Summary: This is a story about a black man that takes advantage of a husband’s cuckold fantasies to seduce and fuck his white wife.


“I recognize that guy.” James passed a man as he came into the store, but the man was looking down intently at a package that he had just purchased and seemed not to notice James.

“That guy? He comes in here all the time, and he’s always buying the same sort of videos… interracial porn, movies about wives cheating with black men, cuckolding movies… that sort of stuff.”

James had stopped by the adult video store where his friend Marcus worked before he headed off to work himself. James was a professional trainer at the health club a few exits north in a well-to-do area inhabited mostly by conservative white families.

“So how do you know him?” asked Marcus.

“His wife is a client of mine and has been since the beginning of the year. In fact, I’m seeing her this afternoon. Her husband was the one that gave her my personal training sessions in the first place. It was a birthday present. I remember that he wanted to meet me before he hired me.”

“I’m not surprised,” replied Marcus. “After all, he seems to get off on the idea of his wife getting dicked by a black man.”

“That is fucked up,” answered James. “His wife is so fucking hot. Why the hell he would want to see her with another man is beyond me. She’s sort of petite with a beautiful ass and awesome tits. Not huge fake tits like a lot of women, just perfect, firm tits. She’s got reddish brown hair that hangs over her shoulders. She’s very friendly, but very sophisticated… you know, not exactly a trailer slut. I think they have a lot of money.”

“I guarantee you that her husband has spent many nights jacking off to the idea of you banging his wife. That’s probably why he wanted to see you. He wanted to make sure you were black and then know what you looked like so he could picture you when he plays with himself.”

James said goodbye to Marcus, reminding him first about the party he was having this weekend at his house. It was just a small group, nothing too crazy, but he wanted to make sure that Marcus and his girlfriend would be there. Marcus confirmed that he would make it, and James left to go to work telling Marcus that he would call him later. He had something he wanted to discuss.

James had a couple of clients to see at the gym before it was time for Lynn’s appointment. Lynn was the wife of the man that James had just seen leaving the adult video store. When it was time for her session, he greeted her with the usual smile and friendly hug. She looked so incredible. She had a skintight lycra bodysuit that outlined every perfect curve on her tiny body. He had wanted to fuck her as long as he had known her, but he figured that she was way too wrapped up in her perfect life to risk an affair with a black stud like himself. He figured that she knew nothing about her husband’s little habit, but he also figured that he might be able to take advantage of his newfound knowledge to wedge his way into their lives. It was at least worth a shot.

“You look fantastic as always,” said James.

“As do you,” replied Lynn with a smile. It was a polite reply, but James knew that he was very attractive. He was 6’1″ with dark, chiseled features. He had been working out since he was a kid, and he had muscles that would be the envy of a Greek god. He had very little trouble hooking up with women — white or black — but he was always open to a challenge or an adventure. Lynn would be both of these.

They started into their routine. Today was mostly an upper body workout, and James let his hands linger a little longer than usual when spotting her. When Lynn positioned herself to lift a bar above her head for a shoulder workout, James got himself behind her and placed his hands on her waist and spoke his usual encouraging words a little softer and a littler closer to her ear than usual. He could smell her hair and feel it against his cheek. This only served to reinforce his decision. He was going to fuck this white woman.

Towards the end of the session, James had Lynn doing crunches on the floor while he towered above in front of her. He loved watching her struggle as she flexed her abdominal muscles to come up for every crunch.

“So I’m going to have a little party at my place this weekend. I’d love it if you and your husband could stop by.”

“Well,” answered Lynn. “I don’t think we are doing anything next weekend. Where do you live?”

James smiled to himself because he was both glad that she was available and also tickled by the idea that she might have been worried he lived somewhere in the hood.

“I live near the Old Towne district,” answered Marcus. “In fact I live so close that I walk to the restaurants over there all the time.” The Old Towne district was a little area closer to the city which was a popular restaurant and nightlife area. It was definitely very safe and definitely not the hood.

“You know,” answered Lynn. “There is a restaurant over there — Alexander’s — that my husband and I have been wanting to try. Is it ok if we stop by your place for just a little while before we head out to eat? Would it be rude to leave early?

“You can leave whenever you want. I’ll look forward to seeing you.” James knew that once he got his plan in motion, that neither she nor her husband would be in any hurry to leave. He gave Lynn the address and kissed her on the cheek to say goodbye. He watched her perfect ass as she walked away.

The night of the party came and James was all set. He had his place dimly lit, with candles all over the place. He had some food set out including some that he thought rich white people would like. He figured if he could take care of their need to eat, the decision not to go to dinner would be that much easier. He intentionally did not invite a date. He also made sure that some white friends and a couple of interracial couples would be attending. Finally, he asked Marcus, his friend from the video store, to hang out on the patio in the back. He wanted to manage her husband’s recognition of Marcus very carefully.

It was about eight o’clock when Lynn walked in the front door. She said she would be early, and she was. Still, the party was getting going and there were about twenty folks hanging out in the kitchen and lingering around in the back. Lynn was dressed in a very short, very sexy skirt. Her husband was wearing khakis and a simple striped shirt.

“Hi,” said Lynn when she saw Marcus. “This is my husband Michael.” Michael extended his hand to Marcus.

“You look familiar,” said Marcus.

“We met when I was first signing up Lynn for the sessions,” said Michael.

“Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. But that’s not what I was thinking. It seems like I just saw you recently.”

“Can’t help you,” smiled Michael.

“Well, either way, I’m very happy that you could both be here. I know you had talked about going out to eat afterwards, but you two absolutely have to try some of the food I have here.” He walked them into the kitchen. Marcus was wearing jeans and a starched white dress shirt. He looked absolutely perfect. His muscles didn’t show in what he was wearing, but it was obvious that he was in perfect shape, even in these clothes.

“I have to tell you, Michael. Your wife is a great client. She does whatever I tell her to do. She loves to be pushed, and really, it shows. Her body is perfect. She is absolutely gorgeous.”

“Oh, stop,” laughed Lynn. She playfully slapped Marcus on the arm. “It’s only because my trainer is so good.”

“Well I guess I’ll just have to keep training you. That’s all right with you, right Michael?” He put his hand on Michael’s shoulder and squeezed it a little.

“Sure, I love it.”

“I bet you do,” smiled James. His hand and his gaze lingered just long enough to seem odd to Michael.

“James, where’s your restroom?” asked Lynn.

“It’s right over there.” James pointed to the restroom. “Why don’t you head over there and I’ll take Michael out back to get you set up with a drink. What do you want?”

“Oh, whatever your specialty is will be fine,” answered Lynn with a smile.

“I’ll definitely set you up with that,” answered James.

He led Michael out to the back while Lynn headed to the restroom. As he walked outside, he caught the attention of Marcus and exchanged a knowing glance with him. He then walked Michael over to the bar where he started fixing a couple of drinks. He got Michael a beer and fixed a very strong vodka cranberry for Lynn.

As they were standing at the bar, Marcus walked up to fix his own drink. Seeing Michael, he immediately called him out.

“He man, I didn’t expect to see you here. You’re the guy from the video store with a bit of a freaky side.”

“That’s where I recognize you from,” said James. “You were walking out of the store the other day when I was walking in to see Marcus.”

“Guys, I don’t know what you are talking about. You must have me confused with someone else.” He was visibly shaken.

“No, I’m definitely not mistaken. It’s definitely you,” said Marcus. “It’s like you’ve got some thing for black dudes fucking your wife or something. You’re always buying videos where wives are cheating on their husbands right in front of them… what is that called?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about…”

“Cuckolding,” interrupted James. “It’s called cuckolding. It’s where a man fantasizes about another man fucking his wife, turning her out into a slut, humiliating him in the process. A lot of white men have this fantasy where a black dude fucks their wife right in front of them.

“You two are out of your fucking mind. I’m getting my wife and getting the hell out of here.”

“Wait,” said James. “You’re right. Let’s just shut the hell up, Marcus. His wife is about to come back so we need to just chill. You can leave if you want, Michael, but before you do anything, you need to go into that same bathroom that your wife is about to come out of. Look in the medicine cabinet. There’s an envelope in there that you need to see.”

“I’m not doing anything but getting out of here.” He could see Lynn making her way through the crowd and back to rejoin them at the bar.

“Michael,” James grabbed his shoulder. “Trust me; it would be a big mistake not to look at that envelope. Afterwards you can do whatever you want. You can leave right away if you want to, but not until you look at that envelope. We’ll keep our mouth shut, really.”

“Hi, guys. Did I miss anything?” Lynn stepped back into the circle of men with a big smile.

“No, not at all,” answered James. “Michael was just saying that he needed to head to the restroom himself. Isn’t that right, Michael?”

Michael managed a polite smile and walked away towards the restroom. He turned around to see James handing her the drink. He had his arm around her shoulder and was introducing her to Marcus. The bathroom was occupied, so he had to wait a couple minutes for someone to leave. He kept gazing towards the back patio where he noticed Marcus had not yet taken his arm off of Lynn. She finished her first drink and Marcus was already fixing her a second.

Finally the bathroom door opened. A very cute black girl stepped out and smiled at Michael as he entered and she exited. It was a flirtatious smile, but Michael was in no mood to flirt. He immediately locked the door behind him and opened the medicine cabinet. As promised, there was a large manila envelope sitting there with his initials in the corner. He opened it and couldn’t believe what he saw.

There were photos of him taken by the surveillance cameras in the video store. There were photos of him browsing the interracial section, there were photos of him checking out that showed — more or less clearly — him purchasing videos. The covers of these videos were then photocopied separately so that in looking at the pictures, one could draw the connection between the hard to read titles in the photos and the easy to read full page scans of the covers. There was also a list of titles that he had purchased. Some of those were marked with a yellow highlighter pen and for each items, there were copies of his personal credit card, about which Lynn did not even know existed, along with his signature. The fact that he had been buying and watching cuckolding videos was indisputable based on the content in the envelope. There was also a typed note on a neatly folded piece of paper:


It appears that your little fetish is no longer a secret. Maybe it’s for the best. Now you can stop dreaming about being a cuckold and finally become one!

You wife is so hot. I have wanted to fuck her since the moment I laid eyes on her. Turning her into my white slut is going to make all of us happy… me, her, and especially you. None of us will enjoy my black cock sliding in and out of her pussy as much as you will. That’s saying a lot, because I am going to love it. And as much as I love it, she’s going to love it more. She’s going to become addicted to my cock, and I doubt that she’ll ever want anything to do with your white boy dick again.

Here’s what’s going to happen next. There is a pen in the bottom of the envelope. Across the bottom of this letter I want you to write, “I want Lynn to fuck James and make me her cuckold.” Then sign your name under this statement. Put it back in the envelope and seal it. Next, step outside of the bathroom. That girl that was walking out when you were walking in is a friend of mine. She will be waiting for you when you open the door. Hand her the envelope and follow her upstairs. She is going to take a little video of you for insurance purposes. Once that is complete, you can walk back downstairs and out to the patio to rejoin us.

I will make two promises to you. One, if you leave now, I will hand your wife a copy of the contents in that envelope. Once she divorces you, I will seduce and fuck her anyway. My second promise may be more encouraging to you. If by 12:00 midnight, your wife has not willingly agreed to suck my cock, I will give you every original copy of these materials, the only copy of the video you are about to make, and you will never hear from us again. I will also request that another trainer take my place at the gym.

Now, sign this letter like the good cuck that I am about to make you,


Michael began breathing hard. He didn’t know what to do. He impulsively signed the letter and stuffed it, along with the incriminating content, back into the envelope. He opened the bathroom door. There, standing immediately beside the door, was that same girl.

“The envelope, please.” Michael handed it to her. “I assume it contains everything that is expected of you?”

“Yes, I signed the letter if that’s what you mean.” She opened it and checked the signature just to be certain.

“Good. Come with me.”

She led him around the corner and up a staircase in the front of the house. As he walked, he could see Lynn out on the patio, facing away from her and still with James’ hands all over her.

“She’s not missing you,” said the black girl when she noticed Michael staring. “It’s not likely she ever will once he gets a hold of her. His cock is enormous and he’s a phenomenal lover.”

Michael followed her into what appeared to be the master bedroom. The girl opened the closet and pulled out a video recorder set up on a tripod. She had Michael kneel with his back to the wall and she set the camera up to film him.

“Ok, I’m going to ask you some questions, and I want some honest answers. Too much bullshit and this envelope is going right downstairs, understand?”

Michael nodded.

“First of all, tell me your name.”


“And Michael, what are your fantasies?”

“I don’t know, I guess I have…”

“Shut the fuck up, white boy. You know what I want to hear.”

“I sometimes fantasize — but only fantasize — about my wife having sex with another man.”

“Don’t you mean your wife getting fucked by a black man?”

“Sometimes, yes. Sometimes I fantasize about my wife getting fucked by a black man.”

“Right now your wife is downstairs talking with James. She seems to be having a pretty good time. What sort of things do you imagine that you might like to see those two doing?”

“I don’t’ know…”

“I better get good answers!”

“I guess I would like to see her sucking his cock. And maybe watching him fuck her.”

“Fuck her with what?”

“With his black cock.”

“But that’s not all is it? There’s more to being cuckolded than just having her fuck him. How would you want them to treat you?”

“I guess I would like them to humiliate me. I would like her to talk about how much better a lover he is than me. She could dominate me, not just in the bedroom, but all the time.”

“Like in an Around Her Finger marriage, like in the Emily Addison book?”

“No, more than that… more intense. That’s more for introducing your wife to the idea of controlling you. This is much beyond that. Much, much beyond.”

“I think I notice your cock getting hard. I must be turning you on with all this talk of James fucking your white wife… of turning her into his little slut. Show me your cock.”

Michael could feel this woman appealing to his very intense submissive nature. He was coming under her spell as she spoke. He was slipping into subspace. He undid his belt and opened his fly. He pulled out his cock to reveal a raging six inch hard-on.

“And what about when he cums in her pussy? What do you want to happen then?”

“I would want to go down on her.”

“And taste that black man’s cum? Have you ever tasted another man’s cum before?”

“No, I have not. This has only been a fantasy.”

“Do you remember meeting Marcus downstairs?”


“Well Marcus is my man. And he fucked me like an animal right before you got here tonight. Go ahead and stand up. Take off your clothes.”

She repositioned the camera towards the bed and hit the pause button. Michael was standing and fumbling with his pants. He removed all of his clothes as she requested.

“Now, white boy, do you want to know my name?”


“It’s Tamyra. Pronounce it for me… Tom-ay-rah. Say it.”


She began undressing herself. She removed the tight-fitting cotton shirt revealing beautiful, large breasts with nipples larger than Michael had ever seen. She was not a thin girl, she had curves, but she wasn’t overweight either. She looked just perfect and held herself as if she knew it. She stepped out of her shoes and handed them to Michael. He held them to his nose and inhaled the inner soles.

“Do you like the way they smell?”


She continued to undress. She pulled down the pink leather skirt that covered her waist. As it dropped to the floor James could see that her black thong panties revealed that she was as excited as he was. There was a large wet spot immediately where her pussy lips touched the fabric.

“You don’t think you turn me on do you?” She stepped back over to the camera and hit the pause button again to re-start the recording. She kept her panties on as she climbed up on the bed, giving the camera a perfect angle of her crotch. She pushed her legs apart and stared down at Michael.

“Why do you ask,” stuttered Michael.

“Well, to begin with, you are staring at this wet spot on my panties. You don’t think that’s because you are turning me on, do you?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s not. I’m wet because I got fucked before you ever got here. Remember me telling you that. Do you think I was kidding? Marcus fucked me right on the floor, right where you’re kneeling. Now come up here; I want you to take my panties off.”

The camera stood observing everything as Michael climbed onto the bed. He pulled off Tamyra’s panties as told. She watched as he held them to his nose and inhaled their scent.

“Does that smell good?”


“That’s what a black man’s cum smells like when it drips out of my pussy.”

She lifted her legs and spread them wide open, exposing her open pussy for Michael to see. As she did so he could see her lips open up and a drop of white semen began coming out of her pussy and dripping towards her asshole.

“Michael, you know what I want you to do, don’t you.”

He disappeared between her legs and traced his tongue from her asshole to her pussy consuming the seed that Marcus had left for him. He was too mesmerized to realize it at the time, but he was sealing his fate forever. Tamyra blew a kiss to the camera, but Michael didn’t notice. It was only when she told him that if he was lucky, his wife would let him suck James’ cum out of her pussy that he even remembered he had left Lynn downstairs with James’ arm wrapped around her.

“Michael, are you ready to go back downstairs and see your wife… Michael?”

Tamyra pulled Michael’s head up from between her legs where he was busy licking the last drops of Marcus’ cum from her pussy.

“Get dressed, white boy. We are heading back downstairs.”

Tamyra stood and walked over to where the camera was situated. She took the video disc out of the camera and walked over to the dresser where she had put down the envelope. Both of these she put into a safe that was located on the floor of the walk-in closet. She shut the door of the safe and spun the dial locking the contents inside.

“James told me that if he couldn’t seduce my wife by tonight that he would give me all the evidence of my video store habits and destroy any other copies. Was he telling the truth about that?” asked Michael.

“Of course he was, but do you honestly think he would have made that deal with you if he wasn’t absolutely certain that he could seduce your wife?”


Back downstairs, Lynn wasn’t really thinking about Michael. Marcus, James’ friend, had left the patio and then returned to tell her that he had run into Michael. He told her that Michael asked to pass along the message that he had run out to buy some more beer, and that he would be back shortly. This was a good enough explanation for Lynn, so she was able to just relax and enjoy getting to know James.

Lynn had found herself secretly attracted to James since she first met him. Michael, her husband, had given her personal training sessions with James as a birthday present, and she was more than delighted that she got to work out with such an incredibly fit and handsome man once a week.

“Would you like another drink?” James interrupted her thoughts.

“Sure,” she answered. This was her third, or was it her fourth vodka and cranberry. She didn’t ordinarily drink this much, and certainly not this quickly, but tonight just seemed like on of those nights. Maybe a couple extra drinks wouldn’t be so bad.

As James fixed her another drink, the two were approached by an attractive young couple. She was white, with blonde hair and a great body. He was black, and almost as handsome as James. He had a beautiful physique and the same chiseled features. Lynn noticed that the woman was wearing a wedding ring but the man was not.

“Marlene and Ryan, let me introduce you to a friend of mine. “This is Lynn. Lynn is a client of mine at the gym… probably my best client.”

Everyone exchanged pleasantries. The four spoke for a short while, but then Ryan mentioned that he had brought some CD’s that James had wanted. Unfortunately, he had left hem in his car. James said he would be happy to walk outside with him to get them.

“These girls can keep themselves entertained,” said James. “Assuming that’s ok?”

“Sure,” laughed Lynn. “Go on, my husband may even come back before you do.”

“So, your husband is here,” said Marlene. “I thought maybe you were with James tonight.”

“No, I’m just an old married chic… a soccer mom,” laughed Lynn.

“Well, that wouldn’t stop James, I can promise you that. In fact, I think he would rather fuck a married white woman than just about anything on the planet.”

“Really,” replied Lynn with shocked amazement. “He seems like such a decent guy.”

“Oh, he’s a great guy. He just loves fucking married women. And for that matter, they love getting fucked by him. He’s got a huge cock, and he is such a great lover.”

“I guess I thought he was just a boy scout,” said Lynn.

“No, definitely not a boy scout. In fact, I’d bet my wedding ring that he’s trying to fuck you tonight.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” answered Lynn. “My husband brought me to the party.”

“Yeah, well my husband brought me to the party where I first met Ryan. These guys know what they are doing, believe me.”

“You mean Ryan’s not your husband?”

“No, my husband is home babysitting. Ryan wanted to see me tonight, so here I am.”

“And you told your husband you were doing what tonight?” Lynn asked.

“He knows that I’m out with Ryan. In fact, it turns him on. It’s complicated, but many men really fantasize about their wife being with another lover. White men especially have this fantasy. They usually want the other man to be black. Where is your husband anyway?”

“Umm,” said Lynn. She looked puzzled and gazed around looking to see if Michael had returned. It was about the first she had thought about him all night. “I don’t know where he is.”

“They probably told you that they sent him off to get beer or something. Maybe they even did send him off to get beer.”

“That’s exactly what they said. What is happening here?”

“Let me ask you something. Lynn, would you, if your husband said it was all right, be with James? If you could get a hall pass for just one night, wouldn’t you love to be with him?”

“You’re making me very uncomfortable, Marlene.”

“Ok, let me ask you another way. Do you at least find James attractive? If you were not married to your husband, wouldn’t you be curious about what it would be like to be with him… to have his hands all over your body?”

“Yes, but I am married. I wouldn’t do that to my husband.” She was drunk and confused and she didn’t know what was happening here.

“I know exactly how you feel. I had these same feelings. I didn’t understand it either. All I knew was that I was attracted to Ryan and that, for some reason, it turned on my husband to think of me being with him. Now a lot has changed since then. I have come to understand all of this much better than I used to understand it. At the beginning, however, I was confused just like you are now.”

“What are you saying? Are you saying that my husband wants me to be with James?”

“I have no idea. I have never met your husband. But I just know that many men want it.”

“There’s my husband now,” said Lynn. She saw Michael returning to her from across the room.

“Hi, Michael,” said Marlene as he approached them. “I was just getting to know your wife. I’m Marlene.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you,” said Michael. He was acting as if nothing had just happened, as if the taste of Marcus’ black cum that he had sucked from Tamyra’s pussy was not still lingering on his tongue.

“You’ve got a beautiful wife, Michael. You better keep an eye on her. With all these good looking men running around, someone’s bound to snatch her up.”

“I think she can take care of herself.” Michael smiled, but based on the tone of her words he wondered if Marlene wasn’t part of the plan to help James bed Lynn.

“Hey, Mike!” It was James yelling from the kitchen. “Mike, can you come out here and help Ryan and I with something.”

“I’ll go see what they want,” said Michael.

“Hurry back, sweetheart… please,” responded Lynn with visible nervousness.

Michael ran out to the kitchen where James and Ryan pretended to be fumbling with a stack of CD’s and an Ipod.

“Mikey, good to see you, boy. You know that Marlene over there is married. Ryan here fucks Marlene just like I’m going to fuck Lynn. She and her husband love it.”

“Yeah,” chimed in Ryan. “Tamyra was telling us how much you loved sucking black cum out of her pussy. Think how much more fun that will be when it’s your own wife’s cum drenched pussy that you’re sucking on.”

“That’s it, we are out of here,” boasted Michael.

“Mikey, you’ve got to be kidding me? If your little habit at the video store wasn’t enough, I’ve now got you on video sucking cum out of Tamyra. How could you possibly talk so much shit when I’ve got the goods on you like I do?”

“We have a deal. If nothing happens by midnight, I get my life back. That’s the deal.”

“Oh, we had a deal… but that was before I got the videotape. It seems like the cards in my hand just got a lot better.”

“But,” Michael tried to protest, but James cut him off.

“But nothing, Mikey-boy. I’ll make a new deal with you, and I’ll still keep it interesting. I still get until midnight to have Lynn’s mouth wrapped around my cock, but I’m going to ask that you help me out in a few ways.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, for starters, there’s no way that you can leave before midnight. Secondly, I’m going to need you to spend some time alone with your wife, but more than that, I’m going to need you to make it perfectly clear to your wife that this is fine with you. Here’s how it is going to play out…”

James explained what was expected of him, and Michael reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan. His reluctance was based on the very real understanding that his cuckolding fantasies were best left to his own wicked imagination and would in fact represent a disaster if they ever played out in his real life. The plan, however, had very little chance of working like James was hoping, so Michael at least felt a sense of relief that all this would be over by the end of the evening.


“Listen, I didn’t’ mean to freak you out,” apologized Marlene as soon as Michael stepped away. “I’m afraid I may have made you nervous. ”

“Well it does sound like your lifestyle is a little unconventional,” responded Lynn.

“It really isn’t as outrageous as it sounds, and it is much more common than you would ever think.”

“Really? While is sounds both outrageous and uncommon to me.” Lynn was trying to be polite, but the alcohol was making her bold. She was saying whatever was on her mind.

“My husband and I are pretty open about our sexual fantasies, and he had told me many times that he fantasized about seeing me with a black man. We both knew Ryan through a friend of ours, and he invited us to a party right here at James’ house. When we got here, we were all drinking pretty heavily, and it was pretty obvious that Ryan was attracted to me. He was making very naughty compliments about me right in front of my husband. My husband actually suggested that I go for it. I didn’t even know it, but he had talked to Ryan to make sure that he would be into it. They worked out a little code phrase between the two of them. We had all gone upstairs to listen to some CD’s and smoke a joint, and all of a sudden, my husband said that he was going to run downstairs and “get some fresh air” — that was their code phrase. He said he would be back in a little while, but not to get anxious for him.

“Then what happened?”

“Ryan seduced me. I can remember it like it was yesterday. He asked me if I wanted to dance. We sort of swayed our bodies together to the music. I could feel him becoming aroused against my body. His hands moved down to the small of my back. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against his chest. His hands lifted my sundress and then touched against my panties. He must have felt that I was aroused also. I kissed his neck.”

“Weren’t you worried about your husband coming back?”

“Well, I was pretty sure he wanted this, remember. I guess I didn’t know for sure that he could deal with it, but I knew that he was leaving me alone with a beautiful black man, and I knew how much this turned him on.”

“So then what happened?” asked Lynn.

Marlene smiled. For the first time she felt that she had Lynn very interested. He lifted my sundress off of my head. I stepped out of my panties. I was suddenly overcome with a desire to see his cock. It had felt so wonderful against me while we danced. I knelt, I undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and I saw for the first time the most amazing dick I had ever seen. It was growing right before my eyes. I put my mouth on only the very head of it. Ryan stopped me then. He had a very particular way that he wanted this to happen. He got out of all of his clothes and then positioned himself that he was facing the door and that I was kneeling facing him with my back to the door. Then he started talking to me. He talked to me like my husband never had. He made me feel so… I don’t how to describe it… but very sexual. He was telling me exactly how he wanted me to go down on him.”

“Was that all you did that night?”

“No, hardly. He put me on the bed and slowly slid his cock inside me. At first it was incredibly slow, and I was grateful for that. I mean… I don’t want to keep harping on this… but his cock is amazingly huge. Anyway, he gradually built up speed. I had never been fucked like that before. I was this very conservative, shy housewife, and here I was on an incredibly adventure into a side of my sexuality that I didn’t even know existed.”

“Wow,” was all that Lynn could say.

“Do you need another drink?” asked Marlene. “You look a bit flustered. I hope my story didn’t get you all worked up.”

“Ummm, yes. I think another drink would be perfect.” She and Marlene walked back over to the bar.

As Marlene was fumbling around with the ice cubes and mixers, Michael was stepping back out to the patio. He saw the ladies over at the bar and walked over to meet them.

“Hey, sweetheart,” said Lynn as Michael walked up. “Marlene and I were just getting to know each other here.”

“So are you feeling pretty good about hanging around,” asked Michael.

“Absolutely. And you?”

“Sure, I feel great.” He leaned into whisper into Lynn’s ear, “You know, James offered to take us upstairs where he keeps his decent wine and open up a bottle for us. It might be better than another vodka-cranberry.”

“You know, that sounds pretty good. Marlene, you want to join us upstairs for some decent grape?”

“No,” replied Marlene. “I’ll stick around down here. Ryan will be looking for me soon enough.”

Marlene smiled as she watched the two of them walk away. Neither one of them knew what was in for them. What would begin as a curious fantasy for Michael would turn into a surreal dream where he would battle helplessly for his free will until he was finally enslaved by his black betters. And for Lynn, the romantic beginnings of the little sexual adventure that she had described would eventually culminate in the awakening of an inner slut that she never knew existed in her. She watched them disappear, hand in hand, into the small crowd and reappear as they followed James up the stairs.


“So it looks like you like zins and cabs,” commented Michael.

“Yep, big bold, red wines. That’s what I go for. Here’s the one that I was talking about downstairs. Why don’t’ you two just sit there on the bed while I open this up. I forgot the glasses, let me just run downstairs and grab a few.” He darted out of the room leaving Lynn and Michael alone for the first time all evening.

“So what do you think of James,” asked Michael.

“Nice guy,” replied Lynn.

“Yeah, he is. And wow, the guy is built like a professional athlete. Don’t you think he’s a good looking guy?”

“Sure,” said Lynn. “He’s attractive.” She wondered where Michael was going with this. Of course she considered the possibility, even the likelihood, that the trip upstairs to drink the wine bore a very strong resemblance to Marlene’s own trip upstairs. However, in her case, she had never heard Michael mention a word about any fantasies involving her and another man. She couldn’t imagine that he felt the same way that Marlene’s husband had felt. And as much as Lynn was surprised at how sexually excited she was getting by the idea of being with James, she would never consider doing so unless she was sure it was ok with her husband. And even it was ok with her husband… could she still go through with something like that? She was sure she wouldn’t even be thinking about it if she wasn’t drunk.

James returned with the glasses and opened the bottle of wine. He poured each of them a glass and then proposed a toast.

“To good friends and new adventures.” They all clinked glasses.

Just a few sips into his wine, Michael stood up off the bed. “You know, I think I’m going to get some fresh air. I’ll be back shortly. You two enjoy each others company.”

Lynn’s jaw had about dropped. Michael had uttered the same code phrase that Marlene had just told her about. Or had he? Maybe he was just getting some fresh air. This couldn’t be a coincidence could it?

“I know you’re in good hands.” Michael kissed his wife on the forehead and turned to leave the room. He knew that James had asked him to specifically say that he was going to get some fresh air before he left the two of them together, but he had no way of knowing that Marlene had planted the seed that she did. Michael shut the door behind them.

“So are you and Michael very happy?” asked James.

“Yes,” answered Lynn. “We’re very happy.”

“Have you ever cheated on him?” asked James.

“Wow, you are getting pretty personal here. I shouldn’t answer that, but I will. No, I have never cheated on him.”

“I think it would turn him on,” said James. He was smiling, but he was dead serious. He started intently at Lynn to gauge her response to his comment.

“What do you mean?”

“Lots of men get turned on by the idea of watching their wife with another man. I read that of all the letters that Penthouse used to get, that fantasy got more play than any other.”

“Really. Well, what makes you think my husband would be into that?”

James just smiled in response to her question.

“Do you know something I don’t know?”

“The questions is, would it turn you on to be with another man?”

Lynn said nothing, but just sipped on her wine and shuffled her feet.

“Lynn, will you do something for me… something very simple and innocent.”

“What?” asked Lynn. James took the wine glass from her hand and put it down on his dresser. He took Lynn’s hand and stood her up from the bed.

“Just stand here, perfectly still, with your eyes closed. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Lynn stood and waited. Suddenly she heard very soft jazz coming from — she guessed — the stereo that was on the nightstand. Even though her eyes were closed, she could sense that the room became darker.

“For thirty seconds, I don’t want you to move. Just stand perfectly still. Is that ok?”

“Yes,” answered Lynn. Between the alcohol, the dark and the music, she felt almost hypnotized. She felt James move behind her. She could sense his breath on her neck. She felt him touch her hair. Then his lips brushed against her cheek. Lynn could feel herself begin to tremble with anxiety and maybe, just maybe…anticipation.

“Does he want this,” she asked in a voice that could barely be heard.

“Do you want this?” responded James.

His hands moved to her shoulders. He allowed his growing cock to brush against the back of her skirt.

“What will he think?”

“Who hired me as your trainer? Who left you alone with me? Where did he say he was going?”

“To get some fresh air,” mumbled Lynn.

“Ahhhh, fresh air,” answered James. “That’s how it begins.”

Lynn turned around and opened her eyes to see James standing before her in candlelight. She wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips. Their embrace tightened. James’ hands quickly found their way under Lynn’s skirt and he rubbed Lynn’s swollen pussy lips between his large thumb and middle finger. Lynn stepped out of her shoes and lifted her top off of her head. James reached around and skillfully unclasped her bra, revealing to him for the first time her beautiful breasts. Lynn quickly stepped out of her skirt and panties, leaving her naked and vulnerable in front of this beautiful, but still fully clothed, man.

“Step over here,” James commanded. “Now, kneel in front of me.”

With her back to the door, Lynn was kneeling as James unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and removed a semi-hard, but still nine inch cock. Lynn engulfed it hungrily, gagging as she tried to deep throat a cock that was clearly larger than anything she had ever seen. It grew to eleven inches as it stiffened in her mouth. She was so completely lost in the moment that she didn’t even notice the door open quietly behind her. Michael stood, eyes blazing, staring at his beautiful wife as she sucked her lover’s black cock. James looked at Michael and smiled. Michael knew instantly that he had been bested, but he only barely understood the long-term implications of this moment.

“Lynn,” whispered James, “how’s it make you feel to suck on my black cock?”

Lynn just smiled up at him.

“Does it make you feel like a slut to be sucking another man’s cock? What would your husband think?”

Again she just smiled at him.

“Lynn, I’m not your white, bitch husband. When I talk to you, I expect you to answer me, understood?”

“Yes, yes I do.” She pulled her mouth away from his now erect and fully twelve-inch long cock.

“I think that married white girls that suck a black man’s cock are sluts, don’t you think so?”

“Yes, yes. I’m a slut.”

“Whose slut?”

“Your slut, James”

“Not your husband’s slut?”

“No, I’m your slut.”

James again smiled over Lynn’s head and directly at Michael. Lynn still did not realize that he was standing behind her.

“Tell me about your husband’s cock?”

“It’s nothing like yours, James. It’s not even close.”

“What would you say if I told you that your wimp husband set you up, that he gets off on the idea of me fucking you?”

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t have believed it before tonight,” Lynn paused to run her tongue along the length of his shaft, “but now, I don’t know.”

“I think that if a man allows another man to fuck his wife, then that man should never be allowed to fuck her himself again. What do you think about that?”

Lynn laughed. “I don’t know.”

“Well what if I told you that the only way you were going to get my cock was if you promised me that for now on, your pussy belong to me.”

“I don’t think Michael would be too happy about that.”

“What if he told you that it would make him happy? What if nothing in the world made him happier?”

“But he’s my husband.”

James started unbuttoning his shirt. Lynn remained kneeling oblivious to the fact that Michael was in the doorway behind her.

“He still would be your husband. He will provide for you, watch your kids, continue to go to family functions with you, but he wouldn’t get to fuck you again. If you want him to, he can go down on you, but he can’t fuck you. I’m very selfish, and I want you to be my slut. I say who fucks you and who doesn’t fuck you.”

“James, you are making me so hot.”

James continued to remove his clothes. He threw his shirt onto the floor and stepped out of his shoes.

“Lynn, your husband is a cuckold. It turns him on to watch you with a dominant man like me. He wants you to do this for him. Tell her yourself, Mikey.”

Lynn swung her head around and was shocked to see Michael standing in the doorway. His pants were down around his ankles and he was playing with his pathetic five inch cock.

“Lynn, I’m not sure. I’m so scared.”

“Get on the bed, Lynn. Spread your legs open like and show me that pussy.”

Lynn hesitated.

“Lynn, let’s not do it,” pleaded Michael. He pulled up his pants and was buckling his belt. “Let’s get out of here. This is out of control.”

“Look at my cock, Mikey. Have you ever seen something like this? Do you think you could ever pleasure your wife like I could?”

“I don’t know, I… just….”

“Lynn, I’m not going to ask you again,” said James. “If you are going to be with me, you will obey me. Get on the bed now or go home and fuck your husband’s little white cock.”

Lynn crawled up on the bed and spread her legs apart.

“There, Mikey. It seems as if your wife would rather have my black cock in her pussy than yours.”

“Please, Michael. Just this once. Let me fuck him just one time.”

James laughed. “There’s no fucking you once. If I fuck you I own you both forever. We all know that. Now Mikey, you either come over here and eat your wife’s pussy to get it ready for my cock, or you can go downstairs. Either way I’m going to fuck her.”

Michael sheepishly crawled over to the bed and buried his face between his wife’s legs. James put his hand on the back of Michael’s head and rubbed it like he was petting a dog. That’s what Michael was to him now, a pet, nothing more.

“There you go, cuckold, eat your wife’s pussy. Get it good and wet. Get it ready for my black cock.”

James smiled at Lynn and she smiled back at him.

“Whose pussy is that, slut?” asked James.

“Yours, James. I’m so sorry I ever questioned it.”

James pulled Michael’s head back by his hair. “Grab my cock, Mikey. There you go, about halfway down the shaft. Now kiss your wife’s pussy one last time…”

Michael complied with a gentle kiss on the top of Lynn’s pussy. His lips lingered and James had to pull his head back again.

“You’ve just kissed that pussy goodbye. Now, guide my cock into your wife.”

Michael placed the large cock head on the outside of Lynn’s pussy lips. She stretched her legs wide apart as James made a small thrust forward putting the very head inside of her body.

“It’s official, you’re a cuckold,” said James.

He allowed a couple inches to move inside of Lynn’s body, then a small thrust back, then forward. Every few thrusts he would move a little deeper, until he was a full six inches inside of her. Then, with one slow thrust forward, he plunged the length of his cock into her tunnel so that his black balls were resting against her asshole. Lynn’s eyes rolled back in her head. She threw her arms back and bit her lower lip as she succumbed to James’ sexual power for the first time.

“You’re my slut now,” laughed James. “And you, Mikey… you’re my cuck, bitch-boi. Go downstairs and get Ryan and Marcus. They’ll want to watch me fuck your wife, too.”

Michael ran downstairs as he was told to do. James continued his assault on Lynn’s body. She had never had anything remotely close to the size of James’ cock inside her before and it was creating sensations that she didn’t know existed. She stared into his eyes like a woman possessed and begged him to fuck her as hard as he could.

Michael returned with Ryan and Marcus. They also brought Marlene and Tamyra as well. James had lifted Lynn off the bed and was holding her upright against his body, lifting her hips with every thrust of his huge cock. The newly arrived audience all took positions around the bed. Michael didn’t notice, but Tamyra went over and grabbed the video camera. She would be recording the events to add to the collection already in the safe.

James placed Lynn back on the bed and then called for everyone to watch closely. He arched his back, held the base of his balls with his own hand, and grunted like a beast as he unleashed loads of his black seed into Lynn’s body.

“There’s you go, bitch. That’s what a real cock feels like.”

Tamarya stepped up behind Michael and placed her hand on his neck. “You know what’s next white boy. Show your wife how you’ve developed a taste for black cum.”

Michael knelt in front of Lynn and placed her legs atop his shoulders. He positioned his mouth in front of her swollen and stretched pussy and watched gobs of white semen dripping out of his wife. Lynn closed her eyes and smiled as her new cuckold husband took his rightful place on his knees before her.

“Cuckold,” Lynn said out loud. “I like the sound of that word.”

Marlene stepped over to Lynn and ran her fingers through her hair. She leaned right into her face and kissed her passionately. Lynn returned the kiss like the whore that James had made her.

“This is a wonderful new beginning for you,” said Marlene.

Lynn looked down and saw Michael devouring her cum-soaked pussy. Marlene could not have been more correct.