something inside him. He groaned loudly around Gina’s cock. Brenda watched his cock ooze a nice big blob and knew she had him.

She bumped it again. Max groaned, cum drooled from his cock. Gina started fucking his mouth harder, her balls slapping his chin. Brenda worked that spot making him throb and drool.

Gina grabbed big hunks of hair as she slammed her cock into his mouth. “Oh fuck…almost there…cum with me baby…do it…let’s cum together,” she said breathlessly.

Brenda held his legs tight, pounded his ass hard watching Gina slam her cock into his mouth. “Mmm…ahhh…almost…” Gina cried. “Oh FUCK YEAH!” she screamed as her cock exploded in Max’s mouth. She filled his mouth draining her balls. “Yes, yes, YES!” Brenda hissed with one final thrust. Max could feel her hot molten cum filling his ass. It was just too much for him. His cock released shooting a huge stream of cum straight up in the air!

“Oh hell yeah,” Gina said climbing off his chest. She slipped her shrinking cock back into her cute little pink panties and smoothed her skirt down. Brenda eased her cock from his ass with a big sigh. “Fuck that was tight,” she said pulling her satin hot pants back up.

Gina helped Max to a sitting position. He had cum all over his lips. She leaned in for a kiss, drove her tongue into his mouth as Brenda removed the handcuffs. “Its so much better when they have cum in their mouth,” Gina smiled. Brenda handed her the handcuffs, “See you around Sugar” and they walked out.

Max sat there in his post orgasmic bliss. Cum dominated his taste buds, he could feel more of it leaking from his ass. His stomach was covered with it. He scooped it up with his finger and sucked it down. He didn’t want to mess up his clothes.

He grabbed his thong from the floor and put it back on followed by his hip huggers. He got to his feet a little wobbly. He took a deep breath and headed back to the party.

Lance found him, “Hey…I’m going home with Rusty.” Max wasn’t surprised. “You cool?”

Max gave him a grin. “Yeah…sure. No problem.” He watched them stroll off arm in arm.

“Want to dance?” he heard from behind. He turned to see Lara Croft standing there.

He glanced down at her big black cock hanging between her legs. He wrapped his fingers around it, felt its girth. That thing was fucking huge. “Hell yeah…” he smiled.